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Mikael Stanne

Mikael Stanne

Real/full name:
Bengt Mikael Stanne
49 (born May 20th, 1974)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Gothenburg, Västra Götaland)


In 1989, Stanne, along with Niklas Sundin, formed Dark Tranquillity, initially under the name Septic Broiler. He played guitar on Dark Tranquillity's first album Skydancer, as well as on their early demos. In 1993, Stanne did vocals for In Flames on the Lunar Strain album. In 1994, Anders Fridén, Dark Tranquillity's original vocalist, left the band to join In Flames. Stanne then became the new ...


He designed the logo for the band Ceremonial Oath.

Dark Tranquillity

Guitars (rhythm) (1991-1993), Vocals (1993-present)

1991 Trail of Life Decayed (Demo) Guitars
1992 A Moonclad Reflection (EP) Guitars, Vocals (backing), Lyrics
1992 Promotape 1992 (Compilation) Guitars
1993 Tranquillity (Compilation) Guitars
1993 Skydancer Vocals (backing), Guitars
1994 Promo '94 (Demo) Vocals
1995 Of Chaos and Eternal Night (EP) Vocals
1995 The Gallery Vocals
1996 Enter Suicidal Angels (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
1997 Zodijackyl Light (Video) Vocals
1997 The Mind's I Vocals
1999 The Official Demo Series Vol. 1 (Split) Vocals (backing), Guitars
1999 Projector Lyrics, Songwriting (track 8), Vocals
2000 Haven Vocals, Lyrics
2002 Damage Done Vocals, Lyrics
2003 Live Damage (Video) Vocals
2004 Lost to Apathy (EP) Vocals
2005 Character Vocals, Lyrics
2007 Eastpak Antidote Tour (Split) Vocals
2007 In Requiem / Fiction (Split) Vocals
2007 Focus Shift (Single) Vocals
2007 Fiction Lyrics (tracks 1-5, 7-10), Vocals
2009 Yesterworlds (Compilation) Vocals
2009 Where Death Is Most Alive (Live album) Vocals
2010 We Are the Void Vocals, Lyrics
2012 Zero Distance (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
2013 Construct Vocals, Lyrics
2013 Sorrow's Architect (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2014 A Memory Construct (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2016 The Pitiless (Single) Vocals
2016 Atoma (Single) Vocals
2016 Forward Momentum (Single) Vocals
2016 Atoma Vocals, Lyrics
2017 The Absolute (Single) Vocals
2020 Moment Vocals, Lyrics
(show all)

Grand Cadaver

Vocals (2020-present)

2020 Fields of the Undying (Single) Vocals
2020 Blood-Filled Skies (Single) Vocals
2021 Madness Comes (EP) Vocals
2021 Reign Through Fire (Single) Vocals
2021 Grim Eternal (Single) Vocals
2021 Empire of Lies (Single) Vocals
2021 Into the Maw of Death Vocals
2023 Serrated Jaws (Single) Vocals
2023 The Wishful Dead (Single) Vocals
2023 Vortex of Blood (Single) Vocals
2023 A Crawling Feast of Decay (Single) Vocals
2023 Deities of Deathlike Sleep Vocals
(show all)

The Halo Effect

Vocals (2019-present)

2021 Shadowminds (Single) Vocals
2022 Feel What I Believe (Single) Vocals
2022 Days of the Lost (Single) Vocals
2022 The Needless End (Single) Vocals
2022 Days of the Lost Vocals
2022 Shadowminds (Ihsahn Remix) (Single) Vocals
2023 Path of Fierce Resistance (Single) Vocals


Vocals (1993-1996)

Septic Broiler

Guitars (rhythm) (1989-1991)

1990 Enfeebled Earth (Demo) Guitars (rhythm)
1990 Rehearsal December 1990 (Demo) Guitars (rhythm)

In Flames

Vocals (1994)


2009 The Reckoning Vocals (additional) (tracks 4, 10)

Buried Dreams

2002 Necrosphere Vocals (track 7)


2019 The Monster in Me Vocals (track 1)

Ceremonial Oath

1993 The Book of Truth Vocals (additional) (track 3)


1996 Rape of the Century (EP) Vocals


2012 Gates of Dalhalla (Video) Vocals (tracks 15, 26)


2012 Red Dragon Vocals (track 6)


2021 Front: Toward Enemy Vocals (track 9)

Icon in Me

2013 Black Water (EP) Vocals (track 1)

In Flames

1993 Demo '93 (Demo) Vocals
1994 Lunar Strain Vocals
2000 Subterranean (EP) Vocals (tracks 8-10)
2000 Subterranean (EP) Vocals (tracks 8-10)


2011 Weather the Storm (Single) Vocals (track 1)
2011 One for Sorrow Vocals (track 11)
2012 One for Sorrow Vocals (track 11)

Melted Space

2015 The Great Lie Vocals [as Loki] (tracks 3, 6, 8, 10, 11)
2018 Darkening Light Vocals [as Lie]


2005 Descent into Chaos Vocals (clean) (track 5)
2010 Vengeance Descending (Compilation) Vocals (clean) (disc 2, tracks 5, 14)


2018 In Praise of Death (EP) Vocals (track 2)
2020 Like the Fearless Hunter Vocals (additional) (track 7)


2019 Disillusioned Fire Vocals (track 4)


2011 Inner Monster Out Vocals (track 5)

Solution .45

2010 For Aeons Past Vocals (tracks 6, 8)

The Moor

2018 Jupiter's Immigrants Vocals (additional) (track 2)

Ceremonial Oath

1992 The Lost Name of God (Demo) Logo
1992 Lost Name of God (EP) Logo
1993 The Book of Truth Logo

In Flames

1993 Demo '93 (Demo) Logo, Lyrics
1994 Lunar Strain Lyrics

Solution .45

2010 For Aeons Past Lyrics (tracks 1-4, 6-10)

The Few Against Many

2009 Sot Lyrics (track 8)
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