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Marius Strand

Marius Strand

Real/full name:
Marius Strand
Place of birth:


Owner of Strand Studio in Oslo. Not to be confused with Marius Strand.


Vocals, Guitars

Black Comedy

Guitars, Vocals (clean), Bass

2001 Crawl to Exceed Guitars, Vocals (clean), Bass
2008 Instigator Vocals (clean), Guitars (as "Marius")

Dead Trooper

Drums (2006-2008)

2002 Axewielders (Demo) Drums

Chalice of Doom

2013 Into Hypnagogia Vocals (harsh) (track 7)


2005 Devil May Care (EP) Vocals (track 1)


2019 High the Memory Mixing, Mastering
2022 Brought Forth in Iniquity Mastering, Producer, Mixing


2009 The Lingering Animosity (Single) Recording (drums), Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2011 The Veil of Serenity Mastering, Mixing
2019 As We Walk Through the Ashes (Single) Recording
2019 The Embers of Eternity Recording (drums)

Black Comedy

2001 Crawl to Exceed Producer
2008 Instigator Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Engineering


2019 True North Recording (drums), Engineering (drums)
2024 Fall Engineering (drums), Recording (drums, vocals, bass)

Chrome Division

2011 3rd Round Knockout Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Den Saakaldte

2014 Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete Mastering, Engineering, Recording, Mixing, Co-Producer
2023 Pesten som tar over Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2011 From a Sun That Never Set (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2023 Domus Cadavra (EP) Recording (Drums)


2009 Harbouring Hate Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Producer

From the Vastland

2020 The Haft Khan Mastering, Mixing


2021 Praesentialis in Aeternum Recording (drums)


2005 10 Steps to Hell Engineering


2016 Kjød til jord Recording

Hate Angel

2019 Chosen Ones (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2021 God Is Gone (Single) Mastering
2021 Death Awaken (Single) Mastering
2021 Kill for Passion Mastering

In Vain

2013 Ænigma Engineering, Producer
2018 Currents Recording (vocals, strings)

Insidious Disease

2010 Shadowcast Engineering


2022 Lonely in the Stars (Single) Drums Recording
2022 Rituals & Wisdom Recording (drums)


2011 Probiotic Engineering, Producer, Mixing
2013 Sexforce Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Pantheon I

2009 Worlds I Create Mixing, Mastering, Engineering


2022 Carry the Cross (Single) Recording (drums)
2023 Sun God Recording (additional drums)

Profane Burial

2018 The Rosewater Park Legend Mixing, Mastering


2019 Atheos (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2013 Doomsday Elite Mixing
2021 Svøpt i en dynge av dritt (EP) Mixing (track 2)

She Said Destroy

2006 Time like Vines Producer, Engineering
2008 This City Speaks in Tongues Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

So Much for Nothing

2011 III (Instruments) / Sublife Warranty (Split) Mixing, Mastering
2012 Livsgnist Mixing


2014 Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord (EP) Mixing (tracks 3, 4), Mastering
2015 World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud Recording (drums)


2004 Unlimited Technician (guitar effects)
2005 Devil May Care (EP) Engineering
2007 Cut from Stone Engineering, Producer
2009 Attitude Co-producer, Engineering (vocals, drums)
2018 The Lyricist Engineering (vocals), Mixing, Engineering (vocals), Mastering


2009 Misanthropic Path of Madness Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Towards the Ultimate Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2016 Dødsskrik Mixing, Mastering

The 3rd Attempt

2015 Born in Thorns Mixing, Mastering

The Devil's Rejects

2019 Season of the Witch (Single) Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2020 Blood Feast Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

The Wretched End

2010 Ominous Producer
2012 Inroads Producer
2016 In These Woods, from These Mountains Mixing


2011 En Kvest for den Hellige Gral Mixing
2012 Brumlebassen Engineering, Mixing
2013 A Decade of Drekkadence (Compilation) Engineering
2018 Espen bin Askeladden (Single) Engineering (drums)
2018 Kjettaren mot strømmen (Single) Engineering (drums)
2019 Norwegian Fairytales Engineering (drums)
2022 Flamingo Overlord Engineering (lead vocals, drums)


2009 Shadows of Leng Engineering, Recording

Viper Solfa

2015 Carving an Icon Mixing, Mastering

World of Damage

2021 Invoke Determination Mixing, Mastering


2004 Arbor Vitae (EP) Engineering, Mastering, Producer
2005 Blood Vessel Criteria Producer, Engineering, Mixing
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