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Lord Forneus

Lord Forneus

Real/full name:
Place of origin:
United Kingdom (Cheltenham, England)


Founding member of Winter Forest Industries.

..Quite Simply...CUNT

As Lord Cunt:
Vocals, Guitars, Drums (2011-present)

Damp Dungeon


Dark Isle

All instruments (2004-present)

Darkened Monestary

Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Noise (2011-present)

2012 Night Expeditions Through English Woodland & Graveyards (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Noise

Forest Moonlight

All instruments, Vocals (1998-2000), Vocals, Guitars (2013-present)

1999 Walking Through the Moonlit Forest (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2014 (no title) All instruments, Vocals
2017 Mid-Winter Mournings All instruments, Vocals, Guitars

Froze. Hatech.

All instruments (2008-present)


All instruments, Vocals (2008-present)

2011 Awakening Ritual of Ice & Fire (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Suicidal Failure.. Recording Outtakes (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Woodlands... (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Storming the Severn Estuary (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Frozen in Winter Forest.. (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Suicidal Winter E.P. (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Over Snow Covered Land (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Northland Depression All instruments, Vocals
2012 Across Vast English Fields During the Snows (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Under Northern Lights (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Winter Forest Dreams (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2012 From English Soil.. (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Alone, Depressed & Commiting Acts of Arson (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Engulfed by Black Winds (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Grímvocation (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2013 A Noose Around My Neck (EP) Songwriting (tracks 1-3), All instruments, Vocals
2013 Covered in Satanic Frost (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2013 The Evening Twilight - Death in the Cold Trilogy Part I (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2013 The Vast Black of the Forest - Death in the Cold Trilogy Part 3 (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2013 Drifting as Snow - Death in the Cold Trilogy Part 2 (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2013 Assault on Norrland (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2013 Through Blizzard to Hypothermia (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Guitars (acoustic) (track 6)
2014 Return to Hypothermia (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
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Lord Forneus

All instruments, Vocals (2006-present)

2006 Black Infernal Torment (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Black Infernal Torment 2010 (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2013 A Gathering of Four Tyrants (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Drum programming

Mists of Poveglia

All instruments (2008-present)


All instruments (2012-present)

Satanik Nekro Forest

Vocals, Guitars (2012-present)

Skög av Vinter

Vocals, Guitars (2011-present)

2011 Frozen Promo (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2013 Blizzard Metal Kings (Demo) Vocals, Guitars

Wolven Woodlands

All instruments (2011-present)

Wulf Kloff

All instruments (2011-present)


As ACid:
Guitars (2006-2007)

2006 Goat Fukk Yourself (rehearsal Friday 13th April 2006) (Demo) Guitars
2007 Untitled Split (Split) Guitars
2008 Rehearsal Demo 2006 (Demo) Guitars
2008 Goat Fukk Yourself...Again (Demo) Guitars

Projekt Forneus

All instruments, Vocals (2008-?)

2011 Hiberna - Bard Dreaming... (Demo) All instruments, Vocals

Suffering (UK)

Guitars (2011-2016)

Üksinda Bunker


2011 Harjutamine July 2006 (Demo) Guitars

Forest Moonlight

2014 (no title) Artwork, Producer
2017 Mid-Winter Mournings Production


2011 Over Snow Covered Land (Single) Producer
2011 Northland Depression Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2012 Across Vast English Fields During the Snows (EP) Photography
2012 Alone, Depressed & Commiting Acts of Arson (EP) Producer
2012 Engulfed by Black Winds (Single) Artwork
2013 The Evening Twilight - Death in the Cold Trilogy Part I (EP) Producer
2014 Return to Hypothermia (Demo) Artwork

Skög av Vinter

2011 Frozen Promo (Single) Producer
2013 Blizzard Metal Kings (Demo) Producer
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