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Lord Sabathan

Lord Sabathan

Real/full name:
Franck Lorent
50 (born Aug 21st, 1970)
Place of origin:
Belgium (Namur)


Featured in the porn movie "Phallusifer - The Immoral Code" as Sabathan.


As L.S.:

2019 Demo I (Demo) Bass (as "L. S.")
2019 Lucifer Vult (EP) Bass (as "L. S.")


Bass, Vocals

Slaughter Messiah

Vocals, Bass (2011-present)

2011 Promo Tape 2011 (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2012 Deathlike Invasion (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2013 Black Speed Terror (EP) Bass, Vocals
2014 Putrid Invokation (EP) Vocals, Bass
2016 Morbid Re-Incantations (EP) Vocals, Bass
2020 Cursed to the Pyre Bass, Vocals

Dawn of Crucifixion

Bass, Vocals (backing) (2009-2010)

2010 Dawn of Crucifixion (Demo) Bass
2010 Obscene Perversion in Genocide / Goat Ass (Split) Bass
2011 Piss, Blood, Destruction / Ritual Desecration 2010 (Demo) Bass

Distant Warning

As Franck Lorent:
Bass (1999-2000, 2005-2008)

2007 Démo #1 (Demo) Bass (as "Franck")

Dying Corpse

As Franck Lorent:

1992 When Darkness Falls (Demo) Bass


Vocals, Bass (1993-2006), Keyboards (1995-1997)

1994 Promo 94 (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
1994 Scared by Darkwinds / Longing for the Ancient Kingdom II (Split) Vocals, Bass
1995 Prophecies of Pagan Fire Keyboards, Lyrics (tracks 1-7, 9), Vocals, Bass
1997 Towards the Skullthrone of Satan Vocals (lead), Bass, Keyboards
1998 Regie Sathanas - A Tribute to Cernunnos (EP) Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (track 3)
1998 Hymns to the Fallen (Split) Vocals, Bass
1999 Hymns to the Fallen II (Split) Vocals, Bass
1999 The Apocalypse Manifesto Vocals (lead), Bass (as "Lord Dominus Pervertum Sabathan")
2000 Promo 2000 (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2000 Hymns to the Fallen III (Split) Vocals, Bass
2001 Armoured Bestial Hell Vocals, Bass
2002 Carnage in Worlds Beyond Vocals (lead), Bass (as "Sabathan")
2003 Goatlust (EP) Vocals, Bass
2004 XES Haereticum Vocals (lead), Bass (as "Sabathan")
2005 Black Goat Ritual (Live in Thy Flesh) (Live album) Vocals (lead), Bass (as "Sabathan")
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As Franck Lorent:


As L. Sabathan:
Bass, Vocals (2007-2018)

2011 Horacle (EP) Bass, Vocals
2013 A Wicked Procession (EP) Bass, Vocals
2015 Dead Eyes Revelations Bass (as "Sabathan")

Morbid Death

As Franck Lorent:
Bass (1987-1990)

1989 Demoniac (Demo) Bass (as "Guy-Guy")
1990 Rehearsal 90 (Demo) Bass (as "Frank")


As Sabathan:
Bass (1991-?)

1993 Torture and Suffering (Demo) Bass (as "Frank Lorent")


As Sabathan:

2002 Necrorgy (Demo) Vocals (additional)
2004 Guilty to Exist Vocals

Sors Immanis

2016 Au dernier jour... Vocals (track 13)


2014 Turmoil and Misery (Split) Backings


2004 XES Haereticum Mastering (as "Sabathan")
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