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Nature Ganganbaigal

Nature Ganganbaigal

Real/full name:
Tianran Zhang / 张天然
29 (born 1990)
Jun 13th, 2019
Died of:
Place of origin:
China (Beijing)


Known as the primary songwriter and throat singer of nomadic style rock act Tengger Cavalry.

Naturre grew up in Beijing and had partially nomadic ancestry.

He graduated from New York University in 2015, with a master of music degree in film music composition.


He performed on nomadic folk instruments, including Morin Khuur and Tovshuur.

Appeared on the stages of Lincoln Center and held a sold-out concert at Carnegie Hall in 2015.

He also released a folk album, "To Where Tengger Leads Me" (长生天所指引的地方), under his own name.

Also provided choir vocals/throat singing for the soundtrack of the 2020 video game Doom Eternal.

Hell Savior

As 张天然:
Guitars (lead)

2009 地藏冥王 (Hell Savior) (EP) Guitars (lead)
2010 Keep Running for Metal Guitars (lead)

Nature Ganganbaigal

Everything (2014-2019)

Tengger Cavalry

Vocals, All instruments (2010-2012), Vocals, Guitars (2012-2018, 2018-2019), Morin khuur (2015-2016)

2010 Tengger Cavalry (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2010 血祭萨满 / Blood Sacrifice Shaman All instruments, Vocals
2011 Cavalry Folk All instruments, Vocals
2012 Sunesu Cavalry All instruments, Vocals
2013 黑骏 / Black Steed Guitars, Vocals
2013 The Expedition Guitars, Vocals
2014 远古呼唤 / Ancient Call Vocals, Guitars (as "Nature Tianran Zhang")
2015 Blood Sacrifice Shaman Vocals, All instruments
2015 Homeland Song (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2017 Master of Puppets (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2017 A Blade of Time (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2017 The Path (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2017 Die on My Ride Vocals, Guitars
2017 Chamber Music All instruments
2018 Cian Bi Guitars, Vocals, Morinhoor, Dombra, Flute, Jew's harp (as "Nature")
2019 Northern Memory Morin khuur, Dombra, Guitars, Vocals
2019 Northern Memory (Vol. 2) (EP) All instruments
(show all)




2020 Death of the Cosmic (EP) Morin khuur (track 2)


2020 Trail of the Fallen Vocals (throat singing) (track 2)

Tengger Cavalry

2014 远古呼唤 / Ancient Call Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Nature Tianran Zhang")
2019 Northern Memory Mastering, Producer
2019 Northern Memory (Vol. 2) (EP) Producer
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