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Real/full name:
Jeffrey Dunn
62 (born Apr 22nd, 1961)
Place of birth:
United Kingdom (Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England)


Contact: [email protected]

Runs Z.F.T. Production Studios, offering mixing, mastering, and production services.

Performed the first guitar solo on the track "All Hope Has Gone" of the album New Man, New Songs, Same Shit. Vol.2 (Mystic Production, 2021) by Me and that Man, an acoustic/folk rock project from Behemoth's Nergal.

M:Pire of Evil

Guitars (2010-present)

2011 Primevil (Demo) Guitars
2011 Creatures of the Black (EP) Guitars
2012 Hell to the Holy Guitars
2013 Demone (Single) Guitars
2013 Crucified Guitars
2014 Double Jeopardy (Split) Guitars, Bass (on tracks 1, 4)
2014 Live (Live album) Guitars


Bass, Keyboards (1988), Guitars (lead) (1988-present)

1988 Winds of Change Guitars (lead), Bass, Keyboards
1988 Deceiver (Single) Guitars (lead), Bass, Keyboards
2004 Zero Tolerance (Single) Guitars (lead)
2004 Zero Tolerance Guitars (lead)

Venom Inc.

Guitars (2015-present)

2017 Dein Fleisch (Single) Guitars
2017 Avé Guitars, Drum programming
2018 War (Single) Guitars
2022 There's Only Black Guitars






Guitars (1979-1986, 1989-1992, 1995-2002)

1980 Demon (Demo) Guitars (as "Jeff "Mantas" Dunn")
1980 Demo (Demo) Guitars
1981 In League with Satan / Live like an Angel (Die like a Devil) (Single) Guitars
1981 Welcome to Hell Guitars
1982 Bloodlust (Single) Guitars
1982 Black Metal Guitars
1983 Live E.P. (Video) Guitars
1983 Die Hard (Single) Guitars
1984 The 7th Date of Hell - Live at Hammersmith Odeon (Video) Guitars
1984 Warhead (Single) Guitars
1984 At War with Satan Guitars
1984 Manitou (Single) Guitars
1985 Video Nightmare (Video) Guitars
1985 Combat Tour Live: The Ultimate Revenge (Split video) Vocals (backing), Guitars
1985 Metal City (Split video) Guitars
1985 Canadian Assault (EP) Guitars
1985 Possessed Guitars
1985 From Hell to the Unknown... (Compilation) Guitars
1985 Nightmare (Single) Guitars
1985 French Assault (EP) Guitars
1985 American Assault (EP) Guitars
1985 Bursting Out / Pull the Trigger (Split) Guitars
1985 Hell at Hammersmith - Alive in '85 (EP) Guitars
1985 Hell at Hammersmith (Video) Guitars
1986 Official Bootleg (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
1986 Scandinavian Assault (EP) Guitars
1986 Welcome to Hell / Black Metal (Compilation) Guitars
1986 The Singles 80-86 (Compilation) Guitars
1986 Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Live album) Guitars
1986 Japanese Assault (Compilation) Guitars
1987 German Assault (EP) Guitars
1987 Metal City: The Best of British Metal Music (Split) Guitars
1989 Prime Evil Guitars (lead)
1990 Live '90 (Video) Vocals (backing), Guitars
1990 ...Tear Your Soul Apart (EP) Guitars
1991 Acid Queen (Compilation) Guitars
1991 Temples of Ice Guitars (lead)
1991 In Memorium (Compilation) Guitars
1992 Radio Hell: The Friday Rock Show Sessions (Split) Guitars
1992 The Book of Armageddon (Compilation) Guitars
1992 The Waste Lands Guitars
1993 Kissing the Beast (Compilation) Guitars
1993 Leave Me in Hell (Compilation) Vocals (backing), Guitars
1993 Skeletons in the Closet (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1993 Old, New, Borrowed and Blue (Compilation) Guitars
1996 Venom '96 (EP) Guitars
1996 Black Reign (Compilation) Guitars
1997 From Heaven to the Unknown (Compilation) Guitars
1997 The Second Coming (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
1997 Cast in Stone Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1998 New Live & Rare (Compilation) Guitars
2000 The Collection (Compilation) Guitars
2000 The Court of Death (Compilation) Guitars
2000 Resurrection Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2001 The Venom Archive (Compilation) Guitars
2001 Greatest Hits & More (Compilation) Guitars
2002 Kissing the Beast (Compilation) Guitars
2002 Bitten (Live album) Guitars
2002 Lay Down Your Soul! (Compilation) Guitars (lead)
2003 Witching Hour - The Best of Venom (Compilation) Guitars
2003 In League with Satan (Compilation) Guitars
2003 Witching Hour (Live album) Guitars
2017 Live from the Hammersmith Odeon Theatre (Live album) Guitars
2019 In Nomine Satanas - The Neat Anthology (40 Years in Sodom) (Compilation) Guitars
2020 Sons of Satan: Rare and Unreleased (Compilation) Guitars
(show all)


Guitars (1992-1993)

2021 The Songbook of Filth (Compilation) Guitars (Disc 1; track 2), (Disc 2; track 9)

Last One Dying

As Jeff "Mantas" Dunn:


Guitars (2006)

Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus

As Jeff "Mantas" Dunn:

2022 Sword of Fierbois Guitars (lead) (track 1), Guitars (rhythm) (track 1)


2014 Raise the Axe (EP) Guitars (track 2)

Crystal Viper

2017 Queen of the Witches Guitars (lead)

Last One Dying

2009 The Hour of Lead Guitars (track 8)


2015 Headhunting (EP) Guitars (lead)

Smoke & Mirrors

As Jeff "Mantas" Dunn:

2020 Monsters We Hide (Single) Guitars (lead)

The Wolves of Avalon

2015 Die Hard (Single) Guitars, Vocals (track 1)
2016 Across Corpses Grey Guitars (track 3)


1984 Noise, Filth and Fury E.P. (EP) Guitars (track 1)
1984 Pure Filth Guitars (additional) (track 10)
1988 A Conflict of Hatred Guitars

Xenos A.D.

As Jeff “Mantas” Dunn:

2020 Filthgrinder Guitars (lead) (track 4)

M:Pire of Evil

2012 Hell to the Holy Mixing, Producer
2014 Double Jeopardy (Split) Mixing, Mastering, Cover art, Layout
2014 Live (Live album) Mixing, Mastering, Producer, Cover art, Layout


1988 Winds of Change Producer


2015 Cry Havoc Producer (as "Jeff "Mantas" Dunn")

Venom Inc.

2017 Dein Fleisch (Single) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2017 Avé Producer, Mixing, Mastering (as "J. Dunn")
2022 There's Only Black Producer, Mixing
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