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Real/full name:
Matthias Auer
44 (born 1980)
Place of birth:


Professional illustrator and designer.

7 H.Target

2011 Electric Tools for Electric Human & Japan Body Hammer (Compilation) Cover art (reissue)


2016 Tortura Macabra Cover art (as "Mottla Art")


2014 Dissect, Molest, Ingest Cover art, Layout, Design (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2013 2013 Demo (Demo) Cover art


2016 Apatheia Cover art


2020 The Zymosis Cover art

Bastard Peels

2009 Keine Bilder Cover art


2013 Bloodstained Gods Cover art (as "Matthias Auer")


2011 Clean the Ulcer Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Body Harvest

2014 Futile Creation Cover art
2019 Parasitic Slavery Artwork


2009 Universe of Gory Tales (EP) Cover art
2011 Insights of a Rotten Theatre Artwork (illustrations) (as "Matthias Auer")

Bowel Stew

2015 Debridement Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Brain Drill

2016 Boundless Obscenity Cover art (as "Matthias Auer")

Carnal Abhorrence

2019 Gormandizing Rupture Artwork (as "Mottla Art")

Cranial Torment

2021 Blood Dome (EP) Artwork


2018 Worldwide Slamicide (Split) Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2013 Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
2014 Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere Cover art (as "Mottla Art")


2015 Perpetuation of Eradication Cover art (as "Brutal Mottla Art")

Despise the Sun

2013 Embers of the Almighty Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Devour the Unborn

2012 Consuming the Morgue Remains Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
2015 Meconium Pestilent Abomination Artwork

Disgruntled Anthropophagi

2015 Rampage of Misanthropic Purge Cover art (as "Mottla Art")

Distorted Impalement

2009 Straight in Your Face Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Dr. Gore

2014 Viscera Artwork (as "Matt Mottla Brutal Art")


2016 Gluttonous Mastication of Embryonic Remnants Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
2018 Absolution Through Sacred Extrication (Split) Artwork
2020 Flamethrower Ecdysis (Single) Cover art
2020 Murderous Proclivity (Single) Artwork
2020 Flamethrower Ecdysis Artwork

Euphoric Defilement

2013 Ascending to the Worms Cover art (as "Mottla Art")

Fetal Disgorge

2013 Rape, Degrade, Mutilate (EP) Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
2017 Mass Female Degradation Cover art

Flesh Throne

2011 Onslaught (EP) Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2013 The Murderous Inception (EP) Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2016 Vicissitude (EP) Cover art


2013 Eradication of Insignificant Beings Cover art, Layout (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2015 Reign of Disease (EP) Cover art

Gutted Alive

2015 Consumed by Carnage Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Human Mastication

2013 Driven to Kill Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Implements of Hell

2019 Sea of Necrophenomena Artwork (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Infested Entrails

2014 Defiling a Piece of the Deceased Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
2024 Vile Enrapture (EP) Artwork (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Internal Devour

2014 Aborted and Slaughtered (EP) Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2013 Where Is Your Saviour Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2017 The Kraanialepsy Split (Split) Cover art

Left for Dead

2013 Exit Humanity Cover art (as "Mottla Art")

Maggot Colony

2014 Perpetuating the Viral Infestation Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Manipulated Calamity

2017 Unrivaled Xenograft Colony Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2014 Lakeside Terrorfrönt Cover art (as "Matthias Auer")

Myocardial Infarction

2014 Revitalization of the Perniciousness Cover art (as "Matthias Auer")


2013 Infernal Infectious Necro-Ambulatory Pandemic Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2021 Dead Ass Pussy Cover art


2013 Catatonic Psychosis (EP) Cover art

No More Room in Hell

2015 No More Room in Hell Cover art (as "Mottla")

Obszön Geschöpf

2010 Symphony of Decay Cover art, Design (as "Matthias Auer")


2014 Surgical Excoriation Cover art (as "Mottla Art")

Parasitic Ejaculation

2012 Sickening Conduct (EP) Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
2017 Isolation Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Penis Leech

2013 Proliferation of Malignancy (Compilation) Cover art

Perverse Dependence

2009 Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido Cover art, Layout (as "Matt")

Possessed Entity

2016 Extermination of Angelic Parasites Cover art (as "Mottla Art")


2011 Contorted Bodies in Pain Cover art, Design

Purulent Jacuzzi

2017 Stench of the Drowned Carrion Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Putrified J

2015 The Holy Landfill (Split) Cover art

Raped by Pigs

2011 Gushing Orgasms 2 (EP) Cover art


2009 Moshpit Cover art
2012 Rawzilla Artwork (as "Mottla Art")
2016 Battalion of Demons Cover art

Relics of Humanity

2014 Ominously Reigning upon the Intangible Artwork (page 8) (as "Mottla Art")

Rotting Demise

2019 Casket Birth (EP) Logo


2011 Procreating a New Body Art (EP) Cover art
2014 Crawling Through the Morgue Cover art
2018 Epoch of Extraterrestrial Domination (Single) Artwork (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
2019 Epoch of Extraterrestrial Domination (EP) Cover art


2015 Swine Blues Artwork (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2015 Global Error Cover art
2015 Pathology of Anomalous Origin (Split) Cover art

Suffer in Rot

2015 Ever Tried Kill​.​.​.​? Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
2017 Beat the Fetus (EP) Cover art

The White Indian

2013 Sexy Time (EP) Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2013 Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts Cover art (as "Mottla Art")
2014 Beneficial Amputation of Excessive Limbs (EP) Cover art
2015 Monolith of Absolute Suffering Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2017 Involución parasitoide Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")

Vomit God

2013 Exuding Anal Pustule of Society Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")


2010 Post-Abortion Slut Fuck Cover art (as "Matt Auer")


2014 Muhaka Cover art (as "Mottla Brutal Art")
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