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Mieszko Talarczyk

Mieszko Talarczyk

Real/full name:
Mieszko Andrzej Talarczyk
30 (born Dec 23rd, 1974)
Dec 26th, 2004
Died of:
Indian Ocean tsunami
Place of birth:


Mieszko Talarczyk was confirmed deceased when the body was identified on February 17th, 2005. He was killed in the Tsunami disaster in Thailand. Anders Jakobson officially announced that Nasum will no longer continue, as of May 26th, 2005.

Mieszko also had his own studio, Soundlab, where various metal bands (such as Insision and Coercion) recorded albums as well as him being somewhat of a cult ...


Vocals (1994-1995)

1994 Promo 1994 (Demo) Vocals
2012 Dark Domains (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 9, 10)


As Andrzei Mangelskij, Talar Mijeskovic:
Guitar, Bass (1997)

Charles Hårfager

Guitars, Vocals (backing) (1995-1996)

Genocide Superstars

Guitars, Vocals (1994-2004)


Vocals, Guitars

1991 The Crowning Work of Creation (Demo) Guitars, Vocals


Vocals, Bass (1997-2001)


Guitars (1993-2004), Bass (1994-1999), Vocals (1996-2004)

1993 Who Shares the Guilt? / Blind World (Split) Guitars
1994 Grindwork (Split) Bass, Vocals, Guitars
1994 Domedagen (Demo) Bass, Vocals, Guitars
1995 Industrislaven (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
1996 Fuego y Azufre! / Smile When You're Dead (Split) Guitars, Bass
1997 World in Turmoil (EP) Guitars, Vocals
1998 Regressive Hostility (Split) Guitars, Bass, Vocals
1998 Religion Is War / The Black Illusions (Split) Guitars, Vocals
1998 Inhale / Exhale Vocals (screams), Guitars, Bass
1998 Cover (EP) Vocals (screams), Guitars, Bass
1999 The Nasum / Warhate Campaign (Split) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (screams)
2000 Human 2.0 Guitars, Vocals (screams)
2000 Untitled / Dogma II: Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [24-31] (Split) Bass, Vocals (screams), Guitars
2002 Skitsystem / Nasum (Split) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (screams)
2003 Helvete Guitars, Vocals (screams)
2004 Shift Guitars, Vocals (as "Mieszko A Talarczyk")
2006 Grind Finale (Compilation) Guitars (tracks 57 (disc 2)-62 (disc 2)), Bass (tracks 17 (disc 1)-66 (disc 1), 18 (disc 2)-48 (disc 2)), Vocals (tracks 67 (disc 1)-62 (disc 2)), Vocals (backing) (tracks 48 (disc 1)-66 (disc 1))
2008 Doombringer (Live album) Vocals (screams), Guitars
2009 Live in Japan - Grind Kaijyu Attack! (Split) Bass, Vocals (screams), Guitars
2021 Live in Berlin 2004 (Live album) Bass, Vocals, Guitars
2021 Songs of Regressive Hostility (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2022 Live November​/​December 2000 (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
(show all)



1992 Fall (Demo) Guitars

Napalm Death

Vocals (2000)

Abaddon Incarnate

2001 Nadir Vocals (track 14)


2004 True Nature Unfolds Guitars (track 6)


2005 Doomsday Comfort Vocals (screams) (track 11)


2000 Slaughtercult Guitars (lead) (track 7)


2001 Lights Out Bass (track 11), Vocals (backing) (track 4)


1999 Promo 1999 (Demo) Vocals (additional)
2000 Carnivorous Erection Vocals (additional)

Rotten Sound

2002 Murderworks Guitars (lead) (track 10), Vocals (additional) (track 14)

Abaddon Incarnate

2001 Nadir Producer, Engineering
2004 Dark Crusade Mastering, Producer, Engineering (as "Mieszko A. Talarczyk")


2004 Helveteshymner Producer


1997 Salvation by Bloodshed (Demo) Producer


2004 True Nature Unfolds Engineering, Mixing, Producer


2001 Retribute Mastering
2001 Retribution Mastering

Chain of Hate

2003 Demo 2003 (Demo) Producer


2002 Inverted Icons (Demo) Mixing, Engineering


1998 Delete Engineering, Mixing


1999 Life Is My Enemy Mixing, Producer, Recording
2000 The Way of Life (Single) Engineering
2000 The Carnival Producer, Recording, Mixing


2005 Doomsday Comfort Recording, Mixing


1999 Immolation of the Soul (Demo) Engineering (as "Mieszko")


2000 Slaughtercult Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Expose Your Hate

2005 Hatecult Mastering


2004 9th Order Extinct Recording, Mixing (as "Mieszko Talarzcyk")

Jigsore Terror

2004 World End Carnage Engineering, Mixing


2003 Hatred Shaped Man Producer, Mixing


1998 Regressive Hostility (Split) Mixing (as "Mieszko")
1998 Inhale / Exhale Engineering, Mixing, Editing, Pre-Mastering
2000 Human 2.0 Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2000 Untitled / Dogma II: Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [24-31] (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Skitsystem / Nasum (Split) Mixing, Recording
2003 Helvete Mixing, Recording (as "Mieszko A. Talarczyk")
2004 Shift Recording, Mixing
2021 Songs of Regressive Hostility (EP) Recording


1998 Kissed by the Misanthrope Engineering, Producer
1999 A Split CD (Split) Engineering (tracks 5, 7)
2001 Lights Out Engineering, Co-producer


2002 Ecce Lex Mixing, Recording

October Tide

1995 Promo Tape (Demo) Recording


2003 Murder Death Kill Recording, Mixing, Producer
2004 No Divine Rapture Producer, Mixing
2009 Basic Instructions for Dying (Compilation) Mixing (track 6)


1994 Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood Mastering
1999 Effortless Regurgitation... The Torture Sessions (Compilation) Remastering
2000 Carnivorous Erection Recording, Mixing
2002 Hatefilled Vengeance (EP) Mixing (as "Mieszko")
2003 Corruptured / Noisear (Split) Recording


2005 Congregating the Sick Producer, Recording, Mixing
2012 Kult of the Pneumatic Killrod (And a Collection of Ribs) (Compilation) Recording, Mixing (disc 2, tracks 9-17)

Rotten Sound

2002 Murderworks Production, Engineering, Mixing, Editing
2005 Exit Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2003 Operation Massacre (Demo) Engineering, Mixing
2003 Visions of Deterioration Demo (Demo) Engineering, Mixing
2003 Visions of Deterioration Engineering, Mixing

The Project Hate MCMXCIX

2001 When We Are Done, Your Flesh Will Be Ours Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Mr. Mieszko A. Talarczyk")
2003 Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Mieszko A. Talarczyk")
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