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Real/full name:
Sławomir Orzechowski
45 (born May 30th, 1976)
Place of origin:
Poland (Kraków, Lesser Poland)


Contact: [email protected]


As Slav:
Bass, (2012-present), Guitars, Vocals (2014-present)

2013 Jesienne krakowskie zgliszcza (Split) Bass
2013 United Black and Fire (Split) Bass
2013 Live in Hate (Split) Bass, Vocals
2014 Antichrist (EP) Guitars, Vocals, Bass
2018 Call of the Beast Bass, Guitars, Vocals

Bloody Cyrograph

As Bloody S.:
Guitars (2012-present)

2012 Primitive Rituals (Demo) Guitars
2013 Krwawe widma (Split) Guitars
2014 Morbid Tunes (Split) Guitars, Bass

Cadaveric Possession

As Slav:
Guitars, Bass, Vocals

2017 Sanctity Collapsed (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2018 Cadaveric Goatserpents' Coronation (Split) Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2018 The Malevolent Predestination Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2019 Sephirothic Desiccation (EP) Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2020 Influx of Hatred (Split) Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Igne Crematur

As Slav:
Vocals (2019-present)

2019 The Last Witch (EP) Vocals, Lyrics, Samples

In Cold Wind

Everything (2001-present)


Everything (2010-present)

2010 Mrok (Demo) Everything
2011 Pogarda (Demo) Everything
2011 Padlina (Demo) Everything
2012 Kler pedofil (Demo) Everything (as "Slav")
2012 Z cienia lasu (Split) Everything (as "Slav")
2012 20 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars (as "Slav")
2012 Braterstwo krwi (Split) Guitars, Vocals (as "Slav")
2012 Dark Bloody Massacre (Split) Everything
2013 Raw and Cold (Demo) Everything
2013 Na pohybel wszystkim (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Intro Drums (as "Slav")
2013 United in Dark Slavic Blood (Split) Vocals (track 3), Vocals, Guitars (tracks 1, 2) (as "Slav")
2014 Slavic Obscure Metal Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "Slav")
2015 Frost and Slow Death Everything (as "Slav")
2015 Old Dark Songs from the Abyss (Demo) Everything
2015 Fall.Rot.War (EP) Everything
2016 Breath of Death (EP) Vocals, Guitar, Bass (as "Slav")
2020 Upadli Everything (as "Slav")
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Immemorial Celtic Wind

All instruments, Vocals (1992-1996)

1992 Pain (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
1995 The Return of Hate (Demo) All instruments, Vocals


As Slav:

2014 Pjesni Bass

Bloody Cyrograph

2012 Primitive Rituals (Demo) Intros (as "Bloody S.")

Igne Crematur

2019 The Last Witch (EP) Cover art (as "Slav")


2013 Na pohybel wszystkim (Split) Cover art, Mastering, Lyrics, Mixing (as "Slav")
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