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Nick S.

Nick S.

Real/full name:
Nikos S.
29 (born 1994)
Place of birth:


Owner of Sordid Beer Distro.

Coffin Breath

As N.D.:
Drums, Guitars

2021 The Tenebrous Mist (Demo) Guitars, Drums

Ghetto Gospel

As Nikolakis:
Guitars, Drums (2021-present)


As Neon Dreamer:
Drums (2019-present)

2021 Herald (EP) Drums
2023 The Omniversal Pulse (Split) Drums

Insanity Cult

As N.D.:
Drums (2020-present)


Drums, Vocals (2015-present)

2015 Isolated Soul (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2016 No Hope, No Light...Only Death Drums, Vocals
2017 Isolert (EP) Drums, Vocals
2017 Towards the Great Dissolution (Split) Drums, Vocals
2017 Everything Dies (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2020 World in Ruins Drums, Vocals


As N.:
Guitars, Drums, Vocals (2019-present)

2019 Verge of Collapse (EP) Guitars, Drums, Vocals


Drums, Vocals (2021-present)


As N.D.:
Guitars, Drums, Vocals (additional) (2017-present)

2017 Demo I (Demo) Guitars, Drums, Vocals (additional)
2017 Demo II (Demo) Guitars, Drums, Vocals (additional)
2019 Sores Guitars, Drums, Music


As N.D.:
Drums (2017-present), Guitars, Vocals (additional) (2018-present)

2017 Forever Lost (EP) Drums
2018 Apostate Guitars, Drums, Vocals (additional)
2019 Devoted to Nothingness (EP) Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Bass (tracks 4, 5)
2019 We, the Oblivious Drums, Guitars, Vocals (additional)
2020 Sørgelig (EP) Drums, Guitars, Vocals (additional)
2020 Ruins of Humanity (Split) Drums, Guitars, Vocals (additional)
2021 Slaves of Tomorrow (EP) Drums, Guitars, Vocals


As Void:
Vocals (2019-present)

2019 Failure Years of Neglect Apathy (EP) Vocals
2020 Bereavement of Existence (EP) Vocals
2020 Saudade (EP) Vocals
2021 Years of Depression (Compilation) Vocals
2022 All That Died Was My Innocence Vocals
2022 All That Died Was My Innocence Vocals
2023 Self Inflicted Razor Cutting Vocals


As Nikos Sidiropoulos:


Drums (2015-2019)

2019 Sordid Dogs / Convicted (Split) Drums


As N.D.:
Drums (2019-2021)

2021 The Inevitable Filth of Mankind Drums


As Neon Dreamer:
Guitars, Drums (2020-?)

2020 A Plague in the Heart of Light (Demo) Guitars, Drums

My Deathbed

As Void:
Vocals, Guitars, Drums (?-2017), Everything (2017-?)

2017 Sickness (Demo) Everything
2017 Void (Demo) Everything
2017 Plague (EP) Everything
2017 Needles (EP) Guitars
2017 Abandon Vocals, Drums
2018 My Deathbed Everything
2018 Disease (Demo) Everything
2018 The Thin Line Between Sanity and Insanity (Demo) Everything
2019 Mirrors of Depression I Everything

Nefarious Dusk

As Fog:
Drums (2018-2020)

2018 Cold Shadows over Transylvania (EP) Drums
2019 The Wanderer of the Cold North Drums

Sordid Dogs

As Purgatory:
Drums, Vocals (2018-2020)

2018 Necropunk (EP) Drums, Vocals
2018 Scenes of Fear (Split) Drums, Vocals
2018 Sordid Dogs / Abigail (Split) Drums, Vocals
2019 Sordid Dogs / Dogs48 (Split) Drums, Vocals
2019 City Freaks Drums, Vocals
2019 Neo​-​Fascist Flemish System (Split) Drums, Vocals
2019 The Pilons of Hell (Split) Drums
2019 Sordid Dogs / Convicted (Split) Drums, Vocals
2019 World Unrest (Split) Drums, Vocals


As N.D.:
Drums, Guitars (2018-2019)

2018 Forest of the Impaled (Demo) Drums, Guitars, Composition


Drums (?-2019)


As N.D.:
Drums (2019-2020)

Insanity Cult

As N.D.:


2020 The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race Drums (track 1)
2020 Death Shall Purify the Wounds of Your Fragile Mortality (Compilation) Drums (track 7) (as "N.D.")
2021 Skotos (EP) Drums (as "N.D.")
2021 Skotos (EP) Drums (as "N.D.")
2021 Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow Part II Drums (as "N.D.")


As N.D.:

2019 Sag (EP) Drums

This Is Past

2020 Labyrinth Drums


2020 Duddon Valley (EP) Drums
2021 Cumbria Be My Grave (EP) Drums

Human Serpent

2020 All Return to Nothing (Compilation) Depressive Vocals (Howls,Whispers etc), Drums (Track 7, Part II)

Sordid Dogs

2018 Necropunk (EP) Mastering, Mixing (as "Purgatory")
2018 Scenes of Fear (Split) Mixing-Mastering (as "Purgatory")
2018 Sordid Dogs / Abigail (Split) Mastering, Mixing (as "Purgatory")


2019 Sores Mastering, Mixing (as "N.D.")


2019 Devoted to Nothingness (EP) Mixing (as "N.D.")


2018 Forest of the Impaled (Demo) Mixing, Mastering (as "N.D.")
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