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Marc Simon

Marc Simon

Real/full name:
Marc Simon
Place of origin:

Black Candle

As Rune:
Guitars, Vocals (1994-present), Bass, Keyboards (1994-2018, 2019-present), Drums (2019-present)

1996 My Black Sky (Demo) Vocals, Bass (as "Dark Lord Tenebrus")
1997 Winter of Wrath (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (as "Dark")
1999 Nightfire (EP) Guitars, Vocals (as "Marc "Dark" Simon")
2002 The Faceless Angel Vocals, Guitars (as "Marc "Dark" Simon")
2004 From the Deepest Level (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (as "Marc "Dark" Simon")
2005 Promo 2005 (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (as "Marc "Dark" Simon")
2006 Lead Me to the Tombs Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (as "Simon")
2013 Smoke and Monoliths Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (as "Marc "Dark" Simon")
2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Effects (as "Rune Simonson")
2016 Lost Light of the North Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (as "Rune Simonson")
2019 Thou Angel of Poisonous Flowers (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2019 Four Ways of Blasphemy (A Finnish - Saarlandian Alliance) (Split) Guitars, Vocals
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Deformation Guaranteed

As Rune Tristanne:
Vocals (?-?, 2019-present), Guitars, Bass, Synths (?-?), All instruments (2019-present)

2005 Miss Luxembitch (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths (as "Nomis L.")
2007 No Ghosts at Daylight (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths (as "Nomis L.")

Dome of Light


Hermetic Self Destruction Ritual


Old Pagan

As Dark:
Vocals (2019-present)


Drums, Guitars (1999)


Bass (2009-2011)

Pagan Winter

As Simon:
Vocals (1998-2002, 2012-2014)

1998 Inferos Vocals, Lyrics
2001 Live in Luxembourg '98 / Live in Tokyo '99 (Split) Vocals (as "Dark")
2002 The Cult of Flesh (EP) Vocals (as "Dark")


As Simon:

2009 In Memoriam Bass

Black Candle

2006 Lead Me to the Tombs Recording, Mixing (as "Simon")
2013 Smoke and Monoliths Producer, Recording, Mixing
2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Recording, Mixing (as "Rune Simonson")


2009 In Memoriam Recording, Mixing (as "Simon")
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