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Real/full name:
Florian Magnus Maier
47 (born 1973)
Place of origin:
Germany (Munich)


Now lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Holding positions as a vocalist, guitarist as well as classical composer, the Dutch public-service broadcasting network (NTR) released an hour-long documentary about Morean's life and his most famous piece - "Schattenspiel".


Guitars, Vocals (2013-present)

2015 The Malkuth Grimoire Guitars, Vocals
2018 Liquid Anatomy Guitars, Vocals

Dark Fortress

Vocals (2007-present)

2008 Eidolon Vocals, Lyrics
2010 Ylem Vocals, Guitars (lead) (track 8), Songwriting (tracks 4, 6, 11)
2014 Venereal Dawn Vocals (lead), Lyrics, Songwriting (track 6)
2020 Spectres from the Old World Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting (track 12), Arrangements (choir)

Hannes Grossmann

Vocals (2013-present)


Guitars (2004-present), Vocals (2012-present)

2006 The Crawling Chaos Guitars
2014 Metatheosis Guitars, Vocals


Vocals (lead), Guitars (?-1994)

Nader Sadek

As Florian Maier:
Vocals (2015-present)

Christian Muenzner

2014 Beyond the Wall of Sleep Guitars (acoustic) (track 3)

Daedric Tales

2017 The Divine Menace Vocals (track 12)

Devin Townsend Project

As Florian Magnus Maier:

2015 Ziltoid: Dark Matters Orchestration

Hannes Grossmann

2014 The Radial Covenant Vocals
2016 The Crypts of Sleep Vocals
2019 Apophenia Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 3, 5, 8)


2014 Stern Vocals (track 8)


2011 Omnivium Guitars (lead) (track 7)

Silent Kingdom

2011 Path to Oblivion Vocals (track 4)
2014 In Search of Eternity Guitars (track 1)
2017 Where Secrets Meet Guitars (lead)


2018 Liquid Anatomy Lyrics (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8), Songwriting (tracks 3, 5, 6, 7)

Dark Fortress

2006 Seance Songwriting (track 8) (as "Morian")
2020 Spectres from the Old World Photography

Devin Townsend Project

2011 Deconstruction Engineering (orchestra), Orchestration, Transcriptions
2014 Orchestration


2014 Metatheosis Engineering (additional)

Paradise Lost

2013 Tragic Illusion 25 (Compilation) Arrangements (tracks 5, 6) (as "Florian Magnus Maier")
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