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Michael W. Ford

Michael W. Ford

Real/full name:
Michael W. Ford
43 (born Jul 4th, 1976)
Place of origin:
United States


Michael W. Ford also has several non-metal projects:
- Hexentanz (medieval ritual dark ambient)
- Psychonaut 75 (formerly known as Psychonaut) (industrial/dark ambient)
- also a number of CDs with recordings of ritual music and pathworkings were released under his real name Michael W. Ford.

Michael W. Ford is also the author of numerous books dealing with such topics as Luciferianism, ...


As Akhtya Nachttoter:



Atra Mors

As Baron Draconian Abandon (Michael W. Ford):

2019 Dominate upon the Throne of Might Vocals (as "Baron Draconian Abandon")

Black Funeral

As Akhtya Nachttoter:
Vocals, Bass, Electronics (1993-present)

1994 Journeys into Horizons Lost (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Lyrics (as "Baron Abaddon")
1995 Of Spells of Darkness and Death (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Machine Sounds (as "Baron Von Abaddon")
1995 Vampyr - Throne of the Beast Vocals, Lyrics (as "Baron Von Abaddon")
1997 Empire of Blood Vocals, Bass, Machine Sounds (as "Baron Drakkonian Abaddon (Michael Ford Nachttoter)")
1998 Moon of Characith Synthesizers, Keyboards (as "Michael Ford")
2003 Belial Arisen Vocals, Bass, Machine Sounds (as "Baron Drakkonian Abaddon (Michael Ford Nachttoter)")
2004 Az-i-Dahak Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Programming, Machine Sounds (as "Baron Drakkonian Abaddon (Michael Ford Nachttoter)")
2005 Ordog Vocals, Bass, Machine Sounds
2007 Waters of Weeping Vocals, Lyrics
2010 Vukolak Vocals, Bass, Machine Sounds
2012 Choronzon Blood Rite (EP) Vocals, Bass, Machine Sounds (as "Baron Drakkonian Abaddon (Michael Ford Nachttoter)")
2016 Ankou and the Death Fire Vocals, Electronics, Lyrics
2018 The Dust and Darkness (EP) Vocals, Electronics, Lyrics
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Darkness Enshroud

As Azrael Abaddon:
Vocals, Keyboards, Bass (1993-present)

1993 Winter of Sorrow (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
1994 Ancient Kingdoms (Demo) Everything (as "Baron von Abaddon")
1996 Unveiled Ghostly Shadows Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion (as "The Baron Drakkheim Abaddon")
2017 Antitrinity Vocals, Keyboards, Bass

Empire of Blood

As Michael Ford:

2015 Oroboros Vocals, Lyrics



Michael W. Ford


Ordo Tyrannis

As Akhtya Nachttoter:
All instruments

2006 Vasa Iniquitatis All instruments

Psychonaut 75


Shadows of the Macabre



As Akhtya Nachttoter:

2018 The Oldest of Blood Black Funeral


As Nachttoter:
All instruments, Vocals (1995-2001, 2016-present)

1996 Death Magick All instruments, Vocals (as "Baron Drakkheim Abaddon")
1998 Invokation ov Forneus Lyrics
1998 Desert of Set (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
1998 Liber AL vel Legis (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2001 Graves of Andras All instruments, Vocals
2017 Ceremony of the Ordeal Programming, Vocals (as "Akhtya Nachttoter")


As Mike Ford:
Bass, Vocals

1991 Of Darkness (Demo) Bass, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting

Prophecies et Sanctus

As Michael Ford:




Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars

1992 Forest of Winter (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Lyrics, Songwriting (as "Abaddon")
1993 Sodomizing Jesus Christ (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars (rhythm), Lyrics, Songwriting (as "Abbadon")
1994 Reh/Demo 1994 (Demo) Vocals (as "Abaddon")
1994 Horns of the Goat (Single) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars, Lyrics

Horda Profana

As Akhtya:

2019 Beyond the Boundaries of Death Intro (track 5)


2008 Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem Vocals, Lyrics (track 8)

Black Funeral

1995 Vampyr - Throne of the Beast Producer (as "Baron Von Abaddon")
2005 Ordog Producer, Recording (as "Michael Ford (Nachttoter)")
2016 Ankou and the Death Fire Producer (as "Akhtya Nachttoter")
2018 The Dust and Darkness (EP) Producer (as "Akhtya Nachttoter")

Darkness Enshroud

1996 Unveiled Ghostly Shadows Engineering, Producer, Logo Concept (as "The Baron Drakkheim Abaddon")

Drowning the Light

2016 Tenth Region of the Night (Demo) Lyrics (as "Akhtya Nachttoter")
2017 Varcolaci Rising Lyrics (track 2) (as "Akhtya Nachttoter")

Satanic Warmaster

2010 Nachzehrer Lyrics (track 8) (as "Akhtya Nachttoter")


1992 Forest of Winter (Demo) Recording (as "Abaddon")
1994 Horns of the Goat (Single) Producer (as "Abaddon")


1998 Invokation ov Forneus Producer, Cover concept (as "Nachttoter")
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