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Micke Doomfanger

Micke Doomfanger

Real/full name:
Mikael Pettersson
Place of birth:

Funeral Curse

As Doomanfanger:
Guitars, Bass

2009 Witchcraft and Hellfire (Demo) Bass, Guitars

Zyclone System


Bestial Mockery

Guitars (1995-2012)

1996 Battle Promo (Demo) Guitars
1997 Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw (Demo) Guitars, Bass
1998 Chainsaw Demons Return (Demo) Guitars
1999 Live for Violence (Split) Guitars
2000 Nuclear Goat / Joyful Dying (Split) Guitars
2000 War: The Final Solution (Demo) Guitars, Bass
2002 Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw Guitars
2002 A Sign of Satanic Victory (EP) Guitars (as "Doomfanger")
2003 Evoke the Desecrator Guitars
2004 Tribute to I-17 (Split) Guitars (as "Doomfanger")
2005 Eve of the Bestial Massacre (Split) Guitars
2006 Gospel of the Insane Guitars (rhythm) (as "Doomanfanger")
2007 Bestial Satanic Sacrifice (Split) Bass, Guitars
2007 Metal of Death (Split) Guitars (as "Doomanfanger")
2007 Sepulchral Wrath (Demo) Guitars (as "Doomanfanger")
2007 Slaying the Life Guitars, Bass (as "Doomfanger")
2008 In the Sign of Sodom - Sodomaniac Tribute (Split) Guitars (as "Doomfanger")
2008 Hail Occult Masters (Split) Guitars
2008 Deep Grave Dungeons (Split) Guitars (as "Doomanfanger")
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As Micke P.:
Vocals (1999-2004)

2001 Oppressed for Years (Demo) Vocals
2002 Demo 2002 (Demo) Vocals
2003 Concert in Sickness (Demo) Vocals




As Micke P.:

2006 All You Ever Feared (Demo) Vocals

Lord Belial

As Micke P:

2007 Revelation (The 7th Seal) Vocals (track 7)
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