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Munetaka Higuchi

Munetaka Higuchi

Real/full name:
49 (born Dec 24th, 1958)
Nov 30th, 2008
Died of:
Liver failure
Place of origin:
Japan (Nara, Nara Prefecture)


Munetaka Higuchi (Japanese: 樋口 宗孝) was the original drummer of the Japanese heavy metal band, Loudness.


Guest with:
- Yūki Nakajima

Blood Circus



Drums (1977-1981, 1998-2008)


Drums (1981-1992, 2001-2008)

1981 The Birthday Eve~誕生前夜 Drums
1982 Burning Love (Single) Drums
1982 Devil Soldier~戦慄の奇蹟 Drums
1983 The Law of Devil's Land~魔界典章 Drums
1983 Geraldine (Single) Drums
1983 ロード・レーサー (Single) Drums
1983 Live-Loud-Alive Loudness in Tokyo (Video) Drums
1983 Live-Loud-Alive Loudness in Tokyo (Live album) Drums, Gong
1984 Crazy Nights (Single) Drums
1984 Disillusion~撃剣霊化 Drums
1984 Milky Way (Single) Drums
1984 Disillusion -English Version- Drums
1984 Eurobounds (Video) Drums
1984 Crazy Night (Single) Drums
1985 Never Change Your Mind (Single) Drums
1985 Thunder in the East Drums
1985 Gotta Fight (EP) Drums
1986 Let It Go (Single) Drums
1986 Shadows of War Drums
1986 Lightning Strikes Drums
1986 Risky Woman (EP) Drums
1986 Live in Tokyo - Lightning Strikes (Video) Drums
1986 8186 Live (Live album) Drums
1987 Rock 'n Roll Gypsy (Single) Drums
1987 Hurricane Eyes Drums
1987 So Lonely (Single) Drums
1987 Hurricane Eyes (Japanese Version) Drums
1988 Long Distance Love / Good Things Going (Single) Drums
1988 Jealousy (EP) Drums
1989 A Lesson in Loudness (EP) Drums
1989 Dreamer & Screamer (Single) Drums
1989 You Shook Me (Single) Drums
1989 Soldier of Fortune Drums
1991 Down 'n' Dirty (Single) Drums
1991 On the Prowl Drums
1991 In the Mirror (Single) Drums
1991 Slap in the Face (Single) Drums
1991 Sleepless Nights (Single) Drums
1992 Welcome to the Slaughter House (Video) Drums
1992 Black Widow (Single) Drums
1992 Loudness Drums
1992 Slaughter House (Single) Drums
1994 Once and for All (Live album) Drums
2000 Eurobounds (Live album) Drums
2001 Spiritual Canoe ~輪廻転生~ Drums
2001 The Soldier's Just Came Back (Live album) Drums
2001 Pandemonium ~降臨幻術~ Drums
2002 Biosphere Drums
2003 Loudness Live 2002 (Live album) Drums
2004 Terror ~剥離~ Drums
2004 Crazy Samurai (Single) Drums
2004 Live Terror 2004 (Video) Drums
2004 Rockshocks Drums
2004 Racing/音速 Drums
2005 Loudness Live DVD: Rock-Shocking the Nation (Video) Drums
2005 Racing -English Version- Drums
2005 The Battleship Musashi (Single) Drums
2006 Live in Seoul (Video) Drums
2006 Loudness in America 06: Live Shocks World Circuit 2006 Chapter 1 (Video) Drums
2006 Breaking the Taboo Drums
2007 Thanks 25th Anniversary: Loudness Live at International Forum 20061125 (Video) Drums
2008 Metal Mad Drums
2009 The Everlasting -魂宗久遠- Drums
2009 Live Loudest at the Budokan '91 (Live album) Drums
(show all)

Mari Hamada

Drums, Composition (1983)

Misako Honjoh


1982 Messiah's Blessing Drums
1983 13th Drums

Munetaka Higuchi

Drums (1983-2008)

1983 Destruction ~破壊凱旋録~ Drums
1997 Free World Drums
2012 Free World II Drums

Rage (Jpn)

Drums (1978-1981)

Rose of Rose

As Higuchi:
Drums (1998-1999)



1994 Sly Drums
1995 Live Kingdom Come (Video) Drums
1995 Loner (EP) Drums
1995 Dreams of Dust Drums
1996 Key Drums, Percussion
1998 Vulcan Wind Drums

Akira Takasaki

1982 Tusk of Jaguar~ジャガーの牙 Drums (tracks A1, A3, B2-B5), Voice (track B5)


1997 アニメタル・サマー (Single) Drums
1997 センチメタル (Single) Drums

Masaki Project

2006 Universal Syndicate Drums (track 2)


1990 Danger Life Producer

Munetaka Higuchi

1983 Destruction ~破壊凱旋録~ Producer
1997 Free World Producer
2006 Munetaka Higuchi Drum Collection - Vol.001 (Compilation) Producer
2012 Free World II Producer
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