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Martin E. Ain

Martin E. Ain

Real/full name:
Martin Erich Stricker
50 (born Jul 18th, 1967)
Oct 21st, 2017
Died of:
Heart attack
Place of origin:
United States


Born in the United States but later relocated to Switzerland; he was a dual citizen of both countries.

He owned a DVD shop and a bar in Zurich called Acapulco. He was a co-owner of the music club Mascotte, which has become well known for hosting upcoming international bands.

Appeared on the 41-track various artists 7" Hans Trapp (Le Petit Mignon, 2012) with the solo track "Grain Dot".

Celtic Frost

Bass, Vocals (1984-1985, 1986-1987, 1990-1993, 2003-2008)

1984 Morbid Tales (EP) Bass effects, Bass, Vocals (backing)
1985 Metal Attack Vol. 1 (Split) Bass, Vocals (backing & additional)
1985 Emperor's Return (EP) Bass, Vocals (additional), Bass effects
1986 Tragic Serenades (EP) Bass, Effects
1986 Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (additional)
1987 The Collector's Celtic Frost (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
1987 I Won't Dance (EP) Bass, Vocals (backing)
1987 Into the Pandemonium Bass, Vocals, Effects
1988 Sounds Waves 1 (Split) Bass, Vocals
1990 Wine in My Hand (Third from the Sun) (EP) Vocals (backing)
1990 Vanity / Nemesis Bass (track 1), Vocals (backing) (tracks 1, 7, 10)
1992 Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying (Compilation) Bass (tracks 3, 5-6, 10-11, 13-15)
1993 Nemesis of Power (Demo) Bass
1999 To Mega Therion Bass (tracks 2, 3, 11)
2002 Prototype (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2006 Monotheist (Single) Bass
2006 Monotheist Bass, Vocals, Effects
2017 Temple of Depression (Single) Bass, Vocals, Effects
2017 To Mega Therion Bass (track 2, 3, 11-16) (as "Martin Eric Ain")
2017 Innocence and Wrath (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (additional), Effects
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As Slayed Necros:
Bass (1983-1984)

1983 Satanic Rites (Demo) Vocals (backing) (as "Sleyed Necros")
1984 Apocalyptic Raids (EP) Bass
1984 Death Metal (Split) Bass, Vocals (backing)
1990 Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D. (Compilation) Bass (as "Martin Eric Ain")
2008 Demon Entrails (Compilation) Backing vocals (disc 1), Songwriting (disc 1), Lyrics (tracks 2, 5, 8)




As Martin Eric Ain:

1995 Danteferno Vocals (backing)

Celtic Frost

1984 Morbid Tales (EP) Design, Engineering, Producer
1985 Metal Attack Vol. 1 (Split) Producer (tracks B3-B4)
1985 Emperor's Return (EP) Producer
1985 To Mega Therion Design (as "Martin Eric Ain")
1986 Tragic Serenades (EP) Producer, Cover Design
1987 The Collector's Celtic Frost (Single) Cover design
1987 I Won't Dance (EP) Cover design
1987 Into the Pandemonium Producer, Design
2002 Morbid Tales (EP) Producer (tracks 9-11)
2006 Monotheist Executive producer
2017 To Mega Therion Producer (tracks 2, 3, 16) (as "Martin Eric Ain")
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1989 No More Color Lyrics (track 7)


1983 Satanic Rites (Demo) Producer (as "Martin Ain")
1984 Apocalyptic Raids (EP) Producer
1990 Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D. (Compilation) Artwork, Producer, Design
2008 Demon Entrails (Compilation) Design, Producer, Artwork, Executive producer, Remixing (as "Martin Eric Ain")


1995 Danteferno Mixing, Producer
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