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Manuele Marani

Manuele Marani

Real/full name:
Manuele Marani
Place of birth:
Italy (Falerone)


Italian musician, singer and engineer. Used to live in Falerone, where he owned the "Marà's Cave" recording studio; now he lives in Bologna and works for Son House Studio.


Brother of Angel Trosomaranus.

El Bramido Negro

Percussion, Contrabass, Vocals



1999 Cosmic Restorer (Demo) Vocals


Drums (2002)


2022 Hadean Tides Cymbals (track 6)


2011 The III Command of the Absolute Chaos "Apocalyptic noises" (as "Manuele "Cianism" Marani")
2012 Final Atomic Torments (Celebrating 10 Years of Nuclear Madness) (EP) Vocals (track 2) (as "Maranz")

Falling Giants

2019 Enter the Abyss (EP) Tibetan Monk Chant on Third Track
2020 Highwayman at the Vesper (Split) Recording, Mixing & Mastering


2009 Wind of Annihilation (EP) Vocals (backing)
2012 Burning Wrath Bass, Vocals (backing)


2012 Genesis of Evil (EP) Mixing (as "Emanuele Marani")
2013 The Last Prayer (Split) Mixing (tracks 1, 2, 3), Recording (tracks 1, 2, 3)
2016 Ancient Furies Mixing


2022 Hadean Tides Recording, Mixing

Baphomet's Blood

2007 Blood Vomit and Satan (Demo) Recording, Mixing
2008 Second Strike Producer, Mixing
2009 Metal Damnation Producer, Mixing
2011 Back from the Fire (EP) Engineering
2016 In Satan We Trust Recording


2003 Atomic Infested Carnage (Demo) Mixing, Logo, Recording (as "Marà")
2005 Hellish Assault / Cult of Nuclear Hell (Split) Recording (as "Marà")
2007 Triumph of Abominations (Split) Recording, Mixing (as "M. "Ciano" Marani")
2008 Tyrannous Mutations of Sathanas (Split) Recording, Mixing (as "M. "Cianoman" Maranz")
2008 Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse Recording, Mixing (as "M. "Cianoman" Maranz")
2010 ...for Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation... Recording, Mixing (as "M. "Cianolord" Maranz")
2011 Atomic Carnage in the Temple of Nuclear Hell (Compilation) Remixing (as "Maranz")
2011 The III Command of the Absolute Chaos Recording, Mixing (as "Manuele "Cianism" Marani")
2012 Final Atomic Torments (Celebrating 10 Years of Nuclear Madness) (EP) Mixing, Recording, Logo (as "M. "Cianoman" Maranz")

Bleeding Hammer

2011 Demo 2011 (Demo) Recording


2005 Invulnerable Recording
2015 V Mixing, Recording

Falling Giants

2019 Enter the Abyss (EP) Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Goat Vomit Noise

2020 Wrong Side Discipline Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2022 Nihilist Front (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2004 Hatred (Demo) Recording
2009 Wind of Annihilation (EP) Recording, Mixing
2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Recording, Mixing
2012 Burning Wrath Recording, Mixing
2022 Hateful Extermination Engineering, Producer, Mixing


2008 Page 26 (EP) Mixing

In League with Satan

2011 Black Mass into the Church of Rats (EP) Recording and Mixing
2013 Seven Spittings on the Face of Madonna (Split) Producer, Recording, Mixing

Inglourious Basterds

2020 Agathocles / Inglourious Basterds (Split) Recording, Mixing
2020 Repulsione / Inglourious Basterds (Split) Mixing, Recording

Last Rebels

2018 Outlaw Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2023 Digging from Below (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2004 Halls of Violence (Demo) Recording

Ripping Death

2015 Tales of the Ripper (Demo) Recording, Mixing


2018 Carne della mia carne Mastering, Mixing

Terror Firmer

2010 Ipnosi Collettiva / Untitled (Split) Recording
2012 Alcoholocaust (Split) Recording (terror firmer)


2017 Overwhelming Chaos Recording, Mixing


2019 Bloodrehearsal (Demo) Recording
2022 Devotio ad Bestias Remastering (as "Emanuele Marani")

Whisky & Pain

2013 Rock and Roll Dynamite (EP) Recording, Engineering


2016 Back on the Hunt Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2018 Witchevil Attack! (Split) Mastering
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