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Mr. Fog

Mr. Fog

Real/full name:
James Fogarty
41 (born 1978)
Place of origin:
United Kingdom (Brighton)




Everything (2013-present)


All instruments, Vocals (1994-2007, 2012-present)

1994 Faery Lands Forlorn (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
1996 Beyond Realms Unknown (Demo) All instruments, Vocals (as "J. Fogarty")
1997 Dwellers on the Threshold (Demo) Vocals, All instruments
1997 Battle Furies All instruments
1999 Starscape All instruments, Vocals (as "James Fogarty")
2000 Heavy Music for the New Millenium (Demo) All instruments, Vocals (as "J. Fogarty")
2003 Land of Fog All instruments, Vocals
2004 Radio Ixtlan All instruments, Vocals
2005 Conspiritus Lyrics, Vocals, All instruments
2006 Return to the Land of Fog (EP) Vocals, All instruments
2006 Lost yet Not Forgotten (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals
2013 Back to Beyond All instruments, Vocals
2017 Cosmic Man All instruments, Vocals
2017 Battle Furies 2.017 All instruments, Vocals
2019 DISClose All instruments, Vocals
2019 Starscape 2.019 All instruments, Vocals (as "James Fogarty")
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In the Woods...

Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (2015-present)

2016 Pure Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Lyrics (as "James Fogarty")
2018 Cease the Day Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards


As Grand Master Jaldaboath:
Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (2007-present)

2008 Hark the Herald (EP) Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
2010 The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
2014 The Further Adventures... Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

Old Forest

As Kobold:
Vocals, Keyboards (1998-2001, 2007-present), Drums (as Grond) (1998-2001, 2007-2017)

1998 Of Mists and Graves (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards, Drums (as Grond)
1999 Into the Old Forest Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics, Drums (as Grond)
2008 Tales of the Sussex Weald ; Part 1 (The Legend of the Devil's Dyke) (EP) Vocals, Keyboards, Drums (as Grond)
2008 Tales of the Sussex Weald ; Part 2 (The Domain of the Long Man) (EP) Vocals, Keyboards, Drums (as Grond)
2009 The Kingdom of Darkness (Demo) Drums (as Grond), Vocals, Keyboards
2010 Covered in Black (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards, Drums (as Grond)
2014 None More Black Drums (as Grond), Vocals, Keyboards
2014 Of Mists and Graves / The Kingdom of Darkness (Compilation) Vocals, Chants, Synthesizer, Drums (as Grond)
2015 Dagian Vocals, Keyboards
2019 Black Forests of Eternal Doom Vocals, Keyboards


As Ugluk:
Drums, Bass, Keyboards (2010-present)

2015 Mercenaries of Mordor Drums, Bass, Keyboards
2019 Dice & Damnation (Demo) Drums, Bass, Keyboards


As James Fogarty:
Vocals (lead)

2017 Light Vocals (lead), Lyrics

The Bombs of Enduring Freedom

Everything (2007-present)

2007 The Bombs of Enduring Freedom Everything
2008 THIS Is Radio Freedom (The Sabotaged Session) (EP) Everything
2009 What Time Is Art? (Single) Everything
2009 Bomb the Bank (EP) Everything
2009 Kalashnikovs and Car Bombs (EP) Everything
2011 Bin Laden Is Dead (Single) Everything
2011 Predator Drone (Single) Everything
2011 Molotov (EP) Everything
2012 Megaton (EP) Everything

The Feral Underclass

As James Fogarty:
Drums, Guitars

2012 Social Disease (EP) Drums, Guitars, Bass, Programming


As Kobold:
Keyboards (2015-2017)

2015 Askebundet (Demo) Keyboards
2015 Askebundet (EP) Keyboards
2016 Pyres Keyboards

The Meads of Asphodel

As Jaldaboath:
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards (1998-2002)

1998 The Bemoaning of Metatron (Demo) Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums
1999 Metatron and the Red Gleaming Serpent (Demo) Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
1999 The Watchers of Catal Huyuk (Demo) Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards
2001 The Excommunication of Christ Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums
2002 Jihad / Freezing Moon (Split) Keyboards, Guitars


As Lord Jaldaboath:

2011 Back Through Time Narration (track 1)


As James Fogarty:

2016 Nordjevel Intro, Outro (track 9)


1996 Beyond Realms Unknown (Demo) Recording, Songwriting, Producer, Lyrics, Artwork (as "J. Fogarty")
1997 Dwellers on the Threshold (Demo) Producer, Engineering
1997 Battle Furies Mixing, Remixing, Producer
1999 Starscape Producer, Recording (as "James Fogarty")
2000 Heavy Music for the New Millenium (Demo) Recording, Production (as "J. Fogarty")
2004 Radio Ixtlan Producer (as "James Fogarty")
2005 Conspiritus Producer
2006 Return to the Land of Fog (EP) Engineering
2006 Lost yet Not Forgotten (Compilation) Engineering
2019 Starscape 2.019 Producer (as "James Fogarty")

Old Forest

2008 Tales of the Sussex Weald ; Part 2 (The Domain of the Long Man) (EP) Producer, Mixing (as "J. Fogarty")
2015 Dagian Producer (as "Grond")


2008 The Circular Drain (Compilation) Remixing (as "The Bombs of Enduring Freedom")


2017 Light Recording (as "James Fogarty")

The Bombs of Enduring Freedom

2007 The Bombs of Enduring Freedom Artwork, Producer, Mixing
2009 Kalashnikovs and Car Bombs (EP) Recording, Producer

The Meads of Asphodel

2002 Jihad / Freezing Moon (Split) Producer (as "Jaldaboath")


2009 Enslaved by God (Demo) Logo (as "Kobold")
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