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Michael Wagener

Michael Wagener

Real/full name:
Michael Wagener
74 (born Apr 25th, 1949)
Place of birth:
Germany (Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia)


Before becoming a well-known record producer, engineer, mixer, remixer, and mastering engineer, Hamburg's Michael Wagener played guitar in an early version of Accept under the name Band X.

In 1962 at thirteen years old he bought his first guitar. Eventually he started a band with vocalist Udo Dirkschneider, which over time morphed into Accept. In 1972, he was introduced to the world of ...

Band X

Guitars (1968-1970)


As Die "Kette":

1982 Volksmusik Vocals (choirs)


2013 To Beast or Not to Beast Vocals (backing)


1995 Life Until Deaf Vocals (backing)


1983 All for One Vocals (backing)

Skid Row

1989 Piece of Me (Single) Keyboards


1981 Starlight (Single) Mixing, Engineering
1981 Burning (Single) Engineering, Mixing
1981 Breaker Recording, Mixing (as "Michael "Overload" Wagener")
1981 Breaker (Single) Engineering, Mixing
1982 Restless and Wild Engineering, Mixing
1982 Restless and Wild (Single) Engineering, Mixing
1982 Fast as a Shark (Single) Engineering, Mixing
1983 Balls to the Wall (Single) Mixing
1983 Demon's Night (Boxed set) Engineering, Mixing
1983 Best Of (Compilation) Recording, Engineering, Mixing (as "Michael "Overlord" Wagener")
1983 Restless and Wild / Fast as a Shark (Single) Engineering, Mixing
1983 Balls to the Wall Mixing
1984 Love Child (Single) Mixing
1984 Heavy Metal Killers (Split) Mixing (tracks A1 & B1), Recording (tracks A1 & B1)
1986 Russian Roulette Recording
1986 T.V. War (Single) Engineering
1991 Best Of (Compilation) Engineering
1994 Restless: The Best (Compilation) Mixing (tracks 1, 4-5, 10-11 & 13-18), Engineering (tracks 1, 4-5, 10-11 & 13-18)
1996 Predator Mixing, Producer, Recording
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Akira Takasaki

1996 Mixing


1987 Fire Works Producer, Recording, Mixing
1989 Point Blank Producer, Recording, Mixing


1982 Volksmusik Recording, Mixing (as "Michael "Kette" Wagener")

Dark Avenger

2013 Tales of Avalon: The Lament Mixing, Mastering


1980 Back in the Streets (Demo) Recording, Producer, Engineering
1981 I Can See You / Breakin' the Chains (Single) Producer, Engineering
1981 Young Girls / Paris (Single) Producer, Engineering
1981 Breakin' the Chains Producer, Engineering
1982 We're Illegal / Paris (Single) Engineering, Producer
1983 Breaking the Chains / Felony (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1983 Breaking the Chains / Paris Is Burning (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1983 Breaking the Chains Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1984 Just Got Lucky / Don't Close Your Eyes (Single) Mixing
1984 Into the Fire (Single) Mixing
1984 Alone Again / Tooth and Nail (Single) Mixing
1984 Alone Again / Just Got Lucky (EP) Mixing
1984 Tooth and Nail Mixing
1984 Bullets to Spare (Single) Mixing
1985 Lightning Strikes Again (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1985 The Hunter (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1985 It's Not Love (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1985 Under Lock and Key Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1986 In My Dreams (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1987 Dream Warriors (EP) Producer, Mixing, Recording (tracks 2, 3), Remixing (track 1)
1988 Beast from the East (Live album) Mixing
1994 Dokken Producer, Engineering
1995 Too High to Fly (Single) Producer, Engineering
1995 Dysfunctional Engineering, Producer, Mixing (tracks 5, 8, 9, 10)
1999 The Very Best of Dokken (Compilation) Producer
2002 Long Way Home Mixing
2009 Original Album Series (Boxed set) Producer
2010 Greatest Hits Mixing (tracks 7, 8)
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Faithful Breath

1984 Gold 'n' Glory Mixing, Songwriting (track B1), Producer (as "Michael "Mastermix" Wagener")

Fatal Smile

2008 World Domination Mixing
2014 White Trash Heroes Producer, Mixing


2000 Renegade (Single) Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing (track 1)
2000 Renegade Producer
2001 Always Will Be (Single) Producer
2002 Hearts on Fire (Video) Engineering (tracks 3- 5), Producer (tracks 3-5)
2007 Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years of Glory (Compilation) Engineering, Recording, Mixing, Producer (CD1 tracks 11-14)
2009 Any Means Necessary (EP) Producer (Track 5)

Hans Naughty

1987 Paint the Town Red Producer (track 7)


1984 Hazzard Mixing


1993 Windmill (Single) Mixing
1993 When the Sinner (Single) Mixing
1993 Chameleon Mixing
1993 I Don't Wanna Cry No More (Single) Mixing
1993 Step Out of Hell (Single) Mixing


2013 Operation Overlord Mastering


1996 Screaming Symphony Mixing
1997 Fuel for the Fire (EP) Mixing
1997 Eye of the Hurricane Mixing
2000 Crunch Engineering


1987 Somebody's Waiting (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1987 Keel Producer, Recording, Mixing


1988 Heart Attack Mixing


1989 Hideaway (Single) Mixing
1989 Street Ready Mixing

Lion Twin

2013 Day of Anger (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2013 Nashville Mixing, Mastering


2013 Live (Live album) Mixing


2010 This Is Heavy Metal (Single) Producer, Mixing
2010 Babez for Breakfast Producer, Recording, Mixing
2013 To Beast or Not to Beast Producer, Mixing, Mastering

Madam X

2017 Monstrocity Mixing


1984 Second 1984 Demo (Demo) Producer
1985 Rockin' with You (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1985 In the Beginning... Producer, Mixing
1989 Crazy in the Night (EP) Producer (track B2)


1988 So Far, So Good... So What! Mixing
1988 Anarchy in the U.K. (Single) Mixing (track 1)
1988 Mary Jane (Single) Mixing
1988 Liar (Single) Mixing
1993 Megabox Single Collection (Boxed set) Mixing
1997 The Originals (Boxed set) Mixing
2000 Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years (Compilation) Mixing
2004 Hell Wasn't Built in a Day: The Complete Remasters (Boxed set) Mixing
2005 Greatest Hits: Back to the Start (Compilation) Mixing


1986 Master of Puppets Mixing
1986 Master of Puppets (Single) Mixing
2009 The Metallica Collection (Boxed set) Mixing


2013 Our Own Devices Producer, Recording, Mixing


1999 Ritualistic Mixing


1995 Life Until Deaf Producer, Mixing
1997 Who We Are Mixing, Producer, Engineering

Ozzy Osbourne

1991 No More Tears (Single) Mixing
1991 No More Tears Mixing
1992 Mr. Tinkertrain (Single) Mixing
1992 Mama I'm Coming Home (Single) Mixing
1993 Live & Loud (Live album) Engineering, Mixing
1993 Live & Loud (Video) Mixing, Engineering
1995 Perry Mason (Single) Mixing (Track 2, 3)
1996 I Just Want You (Single) Mixing (track 3)
2002 Ozzmosis Producer (track 12)
2002 Ozzmosis Producer (track 12)
2002 Ozzmosis Producer (track 12)
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1982 Coup d'état Engineering


1983 Break the Chain (EP) Producer
1983 Break the Chain (Single) Producer
1983 All for One Engineering, Producer
1983 Born to Be Wild (Single) Producer
1985 Stay Hard Producer (tracks 3, 8)
1985 On and On (Single) Producer
1985 Pray for the Sun (EP) Producer (track B2)
1986 Gimme Some Lovin' (Single) Producer (side b)
1999 One for All Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2020 Top of the Mountain (Single) Engineering
2020 Metal City (Single) Engineering
2020 Metal City Engineering
2020 Not So Easy (Single) Engineering
2022 Leave 'Em Bleeding (Compilation) Recording
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Saviour Machine

2001 Legend III:I Recording (drums), Mastering

Sebastian Bach

1999 Bring 'Em Bach Alive (Live album) Engineering, Mixing, Producer


1984 Shire (EP) Producer, Engineering

Skid Row

1989 Piece of Me (Single) Producer, Engineering
1989 Skid Row Mixing, Producer, Recording
1989 Youth Gone Wild (Single) Recording, Mixing (tracks 1, 2), Producer
1989 18 & Life (Single) Mixing (tracks 1, 2), Producer, Recording
1989 I Remember You (Single) Recording, Mixing (tracks 1, 2), Producer
1991 C'mon and Love Me (Single) Producer, Mixing
1991 Get the Fuck Out (Single) Producer, Mixing
1991 Slave to the Grind (Single) Producer, Mixing
1991 Slave to the Grind Producer, Mixing
1991 Monkey Business (Single) Producer, Mixing
1991 In a Darkened Room (Single) Producer, Mixing
1991 Wasted Time (Single) Producer, Mixing
1992 Riot Act (Single) Producer, Mixing
1992 Quicksand Jesus (Single) Producer, Mixing
1992 B-Side Ourselves (EP) Mixing (track 4)
2006 Revolutions per Minute Engineering, Producer, Mixing, Recording
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Street Fighter

1984 Shoot You Down! Producer, Engineering, Mixing


2012 Armed to the Teeth Producer, Engineering, Mixing


1985 Soldiers Under Command Producer, Engineering
1985 Together as One (Single) Producer, Engineering
1985 Reach Out (Single) Engineering (tracks 1-2), Producer (tracks 1-2)


1994 Wach auf! (Split) Mixing
1994 Low Mixing
1995 Live at the Fillmore (Live album) Mixing
1997 Demonic Mixing

The Ordeal

2012 Descent from Hell Mastering

Titanium Black

2004 Bleed for You Producer, Mixing

TT Quick

1984 TT Quick (EP) Engineering, Producer, Mixing
1986 Metal of Honor Producer, Engineering (tracks A1, A3 & B2)


1985 Victory Mixing


1986 95-Nasty (Single) Mixing
1986 Inside the Electric Circus Mixing
1987 I Don't Need No Doctor (Single) Mixing
1998 The Headless Children Mixing
2018 The Headless Children Mixing


1986 True as Steel Mixing


1982 Warning II Engineering


1984 Warriors Mixing


2018 A Prelude to Sorrow Recording (additional backing vocals)
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