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Lord Sxuperion

Lord Sxuperion

Real/full name:
Matthew Schott
Place of origin:
United States (Mammoth Lakes, CA)


Owner of Bloody Mountain Records.

Garden of Hesperides

As Vasara:
Everything (2013-present)

2013 Hymn of Forest Floor (EP) Everything
2014 The Frozen Garden of the Hesperides Everything
2014 Forest Journey ...and the Cloven Echo (EP) Everything
2014 Forest Journey Pt.II ...the Fallen from Winds (EP) Everything
2018 Forest Journey Pt.III - Final Moments (EP) Everything


As Matthew:
Guitars (lead), Drums, Vocals

2020 Into the Night (EP) Guitars (lead), Drums, Vocals

spice breather

All instruments


All instruments


As Sxuperion:
All instruments, Vocals

2011 Satanic Idol Whoreship (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2013 Whoreshipping the Depths (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2013 Inverted Goat Orifice (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2014 Through Cosmic Corridors All instruments, Vocals (as "S")
2015 -EON- All (as "S")
2015 Verräter / Sxuperion (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2015 Verräter / Sxuperion (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2016 Cosmic Void All (as "Matthew")
2019 Endless Spiritual Embodiment All instruments, Vocals (as "Matthew")
2020 Omniscient Pulse All instruments, Vocals (as "Matthew")


As Matthew:
Drums (1999-present)

2005 Battlescars (Demo) Drums
2007 Valdur (Demo) Drums
2007 Valdur Drums (as "L.S.")
2008 Battlescars / Sounds of Frozen Hate / This Is My War (Split) Drums
2009 Berserrker (Single) Drums
2009 Lightning Swords of Death / Valdur (Split) Drums
2010 Burning Your Churches to Ash, Fucking Your God Up Her Ass (Split) Drums
2010 Berserrker/Demon Wisdom (Single) Drums
2010 Raven God Amongst Us Drums (as "L.S.")
2012 The Hammer Pit (EP) Drums (as "Sxuperion")
2012 Blast Beast (Single) Drums
2013 Blast Beast (EP) Drums
2013 At War With Drums (as "Sxuperion")
2015 Morbid Emanations (Single) Drums, FX
2015 Pathetic Scum Vocals (lead), Drums
2017 Divine Cessation Lyrics, Drums
2018 Goat of Iniquity Drums, Vocals
2020 Molted (Single) Drums, Guitars (lead), Vocals
(show all)



2005 Apertures of the Abyss (EP) Drums
2006 Dark Is the Path of Eternity Drums
2006 Artery Chapter Drums
2006 Infernal Waves (Single) Drums
2007 Lanrete Era Ev (EP) Drums
2008 Serpent Light Drums
2011 The Skeletons of Fallen Angels Drums

Ritual Combat

Drums (2011-2012)

Endless Blizzard

1997 Guillotine Technocracy (Demo) Drums (as "Hanno. K")
2003 Beyond the Frozen Gates (Demo) Drums
2006 In the Glare of Black / Beyond the Frozen Gates (Split) Drums
2008 Remember Your Death Drums
2021 Pale and Trouble (EP) Drums (track 1) (as "Sxuperion")


As Sxuperion:

2017 Abyssal Blood Sacrifices Intro on track 8


2009 Dwell in Darkness Vocals, Lyrics (on 'The Scar')


2020 Into the Night (EP) Mixing (as "Matthew")


2013 Inverted Goat Orifice (EP) Mixing (as "Sxuperion")
2017 Myriad (EP) Recording (as "Matthew S.")
2019 Endless Spiritual Embodiment Mixing, Layout (as "Sxuperion")
2020 Omniscient Pulse Recording (as "Matthew")


2007 Valdur Mixing
2008 Battlescars / Sounds of Frozen Hate / This Is My War (Split) Producer, Mixing (as "L.Sxuperion")
2009 Lightning Swords of Death / Valdur (Split) Producer, Mixing (Valdur tracks) (as "l.s.")
2010 Berserrker/Demon Wisdom (Single) Mixing
2015 Pathetic Scum Mixing (as "Matthew")
2017 Divine Cessation Mixing, Producer (as "Matthew")
2018 Goat of Iniquity Mixing, Engineering, Producer (as "Matthew")
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