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Real/full name:
Roger Rasmussen
Place of origin:
Norway (Sandnes)


Also ran Fiskegrateng Productions.

Carpathian Forest

Bass (1992, 1998), Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (1992-2017), Vocals (2017-present)

1992 Rehearsal Outtake (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass (as "Lord Nosferatu")
1992 Bloodlust and Perversion (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass (as "Lord Nosferatu")
1993 Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern (Demo) Guitars (acoustic), Vocals, Piano (as "Lord Nosferatu")
1995 Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
1997 Bloodlust and Perversion (Compilation) Bass, Guitars, Keyboards (Harmonies), Vocals (as "Lord Nosferatu")
1998 Black Shining Leather Strings, Vocals, Keyboards (as "R. Nattefrost")
2000 He's Turning Blue (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2000 Strange Old Brew Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars (as "R. Nattefrost")
2001 Morbid Fascination of Death Choir (track 1), Vocals, Guitars, Synth (as "R. Nattefrost")
2001 Live at Inferno '01 (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2002 We're Going to Hell for This - Over a Decade of Perversions (Compilation) Vocals, Guitar
2003 Defending the Throne of Evil Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
2004 We're Going to Hollywood for This - Live Perversions (Video) Vocals
2006 Fuck You All!!!! Caput tuum in ano est Vocals, Effects, Guitars
2007 Black Shining Leather Songwriting (Tracks 1, 6, 7-9) (as "R. Nattefrost")
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2011 Lommemannen (EP) Vocals, Guitars


All instruments, Vocals (2003-present)

2004 Blood & Vomit Vocals, All instruments
2005 Terrorist (Nekronaut Pt. I) Bass, Drums, Guitars, Vocals (as "Hellcommander Nattefrost")
2006 Drunk and Pisseskev at Ringnes 2004 (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2009 Engangsgrill (Split) All instruments, Vocals

World Destroyer

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth



2003 Werewolf Training Vocals, Songwriting (tracks 2, 6)


As Lord Nosferatu:
Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

1991 Black Winds (Demo) Keyboards, Bass, Vocals



The Childmolesters

Vocals, Guitars

2009 Cocktales - Reh. Demo Traxxx 1992 (Demo) Guitars, Vocals


2003 With No Human Intervention Vocals (lead) (track 13), Vocals (backing) (tracks 2-3, 7, 10)

Aura Noir

2004 The Merciless Vocals (additional) (track 6)


As Hellcommander Nattefrost:

2005 Anti-Life Vocals (backing) (tracks 1, 8), Vocals (track 10)

Green Carnation

As Roger Rasmussen:

2001 Light of Day, Day of Darkness Screaming vocals


As Lord Nosferatu:

1993 Nordisk vinter (Demo) Vocals


2006 Secht Vocals


2005 Hordalands doedskvad Vocals (track 1)


2016 Aeons in Sodom Vocals, Lyrics (track 8)

Carpathian Forest

1992 Bloodlust and Perversion (Demo) Intro, Lyrics (as "Lord Nosferatu")
1995 Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods (EP) Songwriting (tracks 1, 4), Producer, Lyrics
1998 Black Shining Leather Producer, Arrangements, Lyrics
2000 He's Turning Blue (Single) Lyrics (track 1)
2000 Strange Old Brew Art direction, Lyrics
2001 Morbid Fascination of Death Artwork, Lyrics, Art direction
2002 We're Going to Hell for This - Over a Decade of Perversions (Compilation) Artwork
2003 Defending the Throne of Evil Producer, Artwork, Cover art, Graphics, Photography
2004 Skjend hans lik (Compilation) Engineering, Producer, Mixing
2006 Fuck You All!!!! Caput tuum in ano est Lyrics, Engineering, Photography, Graphics, Layout, Artwork, Drawings


1993 Nordisk vinter (Demo) Producer (as "Lord Nosferatu")


2004 Blood & Vomit Cover art, Producer
2005 Terrorist (Nekronaut Pt. I) Engineering, Producer, Artwork
2009 Engangsgrill (Split) Producer, Lyrics, Artwork, Mastering (Fenriz' Red Planet)


2005 IV - The Eerie Cold Lyrics (track 6)
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