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Real/full name:
Scott Conner
50 (born Aug 20th, 1973)
Place of birth:
United States (California)


Scott "Malefic" Conner played in several death metal bands in Southern California before creating Xasthur in December 1995, in Alhambra, California.

He has noted Burzum as an inspiration for his one-man approach: "the main way that Burzum inspired me (contrary to popular belief) was that he could do it all on his own-- why couldn't I?"; as well as Graveland.


In 2012, Malefic announced the beginning of an acoustic project called "Nocturnal Poisoning", although the project's material dates back to March 30th, 2012. Conner has stated this is not a continuation of Xasthur. However, in March 2015, it was announced that Nocturnal Poisoning would also perform under the name Xasthur (with a similar logo) in the hopes that it would bring the band more ...

Menstrual Vampires

As Scott Conner:
Bass, Drums, Vocals (2021-present)

2023 Menstrual Vampires Bass, Drums, Vocals


As Scott Conner:
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (1995-2010, 2015-present), Vocals (1995-2010), Drums (1999-2010)

1999 Orosius / Xasthur (Split) Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (lead)
2001 A Darkened Winter (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2001 A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2002 Xasthur / Acid Enema (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2002 Rehearsal 2002 (Demo) All instruments
2002 Nocturnal Poisoning All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
2003 Xasthur / Acid Enema (Split) All instruments, Vocal, Music
2003 Suicide in Dark Serenity (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2003 The Funeral of Being All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting
2004 A Sermon in the Name of Death (Demo) Vocals, All instruments
2004 Xasthur / Angra Mainyu (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2004 Xasthur / Leviathan (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2004 Nachtmystium / Xasthur (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2004 Telepathic with the Deceased All instruments, Vocals
2004 To Violate the Oblivious All instruments, Vocals
2004 Nortt / Xasthur (Split) Everything
2006 Xasthur (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2006 Subliminal Genocide All instruments, Vocals
2007 Striborg / Xasthur (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2007 Cryostasium / Xasthur (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2007 Defective Epitaph Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Cello, Drums
2008 A Living Hell (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2009 All Reflections Drained All instruments, Vocals
2010 2005 Demo (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2010 Portal of Sorrow All instruments, Vocals
2012 Nightmares at Dawn All instruments, Vocals
2013 1997-1999 Rehearsal (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals
2016 Subject to Change Songwriting, Piano, Guitars, Lyrics, Tambourine, Bass (as "Scott")
2017 Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees Everything
2018 Aestas Pretium MMXVIII (EP) Songwriting, Lyrics, Guitars (as "Scott C.")
2018 A Misleading Reality Lyrics, Tambourine, Guitars, Songwriting, Bass
2018 Other Worlds of the Mind Electronics, Guitars, Songwriting, Tambourine (as "Scott C.")
2021 The Hallucination Tunnels (Collaboration) Unknown (as "S. Conner")
2021 Victims of the Times Keyboards, Lyrics, Piano, Guitars, Songwriting (as "Scott")
2021 Ominous Fates (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals
2023 Euphoric Bad Trip (Single) Songwriting, Keyboards, Guitars, Drum programming, Bass
2023 A Future to Fear II (Single) Keyboards, Bass, Drum programming, Guitars, Songwriting
2023 Inevitably Dark Drum programming, Bass, Songwriting, Keyboards, Guitars
(show all)


Bass, Keyboards

2003 Demo (Demo) Bass, Keyboards
2006 Imperium Magnum Infernalis Bass, Keyboards

Nocturnal Poisoning

As Scott:
Guitars (acoustic), Bass, Tambourine (2010-2015)




Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (2004-2008)

2005 Twilight Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

Sunn O)))

Vocals (2005-2006)


2010 Entraves de l'âme All instruments (track 1)


2011 Masters in Lunacy Bass
2013 Fog Bass (as "Scott Conner")


As Scott Connor:

2011 Despond Lyrics (track 7)


2009 Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis 1993 / Solve et Coagula (Split) Vocals
2009 Solve et Coagula (Compilation) Vocals (track 1)


2009 Perceiving the World with Hate Keyboards, Vocals (track 3)

Sunn O)))

2005 Black One Guitars (tracks 5, 6), Keyboards (track 6), Vocals (tracks 3, 7)
2006 Angel Coma (Split) Vocals
2006 La Mort Noir dans Esch / Alzette (Live album) Vocals
2015 2006​.​03​.​14, Casa de Musica, Porto, Portugal (Live album) Vocals (as "Xasthur")
2015 2006.02.17, Point Ephémère, Paris, France (Live album) Vocals (as "Xasthur")
2015 2006.02.11, Cockpit, Leeds, The United Kingdom (Live album) Vocals (as "Xasthur")
2015 2005.12.16, O))) First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, The United States (Live album) Vocals
2015 2006.03.03, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Live album) Vocals (as "Xasthur")
2015 2006.02.15, Custard Factory, Birmingham, The United Kingdom (Live album) Vocals (as "Xasthur")
2015 2006.02.10, Islington Academy, London, The United Kingdom (Live album) Vocals (as "Xasthur")
2015 2006​​.​​03​​.​​14, Casa de Musica, Porto, PT (Live album) Vocals (as "Xasthur")
2018 2018.11.18, Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Live album) Vocals
(show all)


2004 Förintelsehymner (Demo) Remastering


2002 Nocturnal Poisoning Mixing
2003 The Funeral of Being Recording, Engineering
2007 Defective Epitaph Mixing
2012 Nightmares at Dawn Photography (as "Scott")
2021 Victims of the Times Photography, Paintings (as "Scott")
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