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Mille Petrozza

Mille Petrozza

Real/full name:
Miland Petrozza
54 (born Dec 18th, 1967)
Place of birth:
Germany (Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia)


Founding guitarist and vocalist of Kreator.

Has been involved in the German electronic dance music project Straftanz, being credited on their first album Forward Ever.

Petrozza has an extensive collection of guitars, but his primary guitar is a Jackson KV2 guitar, which he plays almost exclusively live.


He is vegan.

Played guest guitars on Lacrimosa's 2012 album Revolution.


Vocals, Guitars (1984-present)

1985 Endless Pain Guitars, Vocals (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10)
1986 Pleasure to Kill Vocals (tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 9), Guitars
1986 Flag of Hate (EP) Guitars, Vocals
1987 Behind the Mirror (Single) Vocals, Guitars
1987 Terrible Certainty Guitars, Vocals (as "Mille")
1988 Sounds Waves 1 (Split) Vocals, Guitars
1988 Out of the Dark... into the Light (EP) Guitars, Vocals
1989 Extreme Aggression Guitars, Vocals
1990 People of the Lie (Single) Vocals, Guitars
1990 Extreme Aggression Tour 1989/'90 (Live in East Berlin) (Video) Guitars, Vocals
1990 Thrashing East (Split video) Vocals, Guitars (as "Mille")
1990 Doomsday News III - Thrashing East Live (Split) Vocals, Guitars
1990 Coma of Souls Guitars, Vocals (as "Mille")
1991 Renewal (Demo) Guitars, Vocals
1991 Hallucinative Comas (Video) Vocals, Guitars
1992 Renewal Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
1995 Cause for Conflict Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
1997 Leave This World Behind (Single) Vocals, Guitars
1997 Outcast Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Songwriting, Lyrics
1999 Endorama (Single) Vocals, Guitars
1999 Endorama / Code Red (Split) Vocals, Guitars
1999 Voices of Transgression: A 90s Retrospective (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars
1999 Endorama Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
2000 Chosen Few (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
2001 Violent Revolution Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
2003 Live Kreation (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2003 Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory (Video) Vocals, Guitars
2005 Enemy of God Lyrics, Guitars, Songwriting, Vocals
2008 At the Pulse of Kapitulation - Live in East Berlin 1990 (Video) Vocals, Guitars
2009 Hordes of Chaos Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
2010 Terror Prevails - Live at Rock Hard Festival (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2012 Phantom Antichrist (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2012 Terror Prevails - Live at Rock Hard Festival, Pt. 2 (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2012 Phantom Antichrist Guitars, Songwriting, Vocals (lead), Lyrics
2012 Civilization Collapse (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2012 The Big Teutonic 4 (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2013 Kreator / Legion of the Damned (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2013 Dying Alive (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2014 Iron Destiny (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2014 Iron Destiny / Breaking the Law (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2015 The Big Teutonic 4 - Part II (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2016 Love Us or Hate Us - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1985-1992 (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 2-7, 9, 11-15, CD1; 1-15, CD2), Guitars
2016 Earth Under the Sword (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2016 Violence Unleashed (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2017 Live Antichrist (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2017 Gods of Violence Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
2017 Hail to the Hordes (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2019 Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998 (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2019 Satan Is Real / Gods of Violence (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2019 For the Hordes (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2020 London Apocalypticon - Live at the Roundhouse (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2020 London Apocalypticon - Live at the Roundhouse (Video) Guitars, Vocals
2020 666 - World Divided (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2020 666 - World Divided / Checkmate (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2021 Under the Guillotine (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars
2022 Maximum Hate (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars
2022 Hate über alles Vocals, Guitars
2022 Live at Bloodstock 2021 (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
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As Mille:
Vocals, Guitars (1982-1984)

1984 Blitzkrieg (Demo) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1984 End of the World (Demo) Vocals (tracks 2, 4), Guitars
1995 Bestial Invasion of Hell / End of the World (Split) Guitars, Vocals



1994 Jesus Killing Machine Guitars


2008 Kodex V Vocals (additional) (track 8)


2019 Moonglow Vocals (track 2)


2006 The Undying Darkness Vocals (track 11)


2002 Divine Blasphemies Vocals (additional) (track 7)


1987 Release from Agony Vocals (backing) (track 2)
1989 Release from Agony / Eternal Devastation (Compilation) Vocals (backing) (track A2)
1990 Best Of (Compilation) Vocals (backing) (tracks 1:11)


2007 Incinerate Vocals (track 12)


2018 All for Metal (Single) Vocals (additional) (track 1)
2018 Forever Warriors, Forever United Vocals (CD1 track 1) (as "Mille")


2004 Hellfire Club Vocals (track 14)

Heaven Shall Burn

2016 Wanderer Vocals (additional) (disc 2, track 11)

Nail Within

2003 Nail Within Vocals (track 3)


1994 Live in der Zeche Carl (Video) Guitars, Vocals


2010 7 Shots / Rebel Angel (Single) Guitars (track 1), Vocals (track 1)
2010 Beyond Hell / Above Heaven Vocals (track 6)
2011 Live from Beyond Hell / Above Heaven (Live album) Vocals (additional) (track 9)
2011 Live from Beyond Hell / Above Heaven (Video) Vocals (additional) (Disc 1, track 13; Disc 3, track 9)
2013 Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies Vocals (track 3 (bonus track))
2018 Let's Boogie! Live from Telia Parken (Live album) Vocals (track 9)


2010 Wortgeburt Vocals (track 6)


2012 Die gottlosen Jahre (Video) Interviewee (DVD1)


2016 Autopsy: The Years 1985-2014 in Pictures (Video) Interviewee (DVD1)


1986 Pleasure to Kill Remastering
1987 Terrible Certainty Liner notes, Remastering
1990 Coma of Souls Lyrics
1991 Hallucinative Comas (Video) Creative concept
1996 Scenarios of Violence (Compilation) Remixing
1999 Voices of Transgression: A 90s Retrospective (Compilation) Producer
1999 Endorama Producer, Cover concept, Design
2000 Chosen Few (Single) Producer
2000 1985-1992 Past Life Trauma (Compilation) Liner notes
2003 Live Kreation (Live album) Producer, Concept
2003 Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory (Video) Producer, Concept
2005 Pleasure to Kill Liner notes
2008 At the Pulse of Kapitulation - Live in East Berlin 1990 (Video) Producer
2012 The Big Teutonic 4 (Split) Liner notes
2013 Dying Alive (Live album) Producer
2017 Man in Black / Warrior Heart (Split) Lyrics (track 2)
2018 Outcast Liner notes
2018 Outcast Liner notes
2019 Coma of Souls Liner notes
2020 London Apocalypticon - Live at the Roundhouse (Live album) Executive producer
2020 London Apocalypticon - Live at the Roundhouse (Video) Executive producer
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Paradise Lost

2007 Over the Madness (Video) Interviewee


2005 Lords of Depravity Part I (Video) Interviewee (DVD1) (as "Mille")
2010 Lords of Depravity Part II (Video) Interviewee (DVD1) (as "Mille")
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