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Real/full name:
Jan Kristian Wåhlin
49 (born Dec 4th, 1971)
Place of origin:
Sweden (Gothenburg)


Also under the "Necrolord" moniker, Wåhlin is mainly known as an artist, having created cover and album artwork for a variety of different bands, including seminal releases from Emperor, Dissection, Dark Funeral and Wintersun.


As Kristian Wåhlin:
Guitars, Vocals (1995-present)

1996 The Diabolique (EP) Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics (track 5), Songwriting
1997 Wedding the Grotesque Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
1999 The Black Flower Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
2000 Butterflies (EP) Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
2001 The Green Goddess Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

The Great Deceiver

As Kristian Wåhlin:


Guitars (1986-1988)


As Chris Steele:

1993 Cursed Lands (EP) Drums


Guitars (1988-1990, 1996, 2007)

1988 Ripped from the Cross (Demo) Guitars
1989 The Black Gate Is Closed (Demo) Guitars
1989 Rehearsal Demo (Demo) Guitars
1990 Incantation (EP) Guitars, Keyboards
1996 In the Embrace of Evil (Compilation) Guitars (tracks 2-4, 6-9 & 10-11)
2001 Gardens of Grief / In the Embrace of Evil (Split) Guitars

Liers in Wait

Guitars (1990-1995)

1992 Spiritually Uncontrolled Art (EP) Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics, Guitars, Songwriting (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Nokturnal Mortum

2015 Голос сталі Vocals (on Nights in White Satin)

Ablaze My Sorrow

1996 If Emotions Still Burn Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2012 Aeons Black Artwork, Cover art


1996 Elegy Cover art (as "Kristian Wahlin")
2010 Magic & Mayhem - Tales from the Early Years Cover art


2000 Martyrium Cover art
2004 Det tapte liv (EP) Cover art
2005 The Forsaken Cover art


2003 Cell 666 Cover art

At the Gates

1995 Slaughter of the Soul Logo, Artwork, Photography (as "Kristian Wahlin")


1993 Elements Artwork


1998 The Tale of Black... Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1996 Blood on Ice Cover art
2002 Nordland I Cover art
2003 Nordland II Cover art
2006 In Memory of Quorthon (Boxed set) Cover art


2001 Organised Chaos Cover art


2014 World Without End Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1992 An Evil Shade of Grey Cover art
1995 Godless Beauty / An Evil Shade Of Grey (Compilation) Artwork (Side B) (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1996 Sundown Artwork, Art concept (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1997 Last Confessions Cover art
2005 Phantasma Cover art

Crimson Midwinter

1998 Random Chaos Cover art (as "Christian Wåhlin")

Crown of Thorns

1995 The Burning Cover art, Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1997 Eternal Death Cover art
2002 Eternal Death Cover art
2002 The Burning Cover art, Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Crystal Eyes

1999 World of Black and Silver Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2000 In Silence They March Cover art, Logo type
2003 Vengeance Descending Cover art, Logotype (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2005 Confessions of the Maker Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2006 Dead City Dreaming Logo type (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2008 Chained Logo type
2014 Killer Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Dark Funeral

1996 The Secrets of the Black Arts Cover art
2002 Under Wings of Hell (Split) Cover art
2016 Where Shadows Forever Reign Artwork
2019 25 Years of Satanic Symphonies (Boxed set) Artwork

Dark Tranquillity

1995 The Gallery Artwork (as "Kristian Whålin")


1990 Black Sermons (Demo) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1994 Bitterness Cover art


1996 The Diabolique (EP) Cover art, Artwork, Design (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1997 Wedding the Grotesque Cover art
1999 The Black Flower Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2000 Butterflies (EP) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2001 The Green Goddess Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1995 Massive Killing Capacity Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1991 The Grief Prophecy (Demo) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1991 Into Infinite Obscurity (EP) Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1993 The Somberlain Cover art
1995 Storm of the Light's Bane Cover art
1996 Where Dead Angels Lie / Bastard Saints (Split) Cover art
1996 Where Dead Angels Lie (EP) Cover art
2003 Live Legacy (Live album) Cover art
2004 Maha Kali (Single) Cover art

Dreams of Damnation

2000 Let the Violence Begin (EP) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Earth Flight

2011 Blue Hour Confessions Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Edge of Sanity

1994 Purgatory Afterglow Cover art
2003 Crimson II Cover art


2001 Ensiferum Cover art
2004 Iron Cover art
2007 Victory Songs Cover art
2009 From Afar Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2012 Unsung Heroes Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1992 Seeming Salvation Cover art
2016 Sinner Waketh Artwork

Ereb Altor

2019 Järtecken Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1998 The Dark Discovery Logo (as "Christian Wåhlin")
1999 Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2007 Tales from the Tomb Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2008 Dead Calm Chaos Logo
2010 Apocalyptic Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2017 The Shadow Archetype Logo (as "Kristian "Necrolord" Wåhlin")


1993 Passage of Life Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1992 Ill Health (Demo) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1998 Burial Cover art
1999 Mesmerized (EP) Cover art


2002 Between Heaven and Hell Cover art
2007 Between Heaven and Hell Cover art
2008 Between Heaven and Hell Cover art
2008 Between Heaven and Hell Cover art
2008 Between Heaven and Hell Cover art
2012 Between Heaven and Hell Cover art
2015 Between Heaven and Hell Cover art


1999 Resurrection Cover art
2001 Way Beyond Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2003 Engraved in Black Cover art (as "Kristian Wahlin")


1996 In the Embrace of Evil (Compilation) Logo, Artwork


2000 Coming from the Sky Cover art


2012 Being and Nothingness Cover art


1997 Dejavoodoo Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1997 Modern Cathedral Cover art
1999 Architect of the Mind Artwork (as "Christian Wåhlin")


1998 Evilized Cover art

In Aeternum

1999 Forever Blasphemy Cover art
2000 The Pestilent Plague Cover art

In Mourning

2012 The Weight of Oceans Cover art, Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2016 Afterglow Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2019 Garden of Storms Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2008 Dead End Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1996 Serpent Temptation Cover art
2008 Serpent Temptation Cover art


2012 Non de Hac Terra Cover art

Iron Fire

2000 Thunderstorm Cover art

Keen Hue

1993 Juicy Fruit Lucy Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

King Diamond

1998 Voodoo Cover art (as "Kristian Wahlin")

Lake of Tears

1994 Greater Art Cover art
1995 Headstones Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1997 Lady Rosenred (EP) Cover art
1997 A Crimson Cosmos Artwork, Layout (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2002 Sorcerers / Nathalie and the Fireflies (Single) Cover art
2002 The Neonai Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2004 Greatest Tears Vol. I (Compilation) Cover art
2004 Greatest Tears Vol. II (Compilation) Cover art


2003 Lost in Vain Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1999 The Seventh Seal Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2000 SOS Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Liers in Wait

1992 Spiritually Uncontrolled Art (EP) Artwork, Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1996 Spiritually Uncontrolled Art (EP) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Light This City

2008 Stormchaser Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1994 Demonication (The Manifest) Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2002 Now and Forever Cover art

Memento Mori

1996 La Danse Macabre Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1997 Songs for the Apocalypse Vol. IV Cover art

Memory Garden

1995 Forever (EP) Cover art, Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1995 Ta någon hårt i hand, så ger vi oss av till Tomteland... (EP) Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1996 Tides Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1998 Verdict of Posterity Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2000 Mirage Cover art, Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1994 Unbound Artwork (Cover Design) (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Mercyful Fate

1998 Dead Again Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2000 December Moon (Demo) Cover art
2005 December Moon (Demo) Cover art

Morgana Lefay

1993 Knowing Just as I Cover art
1993 The Secret Doctrine Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1995 Sanctified Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1996 Maleficium Cover art
2005 Grand Materia Cover art
2007 Aberrations of the Mind Cover art (as "Kristian Wahlin")


2020 Cerecloth Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1997 Awakening Cover art (Nuclear Blast edition) (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1998 Long Live the King Cover art
2000 Desert Land Cover art


1997 Darkside Cover art
2018 Mark of the Necrogram Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2020 Dawn of the Damned Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1995 Nifelheim Cover art
1998 Devil's Force Cover art

Nirvana 2002

2009 Recordings 89-91 (Compilation) Artwork

Nokturnal Mortum

2017 Істина Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2000 Discerning Forces Cover art (as "Kristian Wahlin")

Opus Irae

2015 The Burden of Man (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2013 Reanimated Homunculus Cover art
2016 Cursed and Coronated Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

Rabbits Carrot

1989 A Question in Pain (Demo) Artwork

Raise Hell

1998 Holy Target Cover art


1992 Silence Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1994 No Cause for Celebration Artwork, Design (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1996 Lost in the Beauty You Slay Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1997 The Fifth Season Cover art


2007 Crowned Infernal Cover art


2003 Endtime Divine Artwork


2004 Wrapped in Plastic Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2003 Life Erazer Cover art, Layout

Suicidal Angels

2009 Sanctify the Darkness Cover art (as "Kristian Wahlin")

Tad Morose

1993 Leaving the Past Behind Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1995 Sender of Thoughts Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1996 Paradigma (EP) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

The Black Dahlia Murder

2007 Nocturnal Cover art
2017 Nightbringers Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

The End

1996 The End (EP) Logo (as "Kristian Wåhlin")

The Moaning

1997 Blood from Stone Cover art


1992 Beyond Sanctorum Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1993 Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1995 Lepaca Kliffoth Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


2010 Fallen Angel's Dominion Cover art
2011 Under a Frozen Sun Cover Art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2015 Ascension Lost Artwork (as "Kristian "Necrolord" Wahlin")


1994 Thundersteel Artwork (as "Kristian Wahlin")


1990 Sumerian Cry Cover art
1991 A Winter Shadow (Single) Artwork
1991 The Astral Sleep Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
1992 Clouds Cover art
1994 The Sleeping Beauty - Live in Israel (Live album) Cover art
1994 Wildhoney Cover art, Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1993 Across the Horizon (EP) Cover art
2013 Across the Horizon (Split) Cover art


2004 Wintersun Cover art

Wisdom Call

2001 Wisdom Call Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")


1998 Restless & Dead Cover art
1999 Witchburner (EP) Cover art
1999 Dead, Hot and Ready Cover art (as "Kristian "Necro-gored" Wåhlin")
2001 Symphony for the Devil Cover art


2016 End of Time (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2017 Nobody Sleeps Here (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2017 Nocturnes and Requiems Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2018 Ode to Despair (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2018 Moment of Silence (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2018 Shadows (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2018 A Prelude to Sorrow Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2019 I Won't Back Down (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2019 Ode to Despair (Acoustic) (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2019 A Tale That Wasn't Right (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2019 Vintage (EP) Artwork (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2020 The Last Scar (Single) Cover art
2020 As I Lie Awake (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2020 Another Face (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2021 The Other Side (EP) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2021 The River (Single) Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2021 Curse of Autumn Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
2021 Long Time (Long Version) (Single) Cover art
(show all)

Woods of Infinity

2011 Förlåt Cover art

Wuthering Heights

1999 Within Cover art (as "Kristian Wåhlin")
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