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Lord Faustoos

Lord Faustoos

Real/full name:
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Beaten Victoriouses

Vocals (2005-present)

2011 Abalis (Demo) Vocals
2012 T Error Vocals
2014 Kose Khare Anbiya - Kose Khare Oliya (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2015 Haft Khan (Demo) Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (backing)
2016 1001 Nights and 37 Years of Nightmare (Video) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2017 Drown The Enlightened Vocals,guitars


Bass, Cello, Daf, Santoor, Singing Bowl, Tanboor, Guitars, Divan, Vocals (2006-present)

2006 Vendetta Vocals
2008 Black Magick Me(n)tal Vocals
2009 Allaho Asghar Bass, Vocals
2010 False Hood Master Piss (Live album) Daf, Vocals, Bass, Santoor
2011 Khaen (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2012 Killing Genes in Hijaz (Live album) Bass, Vocals, Tanboor
2012 Thend Apocalypse of Human Race (Live album) Bass, Singing Bowl, Vocals
2013 Bloodlust & Blasphemy (Live album) Bass, Singing Bowl, Tanboor, Vocals
2013 666 Jahre (Live album) Bass, Singing Bowl, Tanboor, Vocals
2013 Burn Your Local Mosque (Live album) Bass, Cello, Santoor, Tanboor, Vocals
2013 Sacrifice teh Symbols (Live album) Bass, Daf, Singing Bowl, Tanboor, Divan, Vocals
2014 Massacre Muslims (Live album) Bass, Daf, Santoor, Singing Bowl, Tanboor, Divan, Vocals
2015 Aryan Diaspora (Split) Bass, Daf, Tanboor, Guitars, Vocals
2016 Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda (Demo) Zither, Tanboor, Guitars, Divan, Vocals
2016 From the Wasteland (Split) Guitars, Vocals
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Guitars (2013-present)

2014 Ayas (Demo) Guitars, Daf
2015 Dunzakha Guitars, Daf, Vocals (backing)
2016 QaafKuh (Live album) Guitars, Daf, Vocals (backing), Singing bowl

Tears of Fire

Bass, Vocals (1998-1999, 2016-present)

2017 Doomed Dome (EP) Bass, Vocals

Yajuj O Majuj

Drums, Vocals, Synth

Artes Orbis


2013 Scriptorum Dictorum Guitars

Burning Cross

Bass (2012-2013)

2013 End of Illusion Bass


Bass (2013-2014, 2014)

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