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Loïc F.

Real/full name:
Loïc Fontaine
41 (born Oct 2nd, 1982)
Place of birth:
France (Sète, Occitanie)


Runs the French extreme metal label Krucyator Productions.


Guitars, Bass, Samples (2014-present)

2015 Autokrator Guitars, Bass, Songwriting
2016 The Obedience to Authority Guitars, Bass, Samples (as "L.F.")
2018 Hammer of the Heretics Guitars (as "LF")
2021 Persecution Guitars, Bass, Samples

Combustion Spontanée

As Loïc Fontaine:

2006 Horraura (Demo) Guitars


All instruments, Samples (2005-?)

2006 Napalm Noise / N.K.V.D / Murder Black (Split) All instruments, Samples
2007 Diktatura (EP) All instruments, Samples
2011 Власть All instruments, Samples
2014 Hakmarrja All instruments, Samples (as "L.F.")
2016 Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Compilation) All instruments, Samples

Altered Dead

2021 Returned to Life Mastering (as "Loïc Fontaine")

Antichrist Siege Machine

2019 Schism Perpetration Layout
2020 Morbid Triumph (EP) Layout
2020 Morbid Triumph (EP) Layout


2017 From Forgotten Worlds Mastering (tape version)


2015 Autokrator Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2016 The Obedience to Authority Mixing, Mastering, Recording (as "L.F")
2018 Hammer of the Heretics Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork (as "LF")
2021 Persecution Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2023 Announcing Spirit Heritage Mastering, Mixing


2024 Jaws of Satan (Split) Mastering


2024 Spells from the Crypt (Compilation) DDP Mastering


2016 Nuclear Lucifer Retaliation (Split) Mastering

Ceremonial Torture

2022 Necronomical Mirror Divination (Split) Mixing, Mastering


2023 Skeletal Grotesquery (Live album) Mastering (as "Loic Fontaine")

Cursed Excruciation

2023 Arcane Diabolism Mastering (as "Loic Fontaine")


2016 Djöflasongvari (Demo) Mastering
2017 Avgrunnen (EP) Mastering
2017 Aapenbaring & undergang Mastering (as "Loïc")
2018 Fallen frende / Extravagant White Trash (Split) Mastering (as "Loic")

Drawn and Quartered

2017 Feeding Hell's Furnace Mastering
2018 Hail Infernal Darkness Mastering
2018 The One Who Lurks Producer, Mixing, Layout, Mastering
2018 To Kill Is Human DDP Mastering
2018 Proliferation of Disease (Demo) Layout
2019 Mutilated Offerings: Live at Asakusa Deathfest (Live album) Mastering
2021 Congregation Pestilence Mixing, Mastering, Layout (as "Loïc Fontaine")
2022 Extermination Revelry DDP Mastering
2022 Return of the Black Death DDP Mastering


2020 Spitting Coffins DDP Mastering

Eggs of Gomorrh

2019 Outpregnate (EP) DDP Mastering
2020 Rot Prophet DDP Mastering

Father Befouled

2018 Obscurus Nex Cultus DDP Mastering
2020 Anointed in Darkness - Live in Europe (Live album) DDP Mastering
2020 Morbid Destitution of Covenant DDP Mastering
2022 Crowned in Veneficum Mastering (as "Loic Fontaine")


2019 Incursions (Compilation) DDP Mastering


2021 Evil Reaping Death Mastering
2021 Bestiarum Vocabulum (Demo) Mastering
2021 Bestiarum Vocabulum (Demo) Mastering (as "Loic Fontaine")
2021 Bestiarum Vocabulum (Demo) Mastering
2023 Veneration of Irreverence / Post Mortem Abominations (Split) Mastering (as "Loic Fontaine")


2016 Le brasier des mondes (EP) Mastering


2018 Blood Eel Mastering (tape version)

Lvx Hæresis

2017 Descensŭs Spīrĭtŭs Mastering (DDP )

Mausoleum of Death

2017 Ecstatic Violence & Hatred (EP) Mastering
2019 Inside the Veil (EP) Mastering
2020 Behind the Veil Mixing, Mastering


2017 Miserist (EP) Layout


2016 Antinumerology (EP) Layout

Morbus Grave

2024 Feasting the Macabre DDP Mastering


2007 Diktatura (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Власть Recording
2014 Hakmarrja All instruments, Samples
2016 Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Compilation) Cover art


2023 Equal in Death Mastering


2017 Abyss of Excruciating Vexes (EP) Mastering (tape version)
2017 Paroxsihzem Mastering (tape version)
2018 Excavation of Despair (Demo) Mastering

Plague Bearer

2008 Winds of Pestilence (Demo) Mastering
2018 Winds of Pestilence (Compilation) Mastering
2023 Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation Mastering

Possession Cult

2020 Militant Vampirism (Split) Mastering

Profane Order

2016 Marked by Malice (Demo) Layout
2018 Tightened Noose of Sanctimony (EP) Layout
2019 Slave Morality Layout (as "Loic.F")
2019 Slave Morality Layout


2021 Necroceremony Vomitorum Mastering (as "Loic Fontaine")


2024 Jaws of Satan (Split) Mastering


2020 À travers les lambeaux DDP Mastering

Taphos Nomos

2015 West of Everything Lies Death (EP) Mastering
2015 The Cottonwoods Grim (Demo) Mastering
2016 Marsch MMXVI Rehearsal (Demo) Mixing
2017 R.I.P. (Split) Mastering
2017 Mortales Delendi Sunt (EP) Mixing

Tiil Sum

2017 I nie ma śmierci, i sen jest tylko... (EP) Mixing, Mastering


2023 The Dark Subconscious (EP) Mastering
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