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Magister Nocturnal

Magister Nocturnal

Real/full name:
Растко Перишић
35 (born Mar 28th, 1988)
Place of birth:
Serbia (Novi Sad)


Lived in Stockholm, Sweden between 2011 and 2014.

Magister Nocturnal earned a MA degree at Cinema in Stockholm. He has a BA degree at Film Academy on Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, prior to which he finished Musical High School and Elementary Musical School, with major in violin and music theory, and piano and flute as secondary instruments.

He is very passionate about astronomy and is ...


Changed name due to obtaining a degree in Cinema. That is also a rank in the LaVeyan Satanism. His previous name was only "Nocturnal".

Ancient Sorrow


2009 Insomnia Aeternum (Demo) Orchestrations

Midnight Whispers



As Rastko Perišić:
Everything (2004-present)

2005 Demo '05 (Demo) Everything
2006 Слава Перуну Everything
2006 Братство смрти Everything
2007 Carstvo tišine Everything
2007 Hatedolls and Lies (Split) Everything
2009 Part of the Infinity Everything
2010 De Sphaera Volvelle Everything
2013 Temple of Old Lords (Split) Everything
2014 Um Everything
2016 The Sunsettler's Motel Everything
2019 Memento Noir (Single) Everything
2020 Jazz Soundtracks for Embalming Everything
2021 Nostalgia Everything
2024 Moments of Pure Bliss (Single) Everything
(show all)

Dys Inbunden

Bass, Piano, Orchestrations (2013-2016)

2015 One with Morbidity, the Opus Misanthropy Piano, Orchestrations


2010 Misanthropia (EP) Orchestrations (track 4) (as "Nocturnal")
2010 Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness Keyboards, Songwriting (tracks 1, 9) (as "Nocturnal")
2012 The Acausal Fire Orchestrations


As Rastko Perišić:

2019 Antagarthas Speaks - Part I: Empathy Erased (EP) Outro (track 3)


2017 Vampire Queen (EP) Video (as "Rastko Perisic")
2017 Kill The Leader (EP) Video (as "Rastko Perisic")
2018 Freedom Call (EP) Video (as "Rastko Perisic")
2018 Ukleta šuma (Altum Silentium) (Collaboration) Video montage (as "Rastko Perišić")
2018 Polaris (Single) Photography (as "Rastko Perišić")
2019 Lavica 2019 (Single) Video (as "Rastko Perisic")
2020 Annabel Lee (Single) Video (as "Rastko Perisic")
2020 Sky Painter (Single) Video montage (track 2) (as "Rastko Perisic")
2020 Druid (Single) Video (as "Rastko Perisic")

New Mythology

2020 Svojim putem Video (as "Rastko Perišić")


2014 Live Mass Oppression (Video) Recording, Producer


2005 Demo '05 (Demo) Recording, Production, Post-Production
2006 Слава Перуну Recording, Production, Post-Production
2006 Братство смрти Recording, Production, Post-Production
2007 Carstvo tišine Recording, Production, Post-Production
2009 Part of the Infinity Recording, Production, Post-Production
2010 De Sphaera Volvelle Recording, Production, Post-Production
2014 Um Recording, Producer
2016 The Sunsettler's Motel Recording, Producer
2019 Memento Noir (Single) Design (as "Rastko Perišić")
2020 Jazz Soundtracks for Embalming Recording, Production, Cover layout, Cover design (as "Rastko Perišić")
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