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Li Quescent

Li Quescent

Real/full name:
Heinz Imhof
Place of origin:


As Heinz Imhof:
Drums (1999-2008, 2017-present)

2003 Overlust Drums (as "Heinz")
2006 Blood Source Drums (as "Heinz")

Embalming Theatre

Drums (1995-present)

2000 Even Shakespeare Fed the Worms / Piles Left to Rot (Split) Drums (as "Tom Mohammered")
2001 FxExNxGx / Cardinal Pad O. Phile (Split) Drums (as "Sr. Holly S. Hit")
2001 Catapult for Steaming Cadavers / Ignorance (Split) Drums (as "Bob Delapmi")
2002 Theatre of the Macabre (Demo) Drums
2002 I Can Smell That They Are Dead (Demo) Drums (as "Eduardo Gonzales Lopes de los Frontieraz")
2003 Rags to Riches / The Island of Dr. Meat (Split) Drums (as "G. Metzl")
2003 Web-Cam in My Coffin / Suicidal Bombers (Split) Drums
2003 F. F. Roy / Daddy Raped My Girlfriends (Split) Drums (as "R. Lee Ding")
2003 Sewn Shut / Embalming Theatre (Split) Drums (as "E. Metic")
2003 Sweet Chainsaw Melodies Drums (as "Hardi Hood")
2004 Embalming Theatre / Jigsore / Dysmorfic / Kadaverficker (Split) Drums (as "E.T.")
2004 Death Metal Karaoke / My Flesh Creeps at Insects (Split) Drums (as "T. I.")
2004 Hormones from the Dead (EP) Drums
2004 Sex Drugs Grindcore / You Eat What I Have Raped (Split) Drums (as "Dolly Golden")
2005 Split-Organ (Split) Drums (as "Mr. P. Gudo")
2005 Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktails (Compilation) Drums
2005 Electric Torture in Her Cunt / Eyes Clotted with Dreams (Split) Drums (as "Garry")
2005 The World Is a Stage... for Murder! Drums (as "Nil Merg")
2006 Jane Saw Me (Compilation) Drums
2006 Victims (Split) Drums (as "Miss Fit")
2006 Buried / Furtive Dissection (Split) Drums (as "We Anderson")
2006 Wrong Choice / Gay for Christopher Reeve (Split) Drums (as "Hally Berre")
2007 D-Composition (Split) Drums (as "Bestsella")
2008 Split-Personality (Split) Drums (as "Micheli N.")
2009 The Roomrate Includes a Rotten Roommate / Terrible Human (Split) Drums (as "G. Lance")
2010 Unamused Rancid Flesh Drums (as "L. Luks")
2010 Hospitalized (Split) Drums (as "Sheng Pfui")
2011 Tramontata Luce / Conservation (Split) Drums (as "Ture Sculp")
2012 Plastic Whores 2011 / The Assimilation of an Inhuman Beast (Split) Drums (as "Dell Phons")
2012 Beat Mum to Death (Split) Drums (as "Miss Tery")
2012 Buried with Friends (Split) Drums (as "Paul N.T.")
2012 Eat Her Eyes / Kill the Monster Before It Eats the Kids (Split) Drums (as "Thor Nado")
2013 Absence of Mercy / Untitled (Split) Drums (as "Q. Wackery")
2013 Mommy Died - Mummified / Hellnoise (Split) Drums (as "Rob E.")
2013 Infectious (EP) Drums (as "Assa S. Sin")
2014 United in Putrid Harmony / Untitled (Split) Drums (as "Blohnnie Jaze")
2014 No Grind for Old Men (EP) Drums
2015 Sadisticannibal (EP) Drums
2015 Hand Grenade Baptism (EP) Drums (as "Speedy St. Ick")
2016 Re-Animated Tomb Contents (Live at Sedel) (Live album) Drums
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Infernal Carnage


2002 Massacred Drums (as "Heinz Imhof")


As Heinz Imhof:

1997 Rollkragen Drums
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