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Real/full name:
Алексей Агафонов / Alexey Agafonov
45 (born Dec 11th, 1973)
Place of origin:


Vocals, Lyrics (2011-present)

2013 Победа! 20 лет творчества Jew's harp, Lyrics, Vocals, Ocarina (as "Лесьяр")
2014 Анархия на крови! (Single) Lyrics, Vocals (as "Лесьяр")
2014 Самосожжение Lyrics, Vocals, Samples, Ocarina (as "Лесьяр")
2015 Уснувшей Сони сны... Declamation (as "Лесьяр")
2015 Скотобойня для свободных (Single) Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting (track 2) (as "Лесьяр")
2015 Назло, поперёк! (Single) Vocals (as "Лесьяр")
2018 Мы два крыла Songwriting (tracks 4, 8, 11), Percussion, Jew's harp, Lyrics (tracks 1-8, 10, 11), Vocals, Tambourine (as "Лесьяр")

Butterfly Temple

Vocals (1995-2004)

1996 Nahaimal (Demo) Vocals (as "T. Astaroth Konung of Nahaimal")
1999 Велес Vocals
2001 Колесо Чернобога Vocals, Jew's harp, Lyrics (as "Лесьяр")
2002 Сны северного моря Vocals, Jew's harp, Castanets, Lyrics (as "Лесьяр")
2003 Тропою крови по воле Рода! Vocals, Jew's harp, Lyrics (as "Лесьяр")

Sinly Dreams

Guitars, Vocals

1995 No More Religion (Demo) Vocals, Guitars


Vocals (lead), Guitars


Vocals, Jew's harp (2007-2009)

2008 Кровь свободы Lyrics, Jew's harp, Vocals (as "Лесьяр")


Vocals, Vargan (2004-2014)

2005 Зов новой Гипербореи Percussion, Jew's harp, Vocals (as "Лесьяр")
2007 Ярга Vocals, Lyrics (as "Лесьяр")
2009 Эффект бабочки (Split) Vocals, Lyrics (as "Лесьяр")
2009 Янтарное сердце Арктиды Vocals, Lyrics, Jew's harp (as "Лесьяр")
2010 Рассвет Заратустры (EP) Vocals, Vargan (as "Лесьяр")
2011 Агарта Vocals, Lyrics, Jew's harp (as "Лесьяр")

Butterfly Temple

2005 Время Мары Vocals (track 10) (as "Lesyar")
2010 Земля Vocals (as "Лесьяр")
2010 Солнцестояние (Split) Vocals (tracks 1-7, 9) (as "Лесьяр")


2007 The Battle Begins Vocals (track 4)


As Лесьяр:

2004 Возрождение Vocals (tracks 3, 5, 9)
2004 Лепта Vocals (track 4)

Butterfly Temple

2005 Время Мары Lyrics (tracks 1, 3, 10) (as "Lesyar")


2004 Лепта Lyrics (track 4) (as "Лесьяр")


2013 Победа! 20 лет творчества Photography, Producer (as "Лесьяр")
2014 Самосожжение Design (as "Лесьяр")
2015 Уснувшей Сони сны... Arrangements (as "Лесьяр")
2015 Скотобойня для свободных (Single) Design (as "Лесьяр")
2018 Мы два крыла Producer, Artwork (as "Лесьяр")


2005 Зов новой Гипербореи Artwork, Photography (as "Лесьяр")
2009 Янтарное сердце Арктиды Producer (as "Лесьяр")
2011 Агарта Photography, Producer (as "Лесьяр")

Путь Солнца

2011 Ветер Lyrics (track 12) (as "Лесьяр")
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