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Mike Patton

Mike Patton

Real/full name:
Michael Allan Patton
55 (born Jan 27th, 1968)
Place of birth:
United States (Eureka, California)


Michael Allan "Mike" Patton is an American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor, best known as the lead singer of the rock band Faith No More. He has sung for Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Lovage, Fantômas, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Peeping Tom. Patton owns and produces for Ipecac Recordings.

Patton has performed creature voices for the video games I Am Legend and Left 4 Dead as well as the ...


Collaborated as/with:
- General Patton vs the X-ecutioners.
- John Zorn
- Kaada/Patton
- Christian Fennesz and Mike Patton
- Patton & Rahzel
- Björk

Dead Cross

Vocals (2016-present)

2017 Dead Cross Vocals
2018 Dead Cross (EP) Vocals
2020 Rise Above (Single) Vocals
2022 II Vocals

Faith No More

Vocals (lead) (1988-1998, 2009-present)

1989 Pictures of You / From Out of Nowhere (Split) Vocals (lead)
1989 The Real Thing Lyrics (tracks 1-9, 11), Vocals
1989 Kerrang! Flexible Fiend (Split) Vocals (lead)
1989 From Out of Nowhere (Single) Vocals
1990 Epic / Edge of the World (Single) Vocals
1990 Epic (Single) Vocals
1990 Falling to Pieces (Single) Vocals
1990 From Out of Nowhere (EP) Vocals
1990 You Fat B**tards (Live at the Brixton Academy, London) (Video) Vocals
1991 We Care a Lot (Single) Vocals
1991 Live at the Brixton Academy (Live album) Vocals
1992 A Small Victory (Remixed by Youth) (Single) Vocals
1992 Epic / Falling to Pieces (Single) Vocals
1992 Season's Greetings (Soil X Samples 8) (Split) Vocals
1992 Midlife Crisis (Single) Vocals
1992 Angel Dust Vocals
1992 A Small Victory (Single) Vocals
1992 Everything's Ruined (Single) Vocals
1992 I'm Easy / Be Aggressive (Single) Vocals
1993 Video Croissant (Video) Vocals (tracks 1-3, 6-9)
1993 Songs to Make Love To... (Single) Vocals
1993 Easy (EP) Vocals
1993 Another Body Murdered (Split) Vocals
1995 Ricochet (Single) Vocals
1995 Digging the Grave (Single) Vocals
1995 King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime Vocals
1995 Evidence (Single) Vocals
1997 This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us (Split) Vocals
1997 Last Cup of Sorrow (Single) Vocals
1997 Ashes to Ashes (Single) Vocals
1997 Album of the Year Vocals
1997 Stripsearch (Single) Vocals
1998 The Interview Sessions (EP) Interview
1998 We Care a Lot / I Started a Joke (Single) Vocals
1998 I Started a Joke (Single) Vocals
1998 Who Cares a Lot? (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
1999 Who Cares a Lot: Greatest Videos (Video) Vocals (lead)
2003 This Is It: The Best of Faith No More (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2004 Essential Music Videos: Alternative Metal (Split video) Vocals (lead)
2005 Epic and Other Hits (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2006 You Fat B**tards (Live at Brixton Academy, London) / Who Cares a Lot (The Greatest Videos) (Video) Vocals
2008 Angel Dust / The Real Thing (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2008 The Works - A 3 CD Retrospective (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2009 The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2010 Midlife Crisis - The Very Best Of (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2014 Motherfucker (Single) Vocals
2015 Superhero (Single) Vocals
2015 Sol Invictus Vocals
(show all)


Vocals, Noises (1998-present)

1999 Fantômas Vocals, Noises
2001 An Experiment in Terror (Single) Vocals, Noises
2001 The Director's Cut Vocals, Noises
2004 Delìrium Còrdia Samples, Noises, Vocals
2005 Suspended Animation Vocals, Noises
2008 Kentish Town Forum - London 1st May 2006 (Collaboration) Vocals, Effects
2011 The Director's Cut Live: A New Year's Revolution (Video) Vocals, Noises
2013 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 10 (Split) Vocals, Noises



Mike Patton

Vocals (1996-present)

Mike Patton's Mondo Cane

Vocals (2007-present)

Mr. Bungle

Vocals, Keyboards (1985-2004, 2019-present)

1986 The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny (Demo) Trainwhistle, Wolfwhistling, Vocals, Bass (track 4), Bongos
1987 Bowel of Chiley (Demo) Vocals
1987 Rancid Decay / Mr. Bungle (Split) Vocals, Keyboards
1988 Goddammit I Love America!! (Demo) Vocals
1989 Rehearsal (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards
1989 OU818 (Demo) Vocals
1991 Mr. Bungle Vocals, Keyboards (as "Vlad Drac")
1994 Disco Volante Demos (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards
1995 Disco volante Vocals, Keyboards (as "Patton")
1999 California Vocals, Keyboards
2013 The Studio Album Collection (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards
2020 USA (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
2020 The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo Vocals
2021 The Night They Came Home (Live album) Vocals, Keyboards
2021 Disco Volante Era Improv at The Bomb Factory (Demo) Unknown
(show all)

Peeping Tom

Unknown (2000-present)


Vocals (2014-present)


Vocals, Keyboards (2000-present)


Vocals, Electronics (2003)

House of Discipline







Vocals (2002)

2002 Millennium Monsterwork 2000 (Collaboration) Vocals, Samples, Electronics

Moonchild Trio






Patton & Rahzel


Weird Little Boy

Drums, Vocals

Naked City

Vocals (1991, 2003)

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Vocals (2002, 2017)


2000 The Crybaby Vocals, Sampler, Guitars, Percussion (track 4)
2001 Colossus of Destiny (Live album) Vocals


1996 Roots Vocals (track 8)
1996 Attitude (EP) Vocals (additional) (track 3)
1997 B-Sides (Compilation) Vocals (additional) (track 4)
1997 Blood-Rooted (Compilation) Vocals (additional) (track 7)
1999 Against (Single) Vocals (track 2)
1999 Tribus (EP) Vocals (track 1)

Dead Cross

2017 Dead Cross Recording
2022 II Recording (vocals)

Faith No More

2015 Sol Invictus Recording (vocals)


1999 Fantômas Producer
2001 The Director's Cut Artwork, Producer
2004 Delìrium Còrdia Layout, Design, Producer
2005 Suspended Animation Producer, Layout
2014 Wunderkammer (Boxed set) Design


2004 Oceanic Remixes / Reinterpretations (Compilation) Remixing
2004 Oceanic Remixes Volume III (EP) Remixing


2000 The Crybaby Recording (track 4)

Mr. Bungle

1999 California Artwork concept


1999 Against (Single) Lyrics (track 2)
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