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Myke DiBattista

Myke DiBattista

Real/full name:
Myke DiBattista
34 (born Mar 29th, 1983)
Place of origin:
United States (Redwood City, California)


Co-owner of The Nutzz Recordzz.


Description of unlisted bands:
Encephalitis (Electro/cybergrind, plays alongside Sean Accristo)
Gastronomical God (Noisegrind/goregrind, plays alongside Sean Accristo)
Increments of Death (Death/black metal, plays alongside Russian Paul & Patrick Accristo)
Myke Death (Dubstep/dark electro solo-project)
NMS04 / Crooked (Nu-metal/alternative)
Waste Pig (Goregrind, plays alongside ...

Diarrhetic Shark Shit

Drum programming (2009-present)

2009 Diarrhetic Shark Shit (Demo) Drum programming


As Infinite Cancrusher:
Drum programming, Vocals (2008-present)

Gastronomical God

Guitars (2010-present)


Guitars (2008-present)

2008 Engorged in Your Foul Bowels (Demo) Guitars
2012 Show Me Your Insides Guitars

Increments of Death

As Mike DiBattista:
Drums (2007-present)

Myke Death

Everything (DJ, Beats) (2011-present)


As Dick Newt:
Vocals, Guitars (2008-present)

2009 4-Way Filth Grind Split #2 (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2009 Newtdick vs Salamander Titz (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2010 3+Way Slime Grind Split (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2011 Slime the Planet Vocals, Guitars
2011 Goremonger / Newtdick (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2011 Cat Shit vs Newtdick (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2016 Energy from the Wetlands Vocals, Guitars


Guitars (1999-present)

Porto Party

As Out+House Rapisst:
Guitars, Vocals (2006-present)

2015 The Best Day Ever Split Vol. # 1 (Split) Guitars, Vocals

Short Fuse

As Myke "Death" DiBattista:
Vocals (2005-present)

2005 Hate Brought to This Place Called Home Vocals
2010 Shred the Dead Vocals
2012 Annihilate the Masses (EP) Vocals
2014 Consuming Europe Tour EP (EP) Vocals
2014 The Force of Hate Vocals

Toxic Treatment

As Anal+Sap:
Guitars, Vocals (2006-present)

2006 Dismembered Head Skull (Demo) Guitars, Vocals
2006 Mondo Shit Rip Guitars, Vocals
2007 Sewage Stories Guitars, Vocals
2008 Dumpster Diver & Friends (Split) Guitars, Vocals
2009 4-Way Filth Grind Split #1 (Split) Guitars, Vocals
2009 4-Way Filth Grind Split #2 (Split) Guitars, Vocals

Waste Pig

As Boargore:
Vocals, Guitars (2009-present)


Guitars (2002-2004), Drums (2004)


As Dick Newt:

2012 Regurgitate / Fornicate / Repopulate Vocals (track 20)


2007 Slaughter of the Human Pig (Demo) Vocals (additional) (track 7)

Axaxaxas Mlö

2009 Axaxaxas Mlö Producer (as "Mike D. Battista")


2007 Slaughter of the Human Pig (Demo) Producer, Mixing

Toxic Treatment

2008 Dumpster Diver & Friends (Split) Mixing (as "Anal Sap")
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