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Mikael Åkerfeldt

Mikael Åkerfeldt

Real/full name:
Lars Mikael Åkerfeldt
48 (born Apr 17th, 1974)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Stockholm)


A native of Stockholm, Mikael Åkerfeldt was the vocalist for Eruption, a death metal band which he formed in 1988. After Eruption came to an end in 1990, he joined Opeth, ostensibly as a bassist. When vocalist David Isberg insisted Åkerfeldt join the band, all other members left. Isberg assumed guitar duties, and when he left Opeth two years later, Åkerfeldt replaced him as the vocalist.


In an interview, he stated that he once played soccer in Sörskogen's team.

Appears on the Roadrunner Records project: Roadrunner United performing vocals on the track "Roads".


Guitars (1990-present), Vocals (lead) (1992-present)

1995 Orchid Guitars, Vocals (lead), Lyrics, Songwriting (tracks 1, 2, 4-7)
1996 Morningrise Songwriting, Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars
1998 My Arms, Your Hearse Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Lyrics, Songwriting
1999 Still Life Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
2001 Blackwater Park Lyrics, Vocals (lead), Songwriting, Guitars
2002 Deliverance Vocals (lead), Songwriting, Guitars, Lyrics
2003 Still Day Beneath the Sun (Single) Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
2003 Damnation Lyrics (tracks 1, 2, 4-6, 8), Guitars, Songwriting, Vocals (lead)
2003 Lamentations - Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire (Video) Guitars, Vocals
2005 Ghost Reveries Guitars, Vocals, Mellotron (additional), Lyrics, Songwriting
2006 Lamentations - Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2007 The Roundhouse Tapes (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2008 Porcelain Heart (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2008 Watershed Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
2008 Burden (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2010 God of War: Blood & Metal (Split) Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
2010 In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (Video) Guitars, Vocals
2011 The Throat of Winter (Single) Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
2011 The Devil's Orchard (Single) Guitars, Vocals, Bass
2011 The Devil's Orchard - Live at Rock Hard Festival 2009 (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2011 Heritage Guitars, Vocals, Mellotron, Piano, Effects, Lyrics, Songwriting
2011 Slither (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2014 Pale Communion Lyrics, Vocals (lead), Songwriting, Guitars
2015 Deliverance & Damnation (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
2016 Sorceress (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2016 Will o the Wisp (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2016 The Wilde Flowers (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2016 Sorceress Vocals (lead), Songwriting, Guitars, Lyrics
2017 Live in Plovdiv (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2018 Ghost of Perdition (live) (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2018 Garden of the Titans: Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Video) Vocals, Guitars
2019 Svekets Prins (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2019 Cirkelns riktning (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2019 In Cauda Venenum Songwriting, Guitars, Lyrics, Vocals (lead)
(show all)

Storm Corrosion

Guitars, Vocals (2010-present)

2012 Storm Corrosion Guitars, Vocals


Vocals (lead) (1998-2003, 2005, 2008-2012)

2000 Breeding Death (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
2002 Resurrection Through Carnage Vocals (lead)
2008 Unblessing the Purity (EP) Vocals
2008 The Wacken Carnage (Live album) Vocals
2008 The Fathomless Mastery Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 4, 7, 9)
2011 Bloodbath over Bloodstock (Video) Vocals


Vocals, Guitars (1987-1990)


Vocals, Guitars


Guitars (1996-1997)

1996 Demo # 1 (Demo) Guitars
1998 Heavy Metal Machine (Single) Guitars


Guitars (1993-1994, 1997)


2004 Day Eleven: Love (Single) Vocals (tracks 1, 2)
2004 The Human Equation Vocals [as Fear]


2007 20 Year Anniversary Party (Video) Vocals (track 7)

Devin Townsend Project

2011 Deconstruction Vocals (track 2)

Dream Theater

2007 Systematic Chaos Spoken words (track 5)
2009 Progressive Nation 2008 (Live album) Vocals

Edge of Sanity

1996 Crimson Guitars (lead), Vocals (additional)
2003 Crimson I & II (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars (lead) (I) (as "Mike Åkerfeldt")


2018 Prequelle Guitars (nylon acoustic) (track 9)


2002 Deus Diabolus Inversus Vocals (track 12)


2008 angL Vocals (lead) (track 3)


1996 Brave Murder Day Vocals (harsh)
1997 Sounds of Decay (EP) Vocals (growls)
1998 Discouraged Ones Vocals (backing)


2009 Blood Vocals (track 8)


2001 A Predator's Portrait Vocals (track 10)


2016 Autopsy: The Years 1985-2014 in Pictures (Video) Interviewee (DVD1)

Edge of Sanity

1997 Infernal Lyrics (track 6)


1992 Welcome to Abaddon (Demo) Logo


1998 Discouraged Ones Producer (vocals)
1999 Tonight's Decision Producer (vocals)


1999 Still Life Mixing (DVD)
2002 Deliverance Producer
2007 The Roundhouse Tapes (Live album) Art direction, Mixing, Editing
2008 Watershed Producer, Artwork
2008 Burden (Single) Producer
2010 God of War: Blood & Metal (Split) Producer, Mixing
2010 In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (Video) Editing
2011 The Throat of Winter (Single) Producer, Mixing, Art direction
2011 The Devil's Orchard - Live at Rock Hard Festival 2009 (Live album) Recording (track 1), Mixing (track 1), Liner notes
2011 Heritage Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2014 Pale Communion Producer, Engineering (vocals), Art direction
2015 Deliverance & Damnation (Compilation) Liner notes
2016 Sorceress Producer
2018 Ghost of Perdition (live) (Single) Producer
2019 Cirkelns riktning (Single) Producer
2019 In Cauda Venenum Producer
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