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Michael Weikath

Michael Weikath

Real/full name:
Michael Ingo Joachim Weikath
57 (born Aug 7th, 1962)
Place of origin:
Germany (Hamburg)


Weikath was born in Hamburg, Germany, and currently resides in Tenerife, Spain, where are also located Andi Deris' Mi Sueño studios. He is one of the Helloween founding members, and along with Markus Grosskopf he is the only original member still active in the band. Weikath has always been the only Helloween member not to ever had any kind of side-project.


In a 1998 interview with the Chaotic Critiques fanzine, Weikath stated that he (and the whole then-line-up apart from drummer Uli Kusch) is Catholic.


Guitars (1983-present)

1984 Death Metal Demo (Demo) Guitars
1984 Death Metal (Split) Guitars
1985 Helloween (EP) Guitars
1985 Metal Attack Vol. 1 (Split) Guitars
1985 Walls of Jericho Guitars
1986 Judas (Single) Guitars
1987 Halloween (Single) Guitars
1987 Future World (Single) Guitars
1987 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
1988 Dr. Stein (Single) Guitars
1988 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
1988 I Want Out (Single) Guitars
1989 I Want Out Live (Live album) Guitars
1989 I Want Out Live (Single) Guitars
1989 MTV Headbangers Ball (Split) Guitars
1989 Live in the U.K. (Live album) Guitars
1989 Keepers Live (Live album) Guitars
1989 Pumpkin Tracks (Compilation) Guitars
1991 Kids of the Century (Single) Guitars
1991 Pink Bubbles Go Ape Guitars
1991 The Best • The Rest • The Rare (Compilation) Guitars
1992 Number One (Single) Guitars
1993 Windmill (Single) Guitars, Speech on track 3
1993 Keeper of the Seven Keys Parts 1 & 2 (Compilation) Guitars
1993 When the Sinner (Single) Guitars
1993 Chameleon Vocals (backing) (track 4), Guitars
1993 Step Out of Hell (Single) Guitars
1993 I Don't Wanna Cry No More (Single) Guitars
1994 The Pumpkin Video (Video) Guitars
1994 Master of the Rings Guitars
1994 Mr. Ego (Take Me Down) (Single) Guitars
1994 Where the Rain Grows (Single) Guitars
1994 Perfect Gentleman (Single) Guitars
1995 Sole Survivor (Single) Guitars
1996 Power (Single) Guitars
1996 The Time of the Oath Guitars
1996 The Time of the Oath (Single) Guitars
1996 Forever and One (Neverland) (Single) Guitars
1996 High Live (Live album) Vocals (backing), Guitars
1998 I Can (Single) Guitars
1998 Better than Raw Guitars
1998 Hey Lord! (Single) Guitars
1998 Pumpkin Box (Compilation) Guitars
1999 Lay All Your Love on Me (Single) Guitars
1999 Metal Jukebox Guitars
2000 The Pumpkin Video (Video) Guitars
2000 If I Could Fly (Single) Guitars
2000 Mr. Torture (Single) Guitars
2000 The Dark Ride Guitars
2002 Treasure Chest (Compilation) Guitars
2003 Just a Little Sign (Single) Guitars
2003 Rabbit Don't Come Easy Guitars
2005 The Dark Ride / Rabbit Don't Come Easy (Compilation) Guitars
2005 Hellish Videos (Video) Guitars
2005 Mrs. God (Single) Guitars
2005 Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy Guitars
2006 Light the Universe (Single) Guitars
2007 As Long as I Fall (Single) Guitars
2007 Live in Sao Paulo (Live album) Guitars
2007 Live on 3 Continents (Video) Guitars
2007 Gambling with the Devil Guitars
2009 Unarmed Guitars
2010 Dr. Stein (Single) Guitars
2010 Are You Metal? (Single) Guitars
2010 7 Sinners Guitars
2011 The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner / Bring Them to Light (Split) Guitars
2012 Burning Sun (Single) Guitars
2012 Nabataea (Single) Guitars
2013 Straight Out of Hell Guitars
2015 Battle's Won (Single) Guitars
2015 My God-Given Right Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 2, 9), Lyrics (tracks 2, 9)
2016 Ride the Sky - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1985-1998 (Compilation) Guitars
2017 Pumpkins United (Single) Guitars
2019 Halloween - Live (Single) Guitars
2019 United Alive in Madrid (Live album) Guitars
2019 United Alive (Video) Guitars
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Guitars (1978-1983)


2006 The Legend and the Truth Guitars (tracks 3, 14)

Hansen & Friends

2016 XXX - Three Decades in Metal Guitars (lead) (track 6)


1998 The Final Command Guitars (lead) (Track 7)


2003 Ritualive (Video) Guitars (track 12)


1985 Walls of Jericho Cover concept
1988 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II Cover concept
1993 Chameleon Logo
1999 Metal Jukebox Producer
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