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Naoto Shibata

Naoto Shibata

Real/full name:
61 (born May 10th, 1958)
Place of origin:
Japan (Hokkaidō)


Naoto was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January 2013, but survived.


In 1981 he formed his first band called "Black Hole". Black Hole also included Akifumi Koyanagi, Toshihito Maeda, Rio and Takamasa Ohuchi. Multiple notable bands came about as a direct result of Black Hole's disbandment, including Anthem, Dancer, as well as X-Ray from Tokyo, the band in which Toshiya Matsukawa was discovered, prompting him to create Blizard.


Bass (1981-1992, 2000-present)

1984 Demo (Demo) Bass
1985 Anthem Bass
1985 Ready to Ride (EP) Bass
1986 Victim in Your Eyes (Single) Bass
1986 Tightrope Bass, Songwriting (track 2, 4, 6, 8)
1986 Xanadu (Single) Bass
1987 Bound to Break Bass
1987 The Show Carries On! (Live album) Bass
1987 The Show Carries On (Video) Bass
1988 Gypsy Ways (Single) Bass
1988 Gypsy Ways Bass
1989 Hunting Time Bass, Vocals
1990 Love on the Edge (Single) Bass
1990 No Smoke Without Fire Bass
1992 Anthem Special (Single) Bass
1992 Domestic Booty Bass, Vocals (backing)
1992 Last Anthem (Live album) Bass
2000 Gypsy Ways (Win, Lose or Draw) (Single) Bass
2000 Heavy Metal Anthem Bass
2001 Grieve of Heart (Single) Bass
2001 Seven Hills Bass, Vocals (backing)
2001 Back Then (Video) Bass
2002 The Voices (Single) Bass
2002 Overload Bass
2003 Live' Melt Down (Live album) Bass
2003 Live' Melt Down: The Show Still Carries On (Video) Bass
2004 Onslaught (Single) Bass
2004 Eternal Warrior Bass, Vocals (backing)
2005 The Show Carries On! - Complete Version (Live album) Bass
2005 Prologue Live Boxx (Live album) Bass
2005 20th Anniversary Tour 2005 (Video) Bass
2006 Immortal Bind (Single) Bass
2006 Immortal Bass
2008 Heat of the Night (Single) Bass
2008 Black Empire Bass
2009 Live Immortal (Video) Bass
2010 Prologue Live Boxx 2 (Live album) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2011 Heraldic Device Bass
2012 Evil One (Single) Bass
2012 Burning Oath Bass, Lyrics
2013 Blast (Single) Bass
2013 Live Unbroken (Video) Bass
2014 Shine On (Single) Bass
2014 Absolute World Bass
2015 Blazing Faith ~ Revisited (Video) Bass
2016 30+ (Video) Bass
2017 The Artery Song (Single) Bass
2017 Engraved Bass
2018 Attitude 2017 - Live and Documents (Video) Bass
2018 Headstrong Fes. 18 (Split video) Bass
2018 Black Empire (Single) Bass
2019 Immortal Bind (Single) Bass
2019 Nucleus Songwriting (tracks 1-9, 11, 13), Bass, Lyrics
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Black Hole

As Naoto "Magnum" Shibata:
Bass (1980-1981)


Bass (1995-2001)

1995 Loud 'n' Raw (Live album) Bass
1997 Ghetto Machine Bass
1998 Dragon Bass
1999 Engine Bass
2016 Buddha Rock 1997-1999 (Compilation) Bass

Naoto Shibata Project


Saber Tiger

Bass (1996-1997)

Sons of Angels


Saber Tiger

1997 Project One Bass
2001 The History of the New World (Compilation) Bass (disc one 1-10)


2000 Gypsy Ways (Win, Lose or Draw) (Single) Producer
2000 Heavy Metal Anthem Producer
2001 Anthem Ways (Compilation) Producer
2001 Grieve of Heart (Single) Producer
2001 Seven Hills Producer
2002 The Voices (Single) Producer
2002 Overload Producer
2004 Eternal Warrior Producer
2005 The Show Carries On! - Complete Version (Live album) Producer
2005 Prologue Live Boxx (Live album) Producer
2006 Immortal Producer
2008 Heat of the Night (Single) Producer
2010 Prologue Live Boxx 2 (Live album) Producer
2011 Heraldic Device Producer, Lyrics
2012 Evil One (Single) Producer
2012 Burning Oath Producer, Lyrics
2017 Engraved Producer
2019 Nucleus Producer
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