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Len O'Donnell

Len O'Donnell

Real/full name:
Lennon MK O'Donnell
Place of birth:
United States (Valencia, California)


As Lenn O.:
Vocals (2017-present)

2020 Ceremonial Abhorrence (Demo) Vocals
2020 Ministry of Molested Necrophiles (Single) Vocals
2022 From Vulnerable to Funeral Vocals

Vinnytsia Fatalities

Vocals (2018-2022)

2018 Twelve Gauge Romance (Single) Vocals (as "Dennis Gore")
2019 Agowilt (EP) Vocals (as "Dennis Gore")
2019 Split in Two: Old School Brutality (Split) Vocals (as "Lenn O.")
2020 Death Beats Through My Heart (EP) Vocals


As $tormdrain:
Vocals, Bass (2013-2015, 2017-2019)

2014 Enriched in Ghastly Harlot Mutilations (Demo) Vocals
2015 $lutrot (EP) Vocals
2017 $lam $eason (Split) Vocals
2018 $lutrot x Nephrectomy (Split) Vocals
2019 $laughtered $lut $tories Vocals

Chainsaw Castration

Vocals (2014-2015)

2015 Uterovaginal Fetal Insertion (Single) Vocals
2015 Four Servings of Human Flesh (Split) Vocals
2015 Involuntary Cranial Excision (Split) Vocals
2015 Embryonic Necrophagy II (EP) Vocals
2016 Chainsaw Castration (Compilation) Vocals
2023 Embryonic Necrophagy (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 4, 6-10)

Decimated Humans

Vocals (2014-2018)

2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Vocals
2014 To Provoke Genocide Vocals
2015 Overture in Barbaric Mutilations (EP) Vocals
2015 Mutilations & Dissolutions (Split) Vocals
2016 Dismantling the Decomposed Entities Vocals
2018 Decimation 2018 (Demo) Vocals (as "Len")

Dropped in the Lake

Bass, Vocals (2014-?)


As Len:
Vocals (2015-2017)

2015 Indulged in Human Survival Instincts (EP) Vocals
2015 Diaries of Dismemberment (Single) Vocals
2016 Purgatory of Punishment Vocals (as "Lennon")
2017 Promo 2017 (Demo) Vocals (as "Lennon")
2017 $lam $eason (Split) Vocals
2017 Indulged in Human Survival Instincts (EP) Vocals

Cerebral Incubation

Vocals (2015, 2018)


As Lenn:

2018 Weapon of Woe (Single) Vocals

Buried in Pieces

2018 Separated (EP) Vocals (track 2)

Catatonic Profanation

2018 Rancid Vexations (EP) Vocals (track 1)


2021 Cerbearus vocals (track 4)

Chainsaw Castration

2014 Embryonic Necrophagy (EP) Vocals (track 4)

Cheerleader Concubine

2014 Lolita Fucktoy (Single) Vocals (additional)
2015 Promo 2015 (Demo) Vocals (track 1)
2016 Tentacle Induced Intestinal Displacement Vocals (track 6) (as "Lennon")


2015 Collected and Harvested (Split) All vocals (track 2)

Emotionless Laceration

As Len:

2019 Demo 2018 (Demo) Vocals (track 2)


2017 Promo 2017 (Demo) Vocals (track 2)

Insect Inside

2023 Parasite Messiah (Single) Vocals


2015 Embryonic Bloodletting (Demo) Bass, Vocals (additional)


2021 Xenarch Vocals (additional) (track 4)

Pyrexic Implosion

2015 Abhorrent Contortion (Single) Vocals (additional)


2017 Slam Rehab Vocals (track 5)


2020 A Monument of Cruelty (EP) Vocals (additional) (track 6)


2017 Necrophilic Afterbirth (EP) Vocals (track 3)


2019 $laughtered $lut $tories Mixing (Vocals, Additional) (as "$tormdrain")

Callous Humanity

2014 Ebolic Castration (Split) Cover art, layout

Decimated Humans

2014 To Provoke Genocide Co-mixing, Album concept
2016 Dismantling the Decomposed Entities Mixing (vocals and additional programming)
2018 Decimation 2018 (Demo) Layout (cover), Lyrics (as "Len")

Hateful Transgression

2017 Meaningless (EP) Lyrics (track 4)


2015 Embryonic Bloodletting (Demo) Production, Mixing (Bass and Vocals)
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