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N. Imperial

N. Imperial

Real/full name:
Neill Jameson
44 (born 1979)
Place of birth:
United States (New Jersey)



2011 Dead Land Energy Vocals (as "Neill Jameson")


As N. Jameson:
Vocals, Various instruments (1997-2005, 2007-present)

1998 Rise of the Imperial Hordes Keyboards (track 5), Vocals (lead), Vocals (backing) (track 10), Guitars (as "Lord Imperial")
2000 None Shall Escape the Wrath (Split) Vocals
2000 Forgotten Secrets (Demo) Vocals
2001 To the Coming Age of Intolerance (Split) Vocals
2001 The Church (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "Imperial")
2001 Destruction Ritual Effects, Vocals, Guitars
2002 Tormenting Necrometal (Demo) Vocals
2002 Kult ov Azazel / Krieg (Split) Vocals
2002 Kill Yourself or Someone You Love (EP) Vocals (as "Imperial")
2002 Songs for Resistance (Demo) Vocals (as "Imperial")
2003 Krieg vs. Antaeus (Split) Vocals
2003 Krieg / Satanic Warmaster (Split) Vocals (as "Imperial")
2003 4 Spears in God's Ribs (Split) Vocals
2003 Resistance Is Futile (Split) Vocals (as "Imperial")
2004 The Black House Vocals (as "Imperial")
2004 Krieg / Azaghal (Split) Vocals, Effects (as "Imperial")
2004 Flesh Descending / Satan Shitting on Cunt (Split) Vocals (as "Imperial")
2004 Patrick Bateman (EP) Vocals (as "Imperial")
2004 Death Glorification (Split) Vocals, Guitars (track 3), Effects (track 3)
2005 Sono lo scherno Guitars, Vocals, Effects (as "Imperial")
2005 Daze West (Split) Vocals
2006 Blue Miasma Vocals (lead), Lyrics (track 6), Effects, Guitars (additional) (tracks 3, 4, 13) (as "Imperial")
2006 Bleeding for Him / The Church (Split) Unknown
2009 Official Live DVD (Video) Vocals
2009 Krieg / Caïna (Split) Vocals, Bass, Drums (as "Imperial")
2010 The Isolationist Vocals, Guitars (as "Imperial")
2012 New World Black Metal (Split) Vocals
2014 Unmedicated (EP) Vocals, Various instruments (as "N.")
2014 Isolation / Transmission (EP) Vocals
2014 Wolvhammer / Krieg (Split) Vocals, Various instruments
2014 Moloch / Krieg (Split) Vocals (as "N.")
2014 Transient Vocals, Various instruments
2014 Leviathan / Krieg (Split) Vocals, Various instruments
2022 Crucifixion Bell / Krieg (Split) Vocals
2023 Bone Whip (Single) Songwriting, Vocals, Lyrics
2023 Ruiner Vocals
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Le Chant Funebre

Drums, Vocals

2015 Ghosts at the Deathbed (EP) Drums, Vocals


Drums, Bass, Vocals, Tibetan singing bowl, Guitars (acoustic)

2007 N.I.L. Drums, Bass, Vocals, Tibetan singing bowl, Guitars (acoustic)
2011 Neglect.Forget.Remember (EP) Drums, Bass, Vocals

Poison Blood

As Neill Jameson:
Vocals, Lyrics (2017-present)

The Royal Arch Blaspheme

Vocals (2009-present)

2010 The Royal Arch Blaspheme Vocals
2012 II Vocals


As Lord Imperial:
Vocals, Bass


As SS Angelraper of the Bloodmoon:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass

2001 Official Rehearsal 2001 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2002 Satanic Inferno (Demo) Unknown


As Lord Imperial:

House of the Void

As NJ:
Vocals, Bass


Vocals, Guitars (1994-1996, 2010-?), Drum programming (2010-?)

1995 Demo (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
1996 Battlegod (Demo) Vocals
1997 Endless Path (Demo) Vocals, Guitars



2013 Lithotome Vocals
2016 Moros / Lithotome (Split) Vocals

March into the Sea

Drums, Vocals, Additional Effects

2006 Purge (Demo) Drums, vocals, additional effects
2007 Church of the Voidswimmer Effects, Drums, Vocals


Bass (2005)

2006 Instinct: Decay Lyrics, Bass (as "Imperial")
2021 Chemical Catharsis (Single) Bass


As Imperial:
Vocals, Bass (2004-2014)

2005 Twilight Vocals, Bass
2010 Monument to Time End Vocals
2014 III: Beneath Trident's Tomb Vocals
2018 Trident Death Rattle (EP) Vocals


As Lord Imperial:
Vocals (1999-2003)

2001 The Call to Battle Vocals (as "Imperial")
2003 And to Every Beast Its Prey Vocals


As Neil Jameson:
Vocals (2014-?)

Judas Iscariot

As Lord Imperial:
Bass (1999-2000)

Kult ov Azazel

As Imperial:
Vocals (2007)


Vocals (2004)

Abigail Williams

As N. Jameson:

2015 The Accuser Vocals (additional)


2013 Smitciv-Victims Vocals, Lyrics (track 12)

Averse Sefira

2001 Battle's Clarion Vocals (backing) (track 4)


As Imperial:

2006 Bleeding for Him / The Church (Split) Vocals (track 5)


As Imperial:

2011 Hands That Pluck Vocals (track 2)

Judas Iscariot

As Imperial:

2000 Under the Black Sun (Live album) Bass

Long Winters' Stare

As Lord Imperial:

2000 The Tears of Odin's Fallen Vocals (track 3)


As Lord Imperial von Krieg:

2005 Life Without Hope... Death Without Reason (Demo) Vocals (Track 4)


2004 Patrick Bateman (EP) Photography (as "Imperial")


2019 Verräter (Compilation) Liner notes


2022 Never Ending Spell of Hateful Cold (EP) Photography (as "N. Krieg")
2022 Northern Frost (EP) Photography (as "N. Krieg")
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