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Lex Plotnikoff

Lex Plotnikoff

Real/full name:
Алексей Плотников / Alexey Plotnikov
45 (born Jun 14th, 1977)
Jun 26th, 2022
Died of:
Place of birth:
Russia (Moscow)


Classically trained composer and guitarist.
Started as a thrash metal guitar player in Panika, later switched to hardcore/nu metal in Citi.
Founded Mechanical Poet in 2002.
Lost the ability to play music instruments after tragic brain hemorrhage in 2017.
Continued as a film/game music composer and retrovawe artist.


Also plays/played in:
- City
- Luna Damien
- Hattifatteners
- Bad Method
- Toxic Level
- Blacklight Devil

Luna Damien

All instruments (2009-2011)

Mechanical Poet

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2002-2009, 2017-2019)

2002 Trace of the Dead Leaf (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2003 Handmade Essence (EP) Orchestration, Guitars, Songwriting, Samples, Lyrics
2004 Woodland Prattlers Lyrics, Orchestration, Guitars, Songwriting, Samples
2007 Creepy Tales for Freaky Children Lyrics, Orchestration, Guitars, Songwriting, Samples
2007 Who Did It to Michelle Waters? Songwriting, Samples, Lyrics, Orchestration, Guitars
2008 Eidoline: The Arrakeen Code Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting, Keyboards, Guitars, Samples
2008 Ghouls (EP) Guitars, Bass (tracks 1, 2, 4), Keyboards, Songwriting

Umbral Presence

As Lidagon:
Guitars (2000, 2005)

2006 Caelethi I Guitars


Guitars (1995-1999)

My Universe

2009 Infinite Spaces Guitars (lead) (track 3)

Чёрный Обелиск

As Lex Plotnikov:

2005 Концерт в CDK МАИ (Video) Orchestration (CD tracks 1-5)


2012 Мечта Art concept, Artwork

Distant Sun

2011 Sunless Citadel (EP) Logo
2015 Dark Matter Logo


2002 History 1988-2000 (Video) Design (as "A. Plotnikov")


2005 Lost Consolation Arrangements (additional) (keyboards, guitars)


2009 Династия посвящённых - Дети Савонаролы Cover art, Artwork, Design (as "Лекс Плотников")

Mechanical Poet

2003 Handmade Essence (EP) Cover art, Layout (as "Lee Nicholson")
2004 Woodland Prattlers Cover art, Layout (as "Lee Nicholson")
2007 Creepy Tales for Freaky Children Producer, Artwork
2007 Who Did It to Michelle Waters? Producer, Artwork
2008 Eidoline: The Arrakeen Code Artwork, Design (as "Lex")
2008 Ghouls (EP) Artwork


2014 Ars Compilata Artwork (as "Palmithef")


2013 Bazaar of Wonders Songwriting (track 6), Logo (as "Lex "Palmthief" Plotnikoff")
2017 Castles of Sand Songwriting (track 6) (as "Lex Damien")
2022 Gear-Flavoured Stew (A Tribute to Mechanical Poet) Artwork (booklet), Logo


2010 Империя Cover art

Фактор Страха

2006 Театр военных действий, акт 2 Cover art (as "Лекс Плотников")
2008 Твой идеальный мир Cover art (as "Лекс Плотников")
2010 Мёртвые сны Artwork, Lyrics translation (tracks 10, 11) (as "Лекс Плотников")

Чёрный Обелиск

2006 Зелёный альбом Artwork, Lyrics (tracks 2, 8, 11) (as "Lex Plotnikov")
2006 Когда-нибудь (EP) Design, Lyrics (track 5), Remixing (track 5)
2009 Чёрное/Белое (Single) Design (as "Lex Plotnikov")
2013 Мой мир (Compilation) Lyrics (CD1 track 7)
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