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Louis Rando

Louis Rando

Real/full name:
Louis Rando
43 (born Mar 10th, 1979)
Place of birth:
Australia (Perth, Western Australia)


Louis also played session drums for Desmond Sia's project Ishtar in 1997. Aside from a rehearsal demo, however, nothing else amounted from the short-lived project.


As Disaster:
Drums, Vocals (2011-present)

2011 Thrashing Black Devil Worship (Demo) Drums
2013 Death Magic Rites (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2014 Spell of the Raven Witch (Single) Drums, Vocals
2015 Cultus Diaboli Drums, Vocals
2017 At the Devil's Left Hand Drums, Vocals



2018 Evil Upheaval Drums
2020 Grand Malevolence Drums


As Dizazter:

2019 Slay for Satan (EP) Drums
2022 Diabolos Brigade Drums


As Dizazter:
Drums (2011-present)

2012 Penang Abomination Tour 2011 (Video) Drums
2012 Ravage & Conquer Drums
2012 Tormentors of Kota Bharu (Live album) Drums
2012 Growl of the Black Flames (Video) Drums
2013 Live in Penang 2012 - Asia Tour 2012 (Video) Drums
2013 The Impious Crusade (EP) Drums
2018 Tribute to Blasphemy (Split) Drums
2019 Versus All Gods Drums
2020 Anal Madonna Redesecration (EP) Drums


Drums (2008-present)

2010 Antinomian Vocals (additional), Drums
2011 Heresiarch Drums, Vocals (additional), Songwriting (tracks 1-2, 5-8), Lyrics (track 8)

The Furor

As Disaster:
Drums, Vocals (2002-2010, 2011-present), Guitars, Bass (2011-present)

2004 Invert Absolute Drums, Vocals (as "Dizazter")
2005 Advance Australia Warfare Drums, Vocals (as "Dizazter")
2008 Assault by Fire (EP) Drums, Vocals
2011 War upon Worship Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics
2012 Sermon of Slaughter (EP) Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics
2013 Advance Australia Warfare Drums, Vocals (as "Dizazter")
2013 War upon Worship Drums, Vocals (as "Dizazter")
2013 Sermon of Slaughter (EP) Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "Dizazter")
2014 Impending Revelation All instruments, Vocals (as "Dizazter")
2017 Cavalries of the Occult Drums, Vocals (as "Dizazter")
2017 Double Armageddon (Compilation) Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
2021 Obliteration Matrix All instruments (as "Dizazter")
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Drums (1995-1997)

1995 Dybbuk (Demo) Drums

Malignant Monster

Drums (2011-2016)

2012 Prelude to Murder (EP) Drums
2013 Yours in Murder Drums

Militant Mass

Drums (1998-2000)

1997 No. 76 (Demo) Drums (as "Scoppy")
1998 Mark 5 (Demo) Drums


Drums, Vocals (1997-2001)

1997 Zi Dingir Pagan Kanpa (Demo) Drums
1998 Rule or Ruin Drums, Vocals
1998 Armageddon 2000 (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1999 Unreleased (EP) Drums, Vocals


Drums (2002-2006, 2010-2011)

2005 Bloodline Drums


Drums (2011-2012, 2013-2017)


As Louis "Disaster" Rando:
Vocals, Drums (1999-2011)

2010 Hellbound Drums, Vocals


Drums (2005)

Earth Rot

Drums (2015)


Drums (2008-2011)


As Dizazter:

2017 Scourge of Power (EP) Drums

I, Enclave

2020 Death Contemplations (EP) Drums (track 2)


2018 Evil Upheaval Design

The Furor

2004 Invert Absolute Lyrics (as "Dizazter")
2008 Assault by Fire (EP) Cover art (as "Disaster")
2011 War upon Worship Recording (guitars, bass, vocals & synth) (as "Disaster")
2012 Sermon of Slaughter (EP) Recording (as "Disaster")
2013 War upon Worship Lyrics (as "Dizazter")
2013 Sermon of Slaughter (EP) Lyrics (as "Dizazter")
2016 Cavalries of the Occult Songwriting (as "Drums/Vocals/Songwriting")
2017 Cavalries of the Occult Songwriting (as "Dizazter")
2021 Obliteration Matrix Producer (as "Disaster")
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