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Martin Powell

Martin Powell

Real/full name:
Martin Curtis-Powell
47 (born Jul 19th, 1973)
Place of origin:
United Kingdom (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England)


An English violinist & keyboardist, Powell became an unorthodox member of My Dying Bride from 1992-1998 mostly as a full-time violinist. He left to join Anathema, and in 2000 he left them for Cradle of Filth, which he'd also leave in 2005.

Some sources cite his real name as Timothy Martin Powel.



2017 Ignite Keyboards

Cradle of Filth

As Martin Foul:
Keyboards, Guitars (2000-2005)

2000 Midian Keyboards (as "Martin")
2001 Bitter Suites to Succubi (EP) Keyboards
2001 Heavy Left-Handed and Candid (Video) Keyboards
2002 Lovecraft & Witch Hearts (Compilation) Keyboards (tracks 1, 4, 8, 11 (disc 1), 3, 6, 11 (disc 2))
2002 Live Bait for the Dead (Live album) Keyboards (as "Martin")
2003 Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness) (Single) Keyboards, Guitars
2003 Damnation and a Day Keyboards, Guitars (additional)
2003 Mannequin (Video) Keyboards, Guitars
2004 Cradle of Filth (Single) Keyboards, Guitars
2004 Nymphetamine Keyboards, Guitars, Arrangements
2005 Devil Woman (Single) Keyboards, Guitars
2005 Peace Through Superior Firepower (Video) Keyboards
2007 Eleven Burial Masses (Live album) Keyboards (as "Martin")
(show all)

Cryptal Darkness

Violin, Keyboards (1999-2000)

1999 They Whispered You Had Risen Keyboards, Violin
2001 Chapter II - The Fallen Keyboards, Violin


Keyboards (2015-?)

My Dying Bride

Keyboards, Violin (1992-1998)

1993 The Thrash of Naked Limbs (EP) Violin (as "Martin")
1993 Turn Loose the Swans Keyboards, Violin (as "Martin")
1994 The Sexuality of Bereavement / The Crown of Sympathy (Single) Violin, Keyboards (as "Martin")
1994 I Am the Bloody Earth (EP) Violin, Keyboards (as "Martin")
1995 The Angel and the Dark River Keyboards, Violin
1995 Trinity (Compilation) Keyboards, Violin
1996 Like Gods of the Sun Keyboards, Violin
1997 For Darkest Eyes (Video) Keyboards, Violin

Alternative 4

Keyboards (?-2014)


Keyboards (1998-2000, 2009)

My Dying Bride

Keyboards, Violin (1991-1992)


Piano (2016)


Keyboards (2006-2007)

Bleeding Gods

2018 Dodekathlon Keyboards, Orchestrations

Sarah Jezebel Deva

2010 A Sign of Sublime Keyboards (tracks 1-3, 5-7, 9, 10)
2012 Malediction (EP) Keyboards


As Martin Curtis Powell:

2016 The Arcane Order (EP) Keyboards, Soundscapes (track 5)

The Eternal

2013 Beneath These Waves (Single) Keyboards (as "Martin Curtis-Powell")
2015 When the Circle of Light Begins to Fade Keyboards (as "Martin Curtis-Powell")
2018 Waiting for the Endless Dawn Keyboards

The Eternal

2018 Waiting for the Endless Dawn Songwriting (tracks 1-4, 6, 7)
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