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Real/full name:
Dionysis D.
36 (born 1983)
Place of origin:

Burial Hordes

As D.D.:
Guitars, Bass (2001-present)

2001 Entering the Untrodden Forest (Demo) Guitars, Bass (as "Necrotormentor")
2005 Total Gathering of Supremacy (Split) Guitars (as "Necro")
2005 War, Revenge and Total Annihilation Guitars, Bass
2008 Devotion to Unholy Creed Guitars, Bass
2010 Secta Nova (Split) Guitars, Bass
2012 Descent (EP) Guitars, Bass
2012 The Call / Necromantic (Split) Guitars, Bass
2012 12 Years of War and Revenge (Compilation) Guitars, Bass
2014 Incendium Guitars, Bass
2016 Extinction (EP) Guitars, Bass
2018 Θανατος αιωνιος (The Termination Thesis) Guitars, Bass
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As D.D.:
Guitars (1998-present)

1998 Dethroned (Demo) Guitars (as "Necrotormentor")
1999 Reign of Terror (Demo) Guitars (as "Necrotormentor")
2000 Cremation Odes (Demo) Guitars (as "Necrotormentor")
2001 Nocternity Enshadowed (Demo) Guitars (as "Necrotormentor")
2002 Messengers of the Darkest Dawn Guitars (as "Necrotormentor")
2003 Intensity Guitars (lead)
2012 The Call / Necromantic (Split) Guitars
2013 Magic Chaos Psychedelia Guitars (as "Necrotormentor")
2016 Obscured Forces Incarnated (Split) Guitars
2016 In the Beginning (Compilation) Guitars

Merciless Crucifixion

Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)

2004 Humanity Feel Your End (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)
2006 ΑIPEΣIΣ (Demo) Guitars, Bass

Respawn the Plague

As Dionysis D.:

2005 Promo '05 (Demo) Guitars, Bass
2013 Gathering of the Unholy Ones (EP) Guitars
2013 Plague upon the Battlefield (Split) Guitars

Skiltron N.V. 101

As Necrotormentor:
All instruments, Samples, Programming

2005 Hatred Darkstorms of the New Worlds Order (EP) All instruments, Samples, Programming

Vomit Church

Guitars, Bass, Effects

2006 Offers to the Sado-God Guitars, Bass, Effects
2015 Sepulchral Voices (Split) Guitars, Bass


As Necrotormentor:
Guitars, Bass

2005 Promo Tape 2005 (Demo) Guitars, Bass

Mournful Night

As Necrotormentor:
All instruments, Vocals

2002 The Dead Side of Heaven (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2004 Faces in Despair (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Drums

Seventh Xul

Guitars, Bass (2009-?)

2016 Qliphothic Rites of Death (EP) Guitars, Bass

Suicidal Forms Elite

As Necro:
Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)

2004 Negative Anticosmic Soulexperiments (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)


2007 Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Omniscience) Artwork, Layout (as "Necrotormentor")
2008 …for the Temple of the Serpent Skull... (Split) Layout
2010 Theosis Artwork, Layout
2015 Ma-IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification) Mixing, Mastering

Burial Hordes

2005 Total Gathering of Supremacy (Split) Artwork (as "Necro")
2005 War, Revenge and Total Annihilation Artwork
2012 Descent (EP) Mastering


2015 HellGoat Militia (EP) Logo

Dark Messiah

2005 Promo 2005 (Demo) Artwork (as "Necrotormentor")


2006 Desecrating the Spirit of Life Layout (as "Necrotormentor")


2013 Magic Chaos Psychedelia Layout, Artwork (as "Necrotormentor")

Goat Skull

2016 Mexiconslaught (Split) Mixing, Mastering


2018 Ragnarök (EP) Logo


2016 No Hope, No Light...Only Death Mastering
2017 Isolert (EP) Mastering

Mortal Threat

2011 Psychotic Paralysis Artwork (as "Dionysis D.")

Mournful Night

2005 The Way of Torment (Compilation) Artwork (as "Necrotormentor")


2008 Cover in Blood (EP) Cover art

Respawn the Plague

2005 Promo '05 (Demo) Artwork (as "Necro")

Riddle of Meander

2005 Pandemonic Holocaust (Demo) Artwork, Logo (as "Necrotormentor")
2005 Ancient Apocalypse (Demo) Layout (as "Necrotormentor")

Sabbatical Rites

2005 The Destruction (Demo) Design, Layout (as "Necrotormentor")


2013 Nefario ritual... (EP) Mixing, Mastering
2014 Apoteosis maldita del adverso siniestro Mixing, Mastering (9)

Vomit Church

2006 Offers to the Sado-God Logo, Layout, Mixing, Mastering (as "Necrotormentor")


2006 The Signs Engraved in the Harshclouds (Demo) Design (as "Necrotormentor")

War Possession

2012 Through the Ages (EP) Layout
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