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Meghan Wood

Meghan Wood

Real/full name:
Meghan Wood
31 (born Jul 23rd, 1990)
Place of origin:
United States (Corunna, Michigan)


Vocals (2019-present)

2019 Fimbulvetr (EP) Vocals, Lyrics

Crown of Asteria

Everything (2011-present)

2013 Through the Birch and Beyond the Lakes (Demo) All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
2013 Demo MMXIII (Demo) All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
2013 Hymn of the Northern Bowers (Demo) All instruments
2013 Spirit of the Wildwood (Split) Everything
2013 North Everything
2014 Cycles (EP) All instruments
2014 Sol Everything
2015 Return to Light Everything
2015 Northwest​​ / ​​South of No North (Split) Everything
2015 Great Freshwater Seas Everything
2015 Hexe (EP) Everything
2015 Crone (EP) Everything (as "M")
2015 Vidskepelse (EP) Everything (as "M")
2016 Karhun Vakat Everything
2016 Rogue Waves (EP) Everything
2016 Birchbark Songs (Single) Everything
2016 Hjem blant skyene (EP) Everything
2016 Le décomposition de l'humanité / Hjem blant skyene (Split) Everything
2016 Animism (Split) Everything
2016 Moon Bird Oracles (EP) Everything
2016 Pet Sematary (EP) Everything
2016 The Wanderer (Single) Everything
2017 Empyrean Nocturnes (Split) Everything
2017 Rauðskinna Everything
2017 Haruspex Everything
2017 Arctic Fever (Collaboration) Everything
2017 Winter's Lantern (EP) Everything
2018 Seasonal Remnants (Compilation) Everything
2018 Blood on the Snow (Single) Everything
2018 The Ire of a Bared Fang Vocals, All Instruments
2019 Fern Flower (Single) Everything
2019 Honey Fields (Single) Everything
2020 Crown of Asteria / Nodus Tollens (Split) Everything
2020 Koivun Ja Kuusen Aika (Collaboration) Everything
2020 Down Under (Single) Everything
2020 The Gods Are Speaking (Single) Everything
2021 White Filth of Ravens (Single) All instruments
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2019 Devils (EP) Vocals, Lyrics

Enon Chapel

Vocals, Guitars (lead), Samples, Lyrics (2018-present)

2019 Enon Chapel (EP) Vocals, Guitars (lead), Samples, Lyrics

Great Cold Emptiness

Vocals (2019, 2020-present)

2018 Edges of the Earth (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2019 St. Elm's Fire (Demo) Vocals
2019 Québec (EP) Vocals
2020 Death Gifted a Bouquet Vocals



2017 Somber Reflections (Compilation) Everything (as "M")


Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2018-present)

2018 Chapter II: A Corpse of Wood and Stone (Demo) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2019 Chapter III: This Road That Stopped the Fire Keyboards, Vocals (backing)



2020 Tomblord Rising (Demo) Vocals

Crown of Asteria

2013 Through the Birch and Beyond the Lakes (Demo) Recording
2013 Demo MMXIII (Demo) Recording
2018 Northwest​​ / ​​South of No North (Split) Photography
2019 Honey Fields (Single) Cover art

Enon Chapel

2019 Enon Chapel (EP) Layout
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