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Magnus Karlsson

Magnus Karlsson

Real/full name:
Magnus Karlsson
48 (born Nov 26th, 1973)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Höör, Skåne)

Allen / Olzon

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2019-present)

2020 Worlds Apart Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2022 Army of Dreamers Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Songwriting

Anette Olzon

Guitars (2021-present)

2021 Strong Guitars (lead, rhythm), Songwriting


Guitars (2022-present)

2022 We Belong to the Stars Guitars

Heart Healer

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2020-present)

2021 The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson Guitars, Keyboards, Bass

Kiske / Somerville

Guitars, Keyboards (2009-present)

2010 Silence (Single) Guitars (rhythm, lead), Keyboards
2010 Kiske / Somerville Guitars (lead, rhythm), Keyboards
2015 City of Heroes Keyboards, Songwriting, Guitars

Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (2011-present)

2013 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Vocals (tracks 3, 8, 12, 13), Bass, Lyrics, Keyboards, Guitars
2015 Kingdom of Rock Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (tracks 6, 11)
2020 We Are the Night Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (tracks 3, 10)

Planet Alliance

Guitars, Keyboards

2006 Planet Alliance Guitars (tracks 1-3, 5, 8, 10, 11), Keyboards (tracks 1, 5, 8, 11)

Primal Fear

Guitars (2008-present)

2009 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) (Track 13)
2010 16.6 All over the World (Video) Guitars (tracks 18, 23, 27, 29)
2011 Bad Guys Wear Black (Single) Guitars, Keyboards
2012 Unbreakable Guitars, Keyboards
2013 When Death Comes Knocking (Single) Guitars
2014 Delivering the Black Lyrics, Keyboards, Songwriting, Guitars
2016 Rulebreaker Songwriting, Guitars, Lyrics, Keyboards
2017 Best of Fear (Compilation) Guitars
2018 Hounds of Justice (Single) Guitars
2018 King of Madness (Single) Keyboards, Guitars
2018 The Ritual (Single) Guitars
2018 Apocalypse Guitars, Keyboards
2018 Crucify Me (Single) Guitars
2020 Along Came the Devil (Single) Guitars
2020 I Am Alive (Single) Guitars
2020 Metal Commando Guitars, Keyboards
2021 I Will Be Gone (EP) Guitars
(show all)


Guitars, Keyboards, Piano (2005-present)

The Codex

Guitars, Keyboards (2007-?)

2007 The Codex Keyboards, Lyrics, Guitars

The Ferrymen

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

2017 The Ferrymen Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2019 A New Evil Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2022 One More River to Cross Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Allen - Lande

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2005-2013)

2005 The Battle Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2007 The Revenge Songwriting, Bass, Lyrics, Keyboards, Guitars
2010 The Showdown Guitars, Vocals (backing), Bass, Keyboards

Bob Catley


2008 Immortal Songwriting, Keyboards, Guitars (lead) (track 3)

Frontiers All Stars

Guitars (2020)

Last Tribe

Guitars, Keyboards

2001 The Ritual Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Guitars
2002 Witch Dance Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) (track 12)
2002 Witch Dance Guitars, Banjo (tenor), Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2003 The Uncrowned Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)

Midnight Sun

Guitars (1999-?)

1999 Nemesis Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2001 Metal Machine Guitars (as "Magnus")


Guitars (2011)

Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite

2013 Galahad Suite Guitars (solo) (track 4)


2017 Cup of Tears Guitars


2007 The Gathering (Compilation) Guitars (track 11), Bass (track 11), Keyboards (track 11)

Level 10

2015 Chapter One Guitars (acoustic) (track 9)

Place Vendome

2017 Close to the Sun Guitars (lead, track 8)

Primal Fear

2007 New Religion Guitars (lead) (track 3)


2011 Scheepers Guitars, Bass, Banjo, Accordion, Keyboards

Signum Regis

2019 The Seal of a New World Guitars (solo track 8,12)


2011 One Bullet Left Guitars (additional)
2017 Tequila Suicide Keyboards, Guitars
2019 Death Letter (Single) Guitars (lead)
2019 Santa muerte Keyboards, Guitar solo (track 7)

Allen - Lande

2005 The Battle Producer, Engineering (guitars, bass, keyboards)
2007 The Revenge Engineering, Producer
2010 The Showdown Producer, Recording

Allen / Olzon

2020 Worlds Apart Recording, Producer
2022 Army of Dreamers Producer

Anette Olzon

2021 Strong Producer, Recording

Kiske / Somerville

2010 Silence (Single) Producer
2010 Kiske / Somerville Producer
2015 City of Heroes Co-producer, Engineering

Last Tribe

2001 The Ritual Producer
2002 Witch Dance Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 The Uncrowned Producer

Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall

2013 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Producer
2015 Kingdom of Rock Recording, Producer
2020 We Are the Night Recording, Producer

Place Vendome

2009 Streets of Fire Songwriting (track 2)
2013 Thunder in the Distance Songwriting (track 11)
2017 Close to the Sun Songwriting (track 8)

Primal Fear

2014 Delivering the Black Co-producer (music)
2016 Rulebreaker Co-producer
2018 Apocalypse Songwriting, Co-producer, Lyrics

The Codex

2007 The Codex Producer

The Ferrymen

2017 The Ferrymen Producer
2019 A New Evil Recording, Producer
2022 One More River to Cross Recording, Producer
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