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Real/full name:
Marco Apostolo
Place of origin:

A Forest

Drums, Vocals

2000 The Abyss in Northland (Demo) Drums
2000 Fury of the Elements (Demo) Drums
2002 Tales of Winter Frost (Demo) Drums
2002 Vinterriket / A Forest (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Marco")
2003 The Spirit of the Forest (To Bleed Northern Spirit) Drums, Vocals
2003 Black Clouds (EP) Drums
2006 Worn Out (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2009 Externsteine (Split) Drums



2001 Let the Napalm Rain (Demo) Drums
2002 Pure Necrodarkness (Split) Drums
2003 Flag of Monotheistic Destruction (Compilation) Drums
2006 Archdukes of Hell Vol. 1 (Split) Drums
2007 United in Blasphemy (Split) Drums
2007 Unholy Sacrifice (Split) Drums
2013 Anti Human Life Drums
2016 Demonic Blessings (Split) Drums
2016 The Last Rehearsal 16-03-2016 (Compilation) Drums



2000 The Reaper (Demo) Drums


Drums (2000, 2013-?)

2016 Of Misty Fire We Are Drums



The True Endless

Drums (?-2012)

1999 The Trendkiller E.P. (EP) Drums
2001 Unholy Art (Demo) Drums
2001 The Trendkiller E.P. + Live in the Castle (Compilation) Drums
2002 Live and Raw (Live album) Drums
2002 The Early Days of Armageddon (Split) Drums (tracks 9-11)
2002 The Forest like Us / On the Path in the Night (Split) Drums
2003 Wings of Wrath Drums
2005 A Climb to Eternity Drums
2005 De Vermiis Mysteriis (Split) Drums
2006 Buried by Time and Dust Drums, Vocals (tracks 2, 3)
2006 Unholy Virtues / The Dirty Raw Experience (Split) Drums
2007 ...Too Evil and Sick (Split) Drums
2008 1888 from Hell Drums, Vocals
2009 United in Hell (Split) Drums
2009 An Year in Black Drums
2010 Taurus Live Ritual (Live album) Drums
2010 La Chiesaccia (EP) Drums
2010 In the Swamp (EP) Drums
2010 Too Heavy for Hell (Split) Drums
2011 The Dirty Raw Experience (EP) Drums
2011 Rape Their Souls with Black Metal Wrath (Split) Drums
2012 Slow Decay (Split) Drums
2013 Legacy of Hate Drums
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2001 Through the Mists of Time (Compilation) Drums
2002 Warriors of the Misty Fields (EP) Drums
2013 Grisera Drums


2016 Of Misty Fire We Are Recording (all instruments)
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