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Marganor Bestial Invocator

Marganor Bestial Invocator

Real/full name:
Jonathan Sosa
Place of origin:


Also known as Lord Margarnor Dungrave (according to the booklet "Into the Jails of Past, full-length 2005).


Owner of the record label Azermedoth Records.

Black Empire

Drums, Lyrics (1997-present)

1997 Promo (Demo) Drums
1998 A Real Man...A Black Heart (Demo) Drums
2000 The Black Magic Domain (EP) Drums, Lyrics
2000 The Black Magic Domain (EP) Drums, Lyrics
2005 Into the Jails of Past Drums, Lyrics
2006 Black Angel / Black Empire (Split) Drums, Lyrics (as "Lord Marganor")
2007 Four Concentric Ways of the Ancient Cult (Split) Drums, Lyrics (as "Lord Marganor Dungrave")
2011 Kickin' Asses in Hell Drums
2012 Under the Black Torment Empire (Split) Drums, Lyrics (as "Lord Marganor")


Drums, Samples, Lyrics (1993-present)

1994 Kur-Nu-Gi-A (Demo) Drums, Lyrics
1995 Monument to the Filth / Kur-Nu-Gi-A (Split) Drums, Chorus (as "Bestial Invocator")
1997 Black Dawn (Forever Rising Moon) / Curse (Split) Drums, Vocals (backing)
2000 A Dark Tale About Wisdom and Black Powers (Demo) Drums
2002 Tragedies of Death... The Afterlife Drums
2004 Under the Chains of Hell Drums
2006 Shadow's Land Drums, Lyrics
2007 Trilogy for Domination (Split) Drums, Lyrics (as "Lord Marganor B.I.")
2009 When the Demons Spit Fire Drums, Lyrics
2012 Black Metal Storm Drums
2013 Black Metal Storm/Shadow's Land (Compilation) Drums, Lyrics
2014 Arrogancia y elitismo Drums, Lyrics
2014 Winter Drums, Lyrics
2016 Memories Drums, Lyrics
2017 Nocturnal Abominations Drums, Lyrics
2018 Luciferian Abominations from Kur-Nu-Gi-A (Split) Drums, Lyrics
2018 Intolerance Drums, Lyrics
(show all)

Forest of Doom


2007 Ancient Woods of Darkness Drums, Samples (as "Lord Marganor")
2011 In Times of Glory and Obscurity Drums
2015 Emperors Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics


As Lord Marganor:

2012 Solsnudag Drums, Lyrics
2015 Immortal Sun / Шлях у вічність / Vinlandic Northern Heritage (Split) Drums
2015 Pure Pagan Blood Drums, Lyrics
2016 Ancestral Steel Drums
2017 Pagan Warriors United Drums
2018 Ecos paganos Drums

Unholy Funeral

As Lord Marganor:


As Bestial Invocator:

2007 ...Rare Hymns of Perdition (Compilation) Drums


2000 A Dark Tale About Wisdom and Black Powers (Demo) Lyrics (as "Bestial Invocations")
2002 Tragedies of Death... The Afterlife Lyrics
2004 Ten Years of Blasphemy (Compilation) Executive producer
2012 Black Metal Storm Lyrics

Forest of Doom

2007 Ancient Woods of Darkness Lyrics (as "Lord Marganor")


2010 Rex Diabolos Lyrics (tracks 4, 7) (as "Marganor")


2006 Total Holocaust (1st Black Metal Assault) (Demo) Producer (as "Lord Marganor")
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