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Michel Langevin

Michel Langevin

Real/full name:
Michel Langevin
60 (born May 30th, 1963)
Place of birth:
Canada (Montreal, Quebec)


Designed all of Voivod's logos and a lot of their artwork.

Was also recruited by Dave Grohl for his Probot project to design the logo and artwork for that album in an attempt to hark back to the 'glory days' that Grohl was trying to recreate.

Also designed the logo for Atom H. Records.

Has collaborated with the rapper Necro on his album The Prefix for Death.

Features on the latest ...




As Away:
Drums (1981, 1982-present)

1983 Anachronism (Demo) Drums
1984 To the Death!... (Demo) Drums
1984 War and Pain Drums
1984 Morgöth Invasion (Demo) Drums
1986 Rrröööaaarrr Rough Mix (Demo) Drums
1986 Zeche Bochum (Demo) Drums
1986 Thrashing Rage (EP) Drums
1986 Rrröööaaarrr Drums
1986 No Speed Limit Weekend (Demo) Drums
1987 Dimension Hatröss Demos (Demo) Drums
1987 Cockroaches (Single) Drums
1987 Killing Technology Drums
1987 Spectrum (Demo) Drums
1987 Live à Bruxelles (Demo) Drums
1988 The Sounds Machine EP 2 (Split) Drums
1988 Dimension Hatröss Drums
1988 Nothingface Demos (Demo) Drums
1988 A Flawless Structure? (Demo) Drums
1989 Into My Hypercube (Single) Drums
1989 Astronomy Domine (Single) Drums
1989 From the Forthcoming Album Nothingface (Single) Drums
1989 Nothingface Drums
1990 Live at the Paradise (Demo) Drums
1991 Angel Rat Demos (Demo) Drums
1991 Angel Rat Sampler (EP) Drums
1991 Angel Rat Drums
1992 The Best of Voivod (Compilation) Drums
1993 The Lost Machine / Jack Luminous (Single) Effects, Drums, Keyboards
1993 Fix My Heart (Single) Drums
1993 The Outer Limits Keyboards, Effects, Drums
1994 The Nile Song / Tribal Convictions (Single) Drums
1995 Negatron Drums, Percussion
1996 Nanoman (Single) Drums, Percussion
1997 Phobos Drums, Electronics, Accordion
1998 Kronik (Compilation) Drums
1999 Klubben Stockholm (Demo) Drums
2000 Live @ Musiqueplus (EP) Drums
2000 Voivod Lives (Live album) Drums, Percussion
2001 2001 Album Demo (Demo) Drums
2002 Gasmask Revival (Single) Drums
2003 We Carry On (Single) Drums
2003 Voivod Drums
2004 Katorz Demos (Demo) Drums, Interludes
2005 D-V-O-D-1 (Video) Drums
2006 Katorz Drums, Interludes
2009 Infini Drums
2009 Tatsumaki: Voivod in Japan 2008 (Video) Drums
2011 Warriors of Ice (Live album) Drums
2012 Live at Roadburn 2011 (Live album) Drums
2012 Mechanical Mind (Single) Drums
2013 Target Earth Drums, Interludes
2013 Kluskap O'Kom (Single) Drums
2015 We Are Connected / Language of the Dead (Split) Drums
2015 Forever Mountain / Phonetics for the Stupefied (Split) Drums
2016 Post Society (EP) Drums
2016 Fall / Gospel of the Horns (Split) Drums
2017 Build Your Weapons: The Very Best of Noise Years 1986-1988 (Compilation) Drums
2017 Silver Machine (EP) Drums
2018 Obsolete Beings (Single) Drums
2018 Always Moving (Single) Drums
2018 Iconspiracy (Single) Drums
2018 The Wake Drums
2020 The End of Dormancy (EP) Drums
2020 Lost Machine - Live (Live album) Drums
2021 Planet Eaters (Single) Drums
2022 Paranormalium (Single) Drums
2022 Synchro Anarchy Drums
2022 Alveol an Angel Rat Demo (Demo) Drums
2022 Ultraman (EP) Drums
2023 Periscope (Demo) Drums
2023 Morgöth Tales Drums
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Les Ékorchés


2007 Les Ékorchés Drums
2009 IV démons Drums

Men Without Hats

Drums (1991)



Tau Cross

As Michel (Away) Langevin:
Drums (2013-2019)

2015 Tau Cross Drums
2017 Pillar of Fire Drums

End Reign

2023 The Way of All Flesh Is Decay Artwork (Inside) (as "Michel "Away" Langevin")

Les Ékorchés

2009 IV démons Artwork


2004 Probot Cover art (as "Away")


1987 Misanthropy (EP) Logo

The Black Hand

2002 War Monger Artwork

Toxic Holocaust

2010 Toxic Holocaust / Inepsy (Split) Cover art (die hard version) (as "Away")


1983 Anachronism (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
1984 To the Death!... (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
1984 War and Pain Cover art (as "Away")
1984 Morgöth Invasion (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
1986 Rrröööaaarrr Rough Mix (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
1986 Thrashing Rage (EP) Artwork (as "Away")
1986 Rrröööaaarrr Cover art, Concept (as "Away")
1986 No Speed Limit Weekend (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
1987 Cockroaches (Single) Artwork (as "Away")
1987 Killing Technology Concept, Cover art (as "Away")
1987 Spectrum (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
1987 Live à Bruxelles (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
1988 Dimension Hatröss Cover art, Concept (as "Away")
1988 A Flawless Structure? (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
1989 From the Forthcoming Album Nothingface (Single) Artwork (as "Away")
1989 Nothingface Artwork, Concept (as "Away")
1991 Angel Rat Sampler (EP) Artwork
1991 Angel Rat Artwork, Concept
1992 The Best of Voivod (Compilation) Artwork (as "Away")
1993 The Outer Limits Artwork
1995 Negatron Artwork, Lyrics (tracks 1-9)
1996 Nanoman (Single) Artwork
1997 Phobos Artwork
2000 Voivod Lives (Live album) Artwork
2002 Gasmask Revival (Single) Artwork (as "Away")
2003 We Carry On (Single) Artwork (as "Away")
2003 Voivod Artwork (as "Away")
2004 Katorz Demos (Demo) Artwork (as "Away")
2005 D-V-O-D-1 (Video) Artwork
2006 Katorz Artwork (as "Away")
2009 Infini Artwork (as "Away")
2012 Mechanical Mind (Single) Producer, Artwork (as "Away")
2013 Target Earth Producer, Artwork (as "Away")
2013 Kluskap O'Kom (Single) Producer, Artwork (as "Away")
2015 We Are Connected / Language of the Dead (Split) Artwork (as "Away")
2016 Post Society (EP) Cover art (as "Away")
2016 Fall / Gospel of the Horns (Split) Artwork (as "Michel "Away" Langevin")
2017 Silver Machine (EP) Artwork (as "Away")
2018 The Wake Artwork (as "Away")
2020 Lost Machine - Live (Live album) Artwork (as "Away")
2021 Planet Eaters (Single) Artwork (as "Away")
2022 Synchro Anarchy Artwork (as "Away")
2022 Ultraman (EP) Artwork
2023 Morgöth Tales Artwork (as "Away")
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2010 Evil Metal (Compilation) Liner notes (as "Away")

Yog Sothots

1987 Demo 1987 (Demo) Logo, Artwork
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