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Mattias Frisk

Mattias Frisk

Real/full name:
Mattias Frisk
Place of birth:
Sweden (Skänninge)

The Jam Session

Guitars, Vocals (1999-2007)

1999 The Insect Split (Split) Performer (Power Electronics)
2002 Yellow Mica Synthesizer, Electronics
2002 The Jam Session / Kinetic Crash Cooperation (Split) Keyboards
2003 Att skingra det mörker som betäcker landet (EP) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2006 När mörkret väller över Vocals (backing), Guitars (as "Mattias")


Guitars, Vocals (2007-present)

2008 Cult of Lazarus Vocals, Guitars
2010 Praise the Serpent (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2011 Church of Death Vocals, Guitars
2014 Relics of Sulphur Salvation Vocals, Guitars
2016 Temple of Phobos Vocals, Guitars
2018 Deimos Sanktuarium Guitars, Vocals


Guitars (1994-2001)

1997 Completion Septenary (Demo) Guitars, Vocals (backing)

Ceremonial Execution

Guitars, Vocals (2001-2007)

2005 Death Shall Set Us Free Guitars
2006 Black God Rising (EP) Guitars, Vocals

Time Requiem

2002 Time Requiem Talking Voice (track 1)


2015 Grave Offerings Cover art (as "M. Frisk")


2016 World Peace... Cosmic War Artwork
2018 The Search Artwork

Ceremonial Execution

2003 Demo 2003 (Demo) Logo
2004 Borigor / Ceremonial Execution (Split) Logo (Ceremonial Execution)
2005 Death Shall Set Us Free Logo
2006 Black God Rising (EP) Artwork, Logo


2018 Scars Across Liner notes

Desert Storm

2020 Omens Artwork

Devil Lee Rot

2018 Swedish Luciferi Vol​.​2 (Split) Layout, Artwork

Ereb Altor

2016 Blot · Ilt · Taut Logo
2017 Ulfven Cover art, Logo


2013 Year Zero (Single) Cover art
2013 If You Have Ghost (EP) Graphic design


2015 The Deathmass Cloak Cover art (as "M. Frisk")
2016 To Starve the Cross Cover art


2018 Vanadrottning Cover artwork


2014 Horror from the Grave (Single) Cover art

Humanity's End

2017 Between Life and Death (EP) Artwork, Layout

Joel Grind

2013 The Yellowgoat Sessions Layout (as "M. Frisk")

King of Asgard

2012 North Artwork
2014 Karg Design, Artwork, Logo, Layout
2017 Taudr Photography, Artwork, Layout
2021 Svartrviðr Cover art


2016 Burn Up the Night Cover art


2011 Deceased to Exist Artwork
2015 With Dawn Comes Death (EP) Cover art, Layout
2017 Ornaments of Severity Cover art, Layout


2014 Cursed Redeemer Artwork
2016 Tides of Omniscience Cover art


2016 Demonic Satanic Artwork, Layout
2018 Colombian Luciferi (Split) Artwork, Layout
2018 Swedish Luciferi Vol​.​1 (Split) Artwork, Layout


2022 In Chaos Ascend Cover art


2012 Witches Funeral (Reborn in Fire) (EP) Logo
2016 Will o' Wisp (Single) Cover art
2016 Hellfire (Single) Artwork
2016 Worship (Single) Cover art
2016 Will o' Wisp Cover art, Logo
2018 Witches Funeral (Compilation) Layout
2018 Servants Artwork, Layout


2013 Night Artwork, Layout
2015 Soldiers of Time Cover art
2017 Winds (Single) Artwork, Design
2017 Time (Single) Artwork, Design
2017 Raft of the World Artwork, Design
2018 Surrender (Single) Artwork, Design

Ossuary Insane

2016 Possession of the Flesh (Compilation) Artwork


2018 Python (Single) Cover art, Logo


2014 Modern Age Mausoleum Artwork
2017 Through Ages of Sleep Cover art, Layout


2020 The Eternal Resonance Artwork, Layout, Illustrations

The Great Discord

2017 The Rabbit Hole Artwork, Layout
2019 Afterbirth (EP) Backcover


2015 Tales from the Tomb (EP) Artwork
2017 Tides of Pestilence (EP) Cover art
2019 Descend into Darkness Artwork

Throne of Heresy

2013 Realms of Desecration (EP) Cover art (as "M. Frisk")
2017 Decameron Cover art

Trap Them

2016 Crown Feral Cover art

Under the Church

2015 Rabid Armageddon Artwork, Layout
2017 Beyond the Gates... Death Awaits (Split) Cover art
2017 Supernatural Punishment Cover art, Layout
2021 Total Burial (EP) Artwork


2016 Sprider sporer (Demo) Artwork


2015 Master of Disaster (EP) Artwork, Logo


2012 Vampire (Demo) Artwork
2014 Vampire Cover art


2008 Cult of Lazarus Artwork, Logo
2010 Praise the Serpent (EP) Engineering, Artwork, Logo
2011 Church of Death Engineering, Lyrics, Artwork, Layout, Logo
2014 Relics of Sulphur Salvation Artwork, Layout (as "")
2016 Temple of Phobos Artwork, Layout, Lyrics
2018 Deimos Sanktuarium Artwork, Layout


2021 Viral Artwork
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