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Malus Peior Pessimus

Malus Peior Pessimus

Real/full name:
Nelson Paschoal Junior
37 (born Apr 17th, 1984)
Place of birth:
Brazil (São Paulo, São Paulo)


As Malus Pessimus:

2009 Opus Apocalyptic (Demo) Drums
2011 Infernal Pride Drums (as "Mallus")


As Malus:
Drums (2017-present)


As Junior Paschoal:
Drums (2016-present)

2016 The Horizon Dawning (EP) Drums (as "Mallus P.P")
2017 When the Storm Gives Way to Darkness (Single) Drums (as "Mallus P.P")
2017 Embracing My Funeral (Single) Drums (as "Mallus P.P")
2017 Cold Light of the Horizon Dawning Drums (as "Mallus P.P")
2018 Thunderstorm (Single) Drums (as "Mallus P.P")
2019 Nothing Will Stop Me Now (Single) Drums (as "Mallus P.P")
2020 The Forest Calls My Name (Single) Drums (as "Mallus P.P")

Esgaroth War


Ode Mortvm

As Mallus:
Drums (2018-present)

2020 Necrvm Cæremonialium Drums

Spiritual Hate

Drums (2019-present)

2020 Hate Shall Prevail (Single) Drums

Black Angel

As Nelson Paschoal Junior:
Drums (2013-?)


Drums (2004-2005, 2007-2009)

2004 March to Battle Fields (Demo) Drums

Gangrena Febrosa

As Malus:
Drums (2006-?)

2006 Repugnance cadaverica (Demo) Drums
2007 Abominaciones quirúrgicas Drums
2009 Abominables horror vivo (Video) Drums
2010 Absceso anorrectal (Single) Drums
2011 Surgical Abominations Medical Drums
2011 Severe Fatality Homicide (EP) Drums
2013 Human Eviscerations (Split) Drums


As N.P Junior:
Drums (2014-2016)

2016 ABC ao Extremo - Live in Garage Fest (Split) Drums
2016 Antisocial Alcoholic Metal (EP) Drums

Insanity Force

As Junior Pascoal:
Drums (2012-2013)


Drums (2006-2013)

2006 Total Destruction (EP) Drums
2008 Hell War Drums

Legio Inferi

Drums (2013-2014, 2018-2021)

2014 Tragédias do Infinito Nascer Drums (as "Mallus")
2020 Não Existem Sacrifícios... Apenas Deixe de Existir (EP) Drums (as "Malus")

Mørk Visdom

Drums (2017-2020)

2020 Impure Nights of Dense Witchcraft (EP) Drums (as "Pessimus")


As Malus:
Drums (2013-2016)

2015 Nexion Chaos Drums

Black Angel

Drums (2013-present)

Legio Inferi

As Mallus:

2013 Tragédias do Infinito Nascer (Demo) Drums


2017 Cold Light of the Horizon Dawning Remixing, Remastering (as "Junior Pascoal")

Legio Inferi

2014 Tragédias do Infinito Nascer Producer, Recording (as "Mallus")

Ode Mortvm

2020 Necrvm Cæremonialium Producer, Arrangements (as "Mallus")


2016 Crossing into Darkness Remixing, Remastering


2014 Tenebrifer Recording, Editing, Engineering, Remastering, Remixing

Without My Shadow

2015 Countdown to Apocalypse Remastering, Remixing (as "Mallus")
2015 Conquering the Avarice of Mortality (EP) Remastering, Remixing (as "Mallus")
2015 Without My Shadow (Demo) Remastering, Remixing (as "Mallus")
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