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Myk Colby

Myk Colby

Real/full name:
Michael A. Colby
47 (born Jan 19th, 1977)
Place of birth:
United States (Gainesville, Florida)

Hot Graves

Vocals, Guitars (2008-present)

2008 D-Beat Death Dirge (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2010 Demo Compilation 2008 / 2009 (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars (as "Myk")
2010 Ives / Hot Graves / Nak'ay / Cellgraft (Split) Vocals, Guitars (as "Myke Graves")
2011 Necro Mixos Sacrificio (EP) Vocals, Guitars (as "Myk")
2011 Knights in White Phosphorus Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
2011 Desecration Time (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2012 Whitehorse / Hot Graves (Split) Vocals, Guitars (as "Myk")
2013 Fashion Victim E.P. (EP) Vocals, Guitars (as "Myk")
2015 Magnificent Death Songwriting, Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars
2018 Dead Incubation Demos (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars
2019 Hell Has Returned Again (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars (as "M. Colby")
2020 Haunted Graves (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2020 Magnificent Death / Haunted Graves EP (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals (tracks 1-12) (as "M. Colby")
2020 Days Before Plague (EP) Vocals, Guitars (as "M. Colby")
2023 Plaguewielder Guitars, Vocals
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Everything (2021-2023), Guitars, Vocals (2023-present)

2022 Plasmodulated (Demo) Everything
2023 Drowning in Sputum (Single) Everything
2023 Plasmod​ø​d Live at Loosey's (Live album) Guitars, Vocals, Everything

Thee Kvlt ov Ouroboros

As B. Baphomet:
Bass, Vocals

2006 BLVD (EP) Guitars (lead)
2007 Demo 2007 - Rehearsalis Megatherion (Demo) Bass, Vocals (as "M. Colby")
2012 Hodad Rituals (Live album) Bass, Vocals


All instruments (2019-2020), Guitars (2020-present)

2019 Demo 2019 (Demo) All instruments (as "MC")
2020 Lurking Doom (EP) All instruments (as "MC")
2020 Shitslime (EP) Guitars
2020 Lurking Doom + Demo 2019 (Compilation) All instruments (as "MC")
2021 Beneath the Blackened Clouds of War (Split) Guitars, All instruments
2021 Wharflurch 2022 (Single) Guitars, All instruments
2021 Lemlästad och Begraven (EP) Guitars (solo) (track 2)
2021 Celestial Mycelium (Single) Guitars, All instruments
2021 Stoned Ape Apocalypse (Single) Guitars, All instruments
2021 Psychedelic Realms ov Hell Guitars, All instruments
2021 Transmissions from the Swamp Cosmos (Live album) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2021 Myxophobia (Split) Songwriting
2024 Shittier​/​Slimier (Compilation) Synthesizers, Guitars, Vocals (as "MC")
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By the Horns

As Myk:
Vocals, Bass (live) (2006-2009)




2022 Seraphic Punishment Synths, Samples


As Myke Colby:

2022 Gluttony Synth

Pale Gaze

2022 Butchered into Cosmic Hell (EP) Synths, Vocals (additional) (track 6)

Hot Graves

2011 Necro Mixos Sacrificio (EP) Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2011 Desecration Time (EP) Mixing
2013 Fashion Victim E.P. (EP) Mastering (as "B. Baphomet")
2015 Magnificent Death Mixing
2018 Dead Incubation Demos (Compilation) Layout, Mastering, Recording, Mixing
2019 Hell Has Returned Again (Compilation) Producer, Remastering, Recording (tracks 1-3), Mixing (tracks 1-3), Cover art, Layout (as "M. Colby")
2020 Haunted Graves (EP) Songwriting, Lyrics (tracks 1, 4)
2020 Magnificent Death / Haunted Graves EP (Compilation) Songwriting, Mixing (as "M. Colby")
2020 Days Before Plague (EP) Producer, Songwriting, Recording (as "M. Colby")
2023 Plaguewielder Mixing


2022 Plasmodulated (Demo) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2023 Drowning in Sputum (Single) Mixing
2023 Plasmod​ø​d Live at Loosey's (Live album) Everything, Guitars, Vocals


2020 Lurking Doom + Demo 2019 (Compilation) Mixing, Mastering, Producer (as "MC")
2021 Myxophobia (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mixing, Synthesizers (Maul)
2024 Shittier​/​Slimier (Compilation) Artwork (Coloring)
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