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Real/full name:
Adam Michał Darski
40 (born Jun 10th, 1977)
Place of origin:
Poland (Gdynia)


Darski was born in Gdynia, Poland, raised Catholic, and started playing guitars at the age of 8. He goes by the stage name Nergal (naming himself after a Babylonian deity of the Underworld), and he is the founder, lyricist, main composer, frontman, and manager of Behemoth, which he started when he was still a teenager. He also plays lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitars.


Nergal has completed six years of history, including one year of Latin at University of Gdańsk, and is qualified to be a museum curator.

In 2009, ESP guitars released the first Nergal signature guitar. It is a 7-string guitar with a V-style body, which is called the "Hex-7".

Was diagnosed with leukemia in August 2010. He spent months in treatment, underwent a bone marrow transplant and ...


Bass (1991-1995), Guitars, Vocals (1991-present), Keyboards (1999)

1992 Endless Damnation (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics (as "Holocausto")
1993 The Return of the Northern Moon (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
1993 Thy Winter Kingdom (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
1994 ...from the Pagan Vastlands (Demo) Guitars (rhythm, acoustic), Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (tracks 1, 4, 5)
1995 Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) Guitars, Vocals, Bass
1995 And the Forests Dream Eternally (EP) Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums (track 5), Lyrics
1996 Grom Guitars, Vocals
1997 And the Forest Dream Eternally / Forbidden Spaces (Split) Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums (track 5)
1997 Bewitching the Pomerania (EP) Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 1, 3)
1998 Pandemonic Incantations Guitars, Vocals
1999 Satanica Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
2000 Live Εσχατον: The Art of Rebellion (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2000 Antichristian Phenomenon (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2000 Thelema.6 Guitars, Vocals
2002 Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) Guitars, Vocals
2003 Conjuration (EP) Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
2004 Crush.Fukk.Create: Requiem for Generation Armageddon (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2004 Demigod Guitars (electric, acoustic), Vocals
2005 Slaves Shall Serve (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2006 Demonica (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals, Bass (tracks 1-10) (disc 1)
2007 The Apostasy Guitars, Vocals
2008 At the Arena ov Aion - Live Apostasy (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2008 Ezkaton (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2009 Evangelion Guitars, Vocals
2010 Evangelia Heretika (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2013 Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2014 The Satanist Guitars, Vocals
2014 Live Barbarossa (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2014 Xiądz (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2014 Xiądz / Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals, Bass
2015 ...from the Pagan Vastlands (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
2015 Thy Winter Kingdom / ...from the Pagan Vastlands (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
2015 Live at the BBC (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
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Me and That Man

Guitars, Vocals (2016-present)



1997 Coronation (EP) Bass


Everything (1994-?)

Voodoo Gods

Vocals (2006-2014)

2008 Shrunken Head (EP) Vocals


As Howlin' De Ville:
Vocals, Guitars (1999-?)

2000 Million Hells (Demo) Vocals, Guitars


2003 Orgasmusica Vocals (on "Revenge")

Ex Deo

2009 Romulus Vocals (track 2)


2000 Terrorbeer (EP) Vocals (screams) (track 3)
2002 Terrorbeer (Demo) Vocals (screams) (track 3)


1998 Psycho Café Vocals (backing) (on tracks 1, 2 and 10)


1995 Crying Crowns of Trees (Demo) Vocals (additional), Bass
1995 Echo (Compilation) Vocals, Bass


1994 Nocturnal Landscape (Demo) Drums

Mess Age

2002 Self-Convicted Vocals (track 9)


2011 Heritage of Satan Vocals (additional) (tracks 2, 9)

The Amenta

2008 n0n Vocals (Track 5)


2002 Revelations Vocals (backing) (Track 4)


1992 Endless Damnation (Demo) Layout
1995 Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) Songwriting (tracks 1-4, 6-8)
1995 And the Forests Dream Eternally (EP) Engineering (track 5)
1996 Grom Layout
1997 Bewitching the Pomerania (EP) Cover art, Mixing (as "Divolosum")
1998 Pandemonic Incantations Producer, Artwork, Design concept
1999 Satanica Producer, Mixing, Art direction
2000 Antichristian Phenomenon (EP) Producer, Engineering (on track 7)
2000 Thelema.6 Producer, Mixing, Art direction
2002 Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) Songwriting (tracks 1-10), Producer, Mixing, Cover art concept, Lyrics
2004 Demigod Producer, Cover art concept, Songwriting
2005 Slaves Shall Serve (EP) Producer
2006 Demonica (Compilation) Producer, Liner notes, Design, Art direction
2007 The Apostasy Cover art concept
2008 At the Arena ov Aion - Live Apostasy (Live album) Art direction, Producer, Artwork, Cover art concept
2008 Ezkaton (EP) Cover art concept
2009 Evangelion Producer, Cover art concept
2010 Evangelia Heretika (Live album) Art direction
2015 Thy Winter Kingdom / ...from the Pagan Vastlands (Compilation) Lyrics
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