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Masha "Scream"

Masha "Scream"

Real/full name:
Мария Архипова (Maria Arkhipova)
40 (born Jan 9th, 1983)
Place of birth:
Russia (Moscow)


Married to Sergey Lazar.


Vocals (2002-present)

2004 Неизбежность Vocals (as "Maria "Scream"")


Vocals, Keyboards, Flute, Komuz, Tambourine, Mouth harp, Guitars (acoustic), Shaker, Shaman drums (2002-present)

2002 Русь (Demo) Vocals
2004 Возрождение Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics, Songwriting
2004 Лепта Vocals, Keyboards, Flute, Songwriting, Lyrics
2005 Во славу великим! Jew's harp, Vocals (lead, choirs, screams), Lyrics (tracks 1-5, 7-14), Keyboards, Tambourine, Songwriting (tracks 2-5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14), Guitars (acoustic) (track 4)
2006 Жизнь во славу... (Live album) Vocals
2006 Жизнь во славу (Video) Vocals (as """)
2007 От сердца к небу Vocals, Keyboards, Tambourine, Komuz, Guitars (acoustic) (track 10), Lyrics, Songwriting
2009 Ночь Велесова (Video) Vocals
2009 Goi, Rode, goi! Vocals, Keyboards, Tambourine, Shaker, Komuz, Songwriting, Lyrics
2011 Stenka na stenku (EP) Vocals (choirs), Khomuz, Keyboards, Vocals (guttural) (track 3), Shaman drums, Tambourine, Vocals
2011 Slovo Khomuz, Vocals (choirs), Keyboards, Shaman drums, Guitars (acoustic) (track 3), Tambourine, Vocals, Shakers
2012 Битва в Воронеже (Video) Vocals
2013 Decade of Glory (Live album) Vocals, Tambourine, Songwriting, Lyrics
2014 Yav Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriting (tracks 1-9), Lyrics (tracks 1-5, 7-9)
2014 10 лет во славу (Video) Vocals (female), Tambourine, Songwriting, Lyrics
2016 Под мечами (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
2016 Vozrozhdenie Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics
2018 Khram Lyrics, Percussion, Vocals, Songwriting, Keyboards
2018 Живой храм (Live album) Vocals, Tambourine
2018 Живой храм (Video) Vocals, Tambourine
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As Maria Arkhipova:
Vocals (2000)


As Masha Scream:

2006 Путь непройденный Vocals (track 7)

Ancestral Volkhves

As Masha Scream:

2008 Perun do vas!!! Vocals


As Мария Архипова:

2017 Северный крест Vocals (track 5)


As Masha Scream Arkhipova:

2020 Fleetburner Voices (track 11)


As Masha Scream:

2018 Slaves and Gods Vocals (track 3)


As Masha "Scream" Arhipova:

2012 CREEDamage Vocals (track 4)


As Maria "Masha" Arkhipova:

2020 The Suns of Perdition - Chapter II: Render unto Eden Vocals, Lyrics (track 1)

Percival Schuttenbach

As Masza "Scream" Archipowa:

2013 Svantevit Vocals (track 4)


2006 Moscow (The Sanguine Reign of Terror) (EP) Vocals, Keyboards (track 1)
2010 The Reign of Terror Vocals, Keyboards (track 5)


2011 Wolfskult Vocals (CD2 track 6)


2020 Кругі на вадзе (Single) Vocals (as "Maria Arkhipova")
2020 Вайдэлот Vocals (track 3)


As Мария "Scream" Архипова:

2019 Тень князя (Split) Vocals (track 2)


As Masha «Scream» Arkhipova:

2014 Сокровище Энии Vocals [as Blizzard]


2004 Возрождение Arrangements, Mastering, Mixing, Producer
2004 Лепта Producer
2005 Во славу великим! Producer
2007 От сердца к небу Mixing, Engineering, Producer, Mastering
2009 Goi, Rode, goi! Producer
2011 Stenka na stenku (EP) Producer
2011 Slovo Arrangements, Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2014 Yav Producer, Lyrics translation (track 6)
2016 Vozrozhdenie Producer
2018 Khram Producer
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